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Locked Youtube Series Pitch: Restricted SLAYER (Maybe Reaper too?) ONLY Ironman with Preslaysion Perk

Zell Dreamer

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Hey Velheimers!

Zell Dreamer here. I have to say that I am truly, madly in love with this hidden gem of a server and would be absolutely SHATTERED if Velheim isn't getting more new players 

So hear out what I intend to do guys!!

Attention @Sandstorm, good day sir, I understand that you are engaged with alot of work. But if you do see this, here is my advertisng pitch I intend to execute to promote Velheim RSPS

PROJECT: SLAYER (cum Reaper?) LOCKED only Ironman with the Preslaysion Game Perk

Promote Velheim RSPS by bragging the GAME PERKS (Preslaysion) aspect that the Server offers
Bank in the pitch of Game Perks , which will provide a significant, yet not overly broken, boost to gameplay QOL
Utilize Item Drop Search tool to help me streamline or dictate what progression i am looking for 

End Goal
MAX if possible? At the end of the day, I am still learning the ropes of new content of RS


New character that's strictly reliant on slayer tasks for progression in skilling, equipment, etc (Idea Content) 
Character loudly shows the capabilities of the Preslaysion Game Perk which can make even the grindiest of grinds possible

Here's where I leave to the floor to all of you, Velheimers on what limited restrictions I have, or whether to include a reward system for hitting certain achivements (Total Level, Base Levels, etc) to access things like SOF, Oyster, TOG Daily . I was thinking for eg, mining can only be done if i get ore spirits , etc

Reward System Proposal
Access to Spins, SOF, TOG (Select either one?)
Every 100 Total Levels?
Base 10s-90/99s 

Character get to access maybe a few, but not limited to, some D&D that the server offers to once again, showcase what the server truly offers
Access to Shadow training sets, magic secateurs, untradeble skilling item?
Access to Halberd?


Thanks for hearing my Youtube Series Pitch Guys!
 For expert youtubers @Mattigan @Noobs Own, do give me tips on software or apps for video recording / streaming, voice recording (Live,Pre or Post)

Restrirctions in video making or restrictions, tags to prevent copyright or legality issues


I hope to do the series too! Also!! Do give a suggestion for the IGN! 



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Honestly this looks amazing and yeah Velheim deserves all the praise, credit and coverage, it really is a gem and will always be my home server, I literally don't see how it can get better...

Yeah I'd recommend "unlocking" Preslaysion not having it at the start and certain perks, you could do it self imposed with slayer points by wasting it on runes or something like that.... So theres atleast a bit of before and after the perk so you can really show the full effect...

I think you should be allowed daily oyster, but on unlock, mabye when done like 50 clues?  Honestly alot of the quality of life should be needing to be "unlocked" or just doing daily TOG/Oyster/SOF will skip everything, the choice to be only mining and smithing with spirits sounds like hell, but I respect that grind...

I use hitfilm to edit videos, and streamlabs to record/stream content to youtube, and use gimp to make thumbnails highly recommend all and all are 100% free

For links to the software I use

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I'm excited to see more velheim content popping up! And you got a great base idea for your video's. Maybe to make it more challenging limit yourself to location. (might keep this idea for myself as wel tbh).

For example: Home locked until 250 total level, after this you unlock the ability to do slayer + a new region (kinda like osrs leagues). Only be allowed to venture outside your region for slayer tasks. For example if you have desert region but abby demon task. and so on until you unlocked everything. 

As for recording I use: OBS, Adobe premiere pro for editing and photoshop for thumbnails.

Btw if you need help with anything video wise or just some tips, feel free to pm me on discord any time.

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