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1 year later.... Intro :o


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Hey there, I'm R4ng3d ftw4, just a 24-year-old living life in Sweden with my lovely wife and our adorable 2-year-old baby boy. 

Main hobbies would likely be gaming, bowling or shooting pool with my wife, she's pretty much my best friend and we do literally everything with eachother, which now when i think about it feels like a lie.
Because she obviously doesn't play Velheim with me sadly... She's on the playstation 5 smashing people on battlefront <,<

Regarding work, im currently unemployed due to some unjust events recently that led to my imprisonment.
Recently just got released and could come home to my family and resume life, which is my wife, our baby boy and of course the precious Velheim.
Just filing it in here, if anybody is curious about the jail thing, we had waterproof alibi with GPS, video and everything, but they somehow sentenced me anyways even in high court.
So my family and all that is still all good and no worries considering they know how dumb the whole thing was.

So currently i got tons of spare time which i load between gaming and family, family would be baking and making food and going on picknicks.
Gaming would be Velheim on nr1, then there would be Minecraft modded with enigmatica, Starfield, fallensword and heroes of might and magic 3.

Just send me a pm on discord or reply here in the thread if you're interested in anything or want to play something, as said, im free alot 😛

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