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Arctic Hero

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Hey, my name is Dylan. I normally don't play custom Runescape private servers. I have played open source remakes but I'll leave it at that since the rules. A little about myself I guess.. I am a mold technician working towards my mold assessor license so I can get my llc to start my own restoration company. I am going back to college for a degree in Environment Engineering as a back up plan. I was previously a chef and programmer. My favorite language is C++ but have started to grow to like Kotlin and Rust. I am a father of three so all my free time can't be dumped in projects like these but some of them can. I am looking for a rs3 experience but I'll take the rs2 combat. I am aware of no quests but the level of detail on content here makes it feels so fluid without them anyways. My ingame name is Arctic Hero. This name was chosen based off I play Super Tux Advanced ( An open source 16bit platformer ) on Odysee and with my daughter. Don't be scared to say hey and if you need anything let me know.

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