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Update Log #136 - Elder God Wars - Croesus

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Sorry, it took a little longer than anticipated but Croesus is finally here!

This update log contains all changes done since the last update log (all ninja's).


Client Update

  • The World Map should now always load up pretty much instantly. I'm not entirely sure how heavy this will be on your RAM so I'll be playing with this around some more until we can get it to be as smooth as possible
  • Options should now initiate more smoother for new client loads. This was mainly aimed at the brightness setting not starting with 100% and all volume being down to 0% by default;
  • New loading and login backgrounds to match our new logo;
  • New login screen music tracks (there are now multiple tracks the client will choose at random), it'll now also keep playing Music when the last one ends;
  • CTRL+G (global audio mute) will now properly stop/resume all sound while also remembering your last volume settings;

Improving the Player experience

  • Added a few hint tool-tips for new players displaying how to use the custom teleportation system and the lodestone network. These are big on-screen pop-ups that cannot be missed and have to be followed to get rid of;
  • This has been an on and off change for Velheim, however, we think that the typical RSPS player EXPECTS Thieving stalls at the home area to give decent money, so.. I've increased the amount of coins you receive per thieve from ALL STALLS as well as made them 'action-based'. The game will keep auto-thieving for you until 28 actions have been done or your inventory fills up. Thieving stalls will no longer visually 'deplete', however, you will not be able to steal from the same one again for the period of the time that a depleted stall would be spawned for;


  • You can now use the Rewards chest outside to look at your current loot and/or withdraw it;
  • Added a secondary bar displaying current kill streak and enrage for hard mode encounters displaying current kill-streak and enrage;
  • Ash Petchum game-perk will no longer modify the Boss pet chance roll directly as this has been moved to the threshold system;
  • In normal mode encounters, the exit portal will now re-appear once Glacor has been defeated, and disappear again once a new fight starts;
  • Decreased the rare item drop chance at lower enrages and increased it for higher enrages and kill-streaks. This should better balance out the drop system as a whole;
  • Corrected a few timer issues;
  • The kill-time will now properly reset each time Arch-Glacor spawns in Normal mode;
  • Added passive accuracy boosts to: Kerapac's wrist wraps, Gloves of passage and nightmare gauntlets, and their enhanced versions;

Elder God Wars: Croesus Front

  • Added all NPC's along the way to Croesus, their dialogues, actions, etc.;
  • Added new Fishing spot: 'Colonised Guard', can be used starting from level 88 Fishing and yielding '(enriched) Fungal Algae';
  • Added new Woodcutting spot: 'Dead Guard', can be used starting from level 88 Woodcutting and yielding '(enriched) Timber Fungus';
  • Added new Mining spot: 'Moulding Guard', can be used starting from level 88 Mining and yielding '(enriched) Calcified Fungus';
  • Added new Hunter spot: 'Decaying Guard', can be used starting from level 88 Hunter and yielding '(enriched) Fungal Spore';
  • Added a new boss: Croesus. Croesus is a skilling-type boss utilising Hunter, Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing skills. Restore the statues around Croesus with resources gathered from each corner to expose Croesus's core and damage it in the process. Croesus is tagged as a group boss and up to 50 players can join a single instance. Deaths are safe;
  • You can now create a Sana's Fyrtorch with resources received from Croesus's drops. The fyrtorch is an off-hand item that aids Woodcutting: increases successful log cut by 6%, a chance that the logs received will turn into splintering arrow tips (chance and amount of tips increases for higher level trees) and 20% chance that the logs cut will be doubled;
  • You can now combine Splintering arrow tips with Elder headless arrows at level 95 Flecthing to create new level 95 Ranged arrows;
  • You can now create a Tagga's Corehammer at any anvil with resources received from Croesus's drops. The corehammer is an off-hand item that aids Mining: +10% critical strike chance and +35 critical strike damage, a chance that the ore received will turn into deathspore arrow tips (chance and amount of tips increases for higher level ore) while Mining core ore (Tin, Iron, Luminite, Banite, etc.);
  • You can now combine Deathspore arrow tips with Elder headless arrows at level 95 Flecthing to create new level 95 Ranged arrows;
  • You can now create a Seed bag with resources received from Croesus's drops. This item holds up to 40 types of seeds at once and works similarly to the Herb bag;
  • You can now create Cryptbloom Magic equipment pieces with resources received from Croesus's drops. Set effects: 2 pieces: Reduces incoming magic damage by 12% and melee by 8%; 3 pieces: Increases effectiveness by 6% and 4% magic and melee damage respectively, for 18% magic and 12% melee damage reduction; 4 pieces: Whenever the player takes damage, there is a 6% chance to infect their target with death spores. This increases damage dealt against them from behind by 10% for 15 seconds, along with the 3-piece set effect; 5 pieces: When the player falls below 20% of their maximum health, the armour will generate a fungal shield to protect the player for 15 seconds. Its durability is tied to the player's armour rating and Defence level. The shield has 120 second cooldown time before it can be used again. The player also retains the benefits from the 3 and 4-piece sets;
  • Added Croesus to: Collection logs, Reaper assignments, Wars' Retreat and Prifddinas boss portals, 'Final Boss' title requirements and the Wars' Retreat Hiscores interface;


  • Added voice-ver lines to these NPC's: The Ambassador (Shadow Reef);
  • Made a brand new interface for the Velheim Coin shop. You'll now be able to buy everything in-game with Velheim coins that you can buy from our store page;
  • Incoming queue'd hits will no longer process while the player is under a hard lock;
  • Doubled the possible amount of energy everyone receives per Vorago kill;


  • The Challenger's (TzKal-Zuk) chest will no longer intervene with Arch-Glacor's reward chest;
  • Protean Powerups will now correctly work when Bonfiring Protean logs;
  • You'll no longer be able to keepsake items with additional data attached to them (ie. Essence of Finality);
  • Corrected regular Antipoison time from 2 minutes to 3;
  • Black Stone arrows will now properly get removed each time they activate;
  • Multiple 'soaking' methods from various item effects will now stack the soak damage properly making it better to visually see how much damage exactly was reduced for that particular hit;
  • Super restore potions will now also restore Hunter levels;
  • Fixed the incorrect Twisted Jester walk animation override;
  • Added the missing Dungeoneering Resource dungeons to the Dungeoneering skillcape's perk;
  • Fixed a couple issues with the Legendary Pet GUI section;
  • Bottle Brew potion mixing speed increase will now correctly work on Combination potions and potions that use Primal extract as base.

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  • Increased damage dealt to the core, and increased the base speed at which you deal the damage at
  • You can now examine statues to see their current progress
  • Increased the max distance at which Slime Moulds can spawn away from you
  • Fixed an issue with drops not being assigned to the correct player chests
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