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Locked Ninja Log 10/01/2023


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  • You can now change Shark Fist item variants, as well as generate their off-hand versions;
  • The Tarn's Lair can now be accessed from the Abandoned Mine entrance. Added Terror Dog spawns, and gave them their drops and animations;
  • Nex's Minion incoming damage reduction has been increased from 100 to 250;


  • The Scripture of Jas effect will now end correctly. Also added a fail-safe for any future errors for all other timed effects;
  • You'll now be able to pass the Frozen door in the God Wars dungeon 1 without the need to have a Frozen key on you after completing the 'Most Expensive Doorstop' achievement;
  • You may now repair used Ek-Zekkil's and Fractured staves of Armadyl;
  • Invention Machine inventories will now be checked against for the global playerHasItem check;
  • Igneous Stones will now give all of the special materials as disassembling a rare Elite Dungeon relic;
  • The first weapon piece drop from TzKal-Zuk and Kerapac the bound will now be chosen at random instead of the same order for everyone. The following pieces will, however, be in order;
  • Corrected the Slayer Shop item stocks;
  • Added an inventory check when crafting Sirenic equipment just in-case the player does not have a free inventory slot;
  • Fixed an issue when creating flatpacks that also require additional items on top of planks not being removed from player's inventory;
  • Invention Disassembly machines will now correctly account for the items remaining in the inventory in each iteration;
  • Rex Matriarch acid will no longer continue hitting you while you're in a 'locked' state;
  • The Keenblade's special attack will now deal melee damage;
  • Corrected the reputation gain for Menaphos when using Menaphite gift offering items;
  • The Chaos Elemental will no longer use its stun mechanic (removed completely);
  • Having the Volcanic Trapper Outfit equipped will now increase the Big Chinchompa mini-games moth collection points by +50%;
  • Fixed the Catalyst of Alteration not properly giving multiple sealed clue scrolls even though the chat-box showed multiple amounts.
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