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Kalphite King PvM Guide


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The Setup:                                                                                                                         Possible Inventory loadout.

Screenshot2023-08-23091202.png.cb2029950d1008d8cbb061bd8fa80622.png            image.png.16484a6395f7d7e23d83783f2b6639a5.png  



Inventory Loadout

image.png.1a6e7439b8088361e81641802df14806.png Elder overload salve boosts Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, and Necromancy by 17% + 5 for 6 minutes, restores prayer points instantly and over time, and protects from dragonfire, wyvern breath, and poison. Much like a normal overload, the combat skill boosts will reapply every 15 seconds. The antipoison portion of the salve will only last approximately 5 minutes, not the full 6 minute duration.

image.png.3dc7707e3d05880150b1e7dc8e639ca1.png Adrenaline potion player will regain 25% of their adrenaline bar or special attack energy

image.png.7bd1350c3d1db83f86d8a8b9ac174aa5.png Super Restore restores 25% + 8 of the player's basic maximum level in each of the affected skills, rounded down

image.png.43f4050f779711dcfa75343c283e430c.pngancient elven ritual shard is a prayer restoration item that when activated, will restore 37.5% of the player's total Prayer points over 30 seconds. It has a 5-minute cooldown and can be activated an infinite number of times. It is unaffected by the holy wrench or Reverence aura.

image.png.e100ae89eb6c73d56fd3ab92c1bbc648.pngSharks heal up to 2,000 life points each.

image.png.005e824d0ca01a0c8cf999bcf39162f4.pngSaradomin brew temporarily raises Hitpoints by 15% + 2 and Defence by 20% + 2 of their base levels, both rounded down, and can boost a player's Hitpoints above their maximum Hitpoints level by up to the amount healed. It also temporarily lowers Strength, Attack, Magic and Ranged by 10% + 2 of their current levels.

image.png.ade2eec4373f30cca899f1f4d469f253.pngThe Elysian, Divine, Arcane, and Spectral spirit shields reduce all incoming damage by 30%, and 20% of the blocked damage is drained from prayer points. This effect only works if the player has adequate prayer points; without any prayer points the effect will not work. This effect does not reduce hard typeless damage but does work on soft typeless damage


Equipment Loadout 

Note: Chaotic cross bows will work!  

image.png.62c4726f853bef9d5d10e3223563c7b8.pngimage.png.12451087917a1f49071b3a50bf7a80de.pngReduces special attack cost by 5%, Increases Range max hit by 5% 

image.png.674449fc3e8187eba4215944db222ee3.pngimage.png.05ddf24d8d276176b9bb664f7afc5060.png 10% accuracy bonus.


The grimoire has two effects when active:

  • every non-bleed hit has a 12% chance to be forced to become a critical hit This stacks with other critical hit chance boosts, such as the biting perk and Reaver's Ring.
  • The player's damage cap for critical hits is increased to 15,000 up from 12,000

Screenshot2023-08-23111119.png.a16dd283acc6dfaae4718d6fe52fcfcc.pngScreenshot2023-08-23111159.png.f67f7af77be8f0128754eb4566941980.png Reckless Assault: Grants 10% critical strike chance. Reduced accuracy by 10%.

Screenshot2023-08-23093327.png.145d48978fd78cb2f3dc0b7675c45fec.png Screenshot2023-08-23091750.png.f1cbf9c7b60e86c73a2b5359888e0437.png Decimation has a weapon Special attack, (Locate), which uses 50% adrenaline when used, all of your attacks hit up to nine targets in a 3x3 area around your main target(i.e, all of your attacks become area-of-effect attacks for 10 seconds), As well as making every attack hit twice\.

  • Aftershock is a perk made with Invention that deals additional area-of-effect (AoE) damage for every 50,000 damage the player deals. The damage dealt is up to 40% weapon damage per perk rank. It can be created in weapon gizmos. Aftershock is considered to be one of the most powerful and most expensive weapon perks in the game. When triggered, Aftershock deals auto-attack damage in a three-by-three area around the targeted monster. The damage dealt is auto-attack type, and has 100% accuracy regardless of the targeted monster's defence level, armour value, and affinities.
  • Bulwark While in combat and wearing a shield, this perk activates for 1 minute to reduce most incoming damage by 6% increased by another 6% per rank.



  • Ultimatums Reduces the special attack cost of all weapons by 5% per rank.



  • Biting is a perk created with Invention that has a 2% chance (2.2% on a level 20 item) per rank to force each ability and auto-attack to become a critical hit. It can be created in weapon and armour gizmos. Biting does not affect damage-over time abilities because they do not have the same critical hit mechanics as other hits. Biting is considered to be one of the most powerful and most expensive armour perks in the game.
  • Mobile 25% chance of restoring 1% (increased per rank) special attack energy while moving around;
  • Enhanced Devoted 18% chance to reduce incoming damage to 1 in respective prayer (I.E pray mage to block a mage attack.
  • Crystal Shield is a defensive Invention perk that, upon activation, will add 5% of all damage taken per rank for ten seconds into a pool of life points. This also includes typeless damage. For the following 30 seconds, damage taken will reduce this storage of life points rather than the player's actual life points until the separate pool is depleted or the 30 seconds have passed. It can be created in armour gizmos. The perk has a 10% chance of activating (11% on a level 20 item). The hit that activates the Crystal Shield will also be added to the life point pool. This perk has a one-minute cooldown after it has activated.




  • Relentless is a perk made with Ancient Invention that has a chance to prevent adrenaline from being consumed 1% per rank.
  • Crackling is an Invention perk that damages the player's target every 60 seconds for 50% ability damage per rank in PvM.
  • Invigorating is a perk for Invention that provides increased adrenaline gain with auto-attacks. 5% per rank.
  • Energising not sure if this works yet.





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