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:Love:About Me:Love:

Hey there, folks! I'm Kaylee, and it's fantastic to meet all of you! I'm a 26 year old gamer and anime enthusiast living it up in the good old US of A. When I'm not totally geeking out over the newest anime drop, I'm busy snuggling with my fluffy squad. That's right, I'm a proud owner of a female husky, the queen of the house, and two badass female toyger cats.

But enough about my fur babies! Let me tell you about my RuneScape journey! I've been hooked on this game since I was just a young sprout of 8 years old. But you know what, I grew tired of the EOC combat system and that's when I found Velheim - the private server that has everything I've been craving for. Now, my ultimate goal is to take on high tier PvM challenges here since I never got to do that on RS3. I'm excited to see what adventures await me here on Velheim! I'm pretty shy, so I might not be the first to start a conversation, but don't be afraid to say hi!


I am a self-employed individual who earns a living through 3D modeling. I specialize in creating and selling avatars for a popular virtual reality game, VRChat. My business is lucrative enough to provide me with a comfortable lifestyle. Consequently, I have ample time to indulge in my favorite pastime, which is gaming!


RuneScape - I did stop playing EOC and old school just wasn't really for me without all of the quality of life that RS3 offered. My IGN on RS3 is FruityPoppin, I might rarely be on there every now and then just to talk in my clan chat. 

Valorant - When I'm afk skilling on Velheim, you'll probably catch me playing Valorant. My favorite agents to play as are Fade, Viper, and Cypher.

GTA 5 Roleplay - I'm a big fan of GTA roleplay servers, and I'm exclusively on whitelisted ones like NoPixel and GTA World. I've been part of the GTA RP community for over two years now, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The immersion and the thrill of the game keep me coming back for more, and I've made many great friends through the community.



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