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Locked Ninja Log 07/19/2023


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A small ninja log with some changes and additions.

The Croesus Front is almost complete and should be ready for Beta testing this week'ish.


Client Update

  • The World Map should now always load up pretty much instantly. I'm not entirely sure how heavy this will be on your RAM usage so I'll be playing with this around some more until we can get it to be as smooth as possible
  • Options should now initiate more smoother for new client loads. This was mainly aimed at the brightness setting not starting with 100% and all volume being down to 0% by default;
  • New loading and login backgrounds to match our new logo;
  • New login screen music tracks (there are now multiple tracks the client will choose at random), it'll now also keep playing Music when the last one ends;
  • CTRL+G (global audio mute) will now properly stop/resume all sound while also remembering your last volume settings;

Improving the new Player experience

  • Added a few hint tool-tips for new players displaying how to use the custom teleportation system and the lodestone network. These are big on-screen pop-ups that cannot be missed and have to be followed to get rid of;
  • This has been an on and off change for Velheim, however, we think that the typical RSPS player EXPECTS Thieving stalls at the home area to give decent money, so.. I've increased the amount of coins you receive per thieve from ALL STALLS as well as made them 'action-based'. The game will keep auto-thieving for you until 28 actions have been done or your inventory fills up. Thieving stalls will no longer visually 'deplete', however, you will not be able to steal from the same one again for the period of the time that a depleted stall would be spawned for;


  • Added voice-over lines to The Ambassador (Shadow Reef);
  • Made a brand new interface for the Velheim Coin shop. You'll now be able to buy everything in-game with Velheim coins that you can buy from our store page;


  • The Challenger's (TzKal-Zuk) chest will no longer intervene with Arch-Glacor's reward chest;
  • Protean Powerups will now correctly work when Bonfiring Protean logs;
  • You'll no longer be able to keepsake items with additional data attached to them (ie. Essence of Finality);
  • Corrected regular Antipoison time from 2 minutes to 3.
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