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Locked Update Log #137 - Elder God Wars - Kerapac, the bound


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It's been a while since our last bigger update, and I apologize. Had to take a forced break for things and stuff (if you're interested in why, I made a separate post explaining: here)

The log itself might seem small, but it was quite the task to add Kerapac in; I hope you enjoy this one!


Nodon Front

  • Added all Nodon NPC's in the Nodon Front in the God Wars Dungeon 3 leading up to the Kerapac's gate. These NPC's can be assigned as a Slayer Task and killed after level 92 Slayer;
  • Added the full Kerapac boss fight with normal and hard modes. Up to 3 players can fight Kerapac at once;
  • Up to 3 drops will be dropped each fight, them going to the most damaging player (all 3 drops in solo's, 2+1 for most damaging player in duos, and 1 drop each in trios);
  • New item: Fractured staff of Armadyl. This staff can be made from 3 parts of the staff dropped from Kerapac hard-mode encounters. The assembled staff can be augmented, dyed, and repaired as with all other degrade-able items. Special attack: Instability; 50% special attack cost, 60 second cool-down; For 30 seconds, whenever the player inflicts a magic critical hit on their primary target, they will also fire a time strike, dealing 60%-120% damage and landing 1 game tick after the source hit. While this special is active you'll also receive +10% critical strike chance for Magic hits;
  • New item: Scripture of Jas (and Manuscripts of Jas (pages)). The Scripture can be equipped in the pocket slot, activated/deactivated as any other pocket slot item, and charged with Jas pages. Effect: Time rift : On damaging attacks: 33.3% chance to cause a Time Rift. For 15 seconds, all damage from your attacks while the Time Rift is active gets stored. Once the Time Rift closes, 20% of the total damage is applied to your opponent. 15 second cooldown;
  • New boss pet: Kerry; unlocked via Kerapac's Mask Piece item;
  • New item: Kerapac's Wrist Wraps. New T85 Magic gloves with a passive effect of increasing your Magic accuracy by 5%. These gloves can be enhanced to T90 that increases their passive accuracy buff to 10% by combining them with Glacor remnants and a Leng artefact;
  • Kerapac can be killed for Nodon Front Slayer tasks and assigned as a Reaper Task by Death;
  • Added Kerapac's: War's Retreat/Prifddinas boss portals, Boss Hiscores entry at the Wars Retreat, Collection Log entry;


  • Streamlined Solak's rare drops so that most of the rare item drops are more inline in terms of RNG. In theory it should now be easier to receive a Blightbound crossbow drop amongst the other rare items (though it will still rely on the random number generator);


  • Max Cape color customization interface will no longer interfere with Cosmetic color customization;

There were some other small bugs I fixed not worth mentioning here, and things I simply forgot to note 😧


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