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Locked Update Log #142 - Anachronia Expansion Part II, Archaology Expansions and Improvements, and a plethora of other goodies!

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  • The Base Camp will now, by default, look upgraded to its maximum level across all sections of the camp;
  • Added these missing shops: Gem Shop, Survival Shop, Weapon Shop, Irwinsson's Hunter Supplies, Armour Shop;
  • Added the Spa and all of its effects, it'll have to be unlocked with 15M coins. You'll get an extra 10% Agility EXP on Anachronia, plus the 3 effects of bathing in each:
  • Salt-water spring: unlimited run energy for 30 minutes;
  • Thermal bath: poison immunity for 30 minutes AND boosts maximum hitpoints by 3% for 60 minutes;
  • Mud bath: boosts Hunter level by 15%;

Archaeology - Anachronia

  • Added full dialogues to: Mr Mordaut, General Store Assistant, Giles, Sharrigan, Professor Alfredo (and his other variants after Mysteries), Associate Colette, Spa Owner and miscellaneous Archaeologist dialogue fillers;
  • You can now enter the Nodon Hibernatorium Excavation site, located in the ruins just North-East'ish of Anachronia Campus. This site consists of 2 new excavation hotspots: Dragonkin Remains (level 70), and Orthen Rubble (level 90);
  • You can now enter the Crypt of Varanus Excavation site, located in the ruins North-West'ish of Anachronia Campus. This site consists of 3 new excavation hotspots: Varanusaur Remains (level 90), Dragonkin Reliquary (level 96), and Dragonkin Coffin (level 99). This site also contains 2 material caches: Compass Rose (level 90) and Felt (level 90);
  • You can now enter the Observation Outpost Excavation site, located in the ruins North-East'ish of Anachronia Campus. This site consists of 2 new excavation hotspots: Autopsy table (level 101), and Experiment workbench (level 102). This  site also contains 2 material caches: Felt (level 90) and Dragon Metal (level 96);
  • You can now enter the Moksha Ritual site (after completing the Observation Outposts mystery), located in the ruins South of Anachronia Campus. This site consists of 2 new excavation hotspots: Aughra remains (level 106), and Moksha device (level 108). This site also contains 2 material caches: Carbon black (level 99) and Orgone (level 99);
  • You can now enter the Xolo City Excavation site, located in the ruins South-East of Anachronia Campus (near Laniakea's outpost). This site consists of 3 new excavation hotspots: Xolo mine (level 113), Xolo remains (level 119), and Saurthen debri (level 120). This site also contains 2 new material caches: Dragon metal (level 96) and Orgone (level 99);
  • All excavation sites are now populated with NPC spawns and dialogues, most objects have been given a functionality, areas now have music tracks, and most mysteries are functional;
  • Occasionally, while excavating on Anachronia, you'll find Rex Skeleton fragments. These can be added to the Rex Skeleton in the Base Camp to help reconstruct it, a total of 100 fragments (total from all players) are needed to fully build it. Once built, it activates for 65 minutes and grants everyone on Anachronia a drop-rate boost for various activities, as well as a +25% increased EXP on the island for these skills: Fletching, Firemaking, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Slayer, Agility, Archaeology and Hunter;
  • You can now unlock the Orthen teleportation devices located at each of the new sites on Anachronia for quick navigation around the island;
  • Added an 'Orthen Digsite' teleport option to the Velheim TP Menu under the Archaeology section;

Archaeology - General

  • You can now discover and decipher the theoretical blueprints in Howl's Workshop with level 118 Archaeology to learn how to make a few new nifty gadgets for Archaeology (described below);
  • Added chat-box messages to let the player know what they're missing when trying to go up to Howl's Workshop;
  • Added ALL journal page lore in read-able book forms (a total of 194 'books'). More about books down below;
  • You can now access the Underwater Cave at the Everlight digsite. All mysteries, excavations, objects, etc. have been added to the area;
  • You can now fully restore the Statue of Padosan in the Everlight digsite;
  • Added a brand new custom interface to the Dig Sites Map table at the Archaeology Guild;
  • Added a brand new custom interface to the Relic Power management system (Archaeology Monolith);
  • 'Disabled' Mysteries that have not been coded, they will no longer appear when reading your Archaeology Journal;
  • Added a custom sound effect when uncovering new mysteries;
  • Fixed the broken relic sprites that appeared next to their item names;

Archaeology - New Relics:

  • Blessing of Het (level 74): hitpoints healed from consuming most food and potions increase by 10%. Item location: Icthlarin NPC at Eye of Het;
  • Divine Conversion (level 98): Convert their entire inventory of divination memories when using a divination rift. Item location: Manufacture at an Inventor's workbench;
  • Abyssal Link (level 111): teleport spells from all Magic spellbooks no longer require runes, but award no Magic experience. Item location: Manufacture at an Inventor's workbench;
  • Conservation of Energy (level 118): regain 10% of your special attack percentage after using a special attack.Item location: Manufacture at an Inventor's workbench;
  • Bait and Switch (level 99): fish that have a cooked variant caught via the Fishing skill will be automatically cooked upon being caught. Item location: Offer Bob the cat a Death Mask;
  • Flow State (level 102): 20% increase to Archaeology excavation precision (at the expense of receiving no soil). Item location: start by picking up a tablet from the lectern in Observation Outpost Excavation site;
  • Heightened Senses (level 105): maximum special attack is increased by 10%. Item location: complete 'The Everlight' mystery;
  • Death Note (level 108): all guaranteed bone and ash drops are noted. Item location: complete Dragonkin III collection;


  • Added a brand new interface for Manufacturing Invention items;
  • Manufacturing now correctly requires the Invention level needed as well as any extra skill levels (if any);
  • Added the 3 new Archaeology associated items to the Manufacturing list;
  • New device: Urn Enhancer (level 24); while the enhancer is in your inventory, each urn teleported will grant 25% extra experience at a cost of 20 charges;
  • New device: Lightbulb hat (level 87); acts as a light source. The cave goblin wire needed for this device can be obtained by pick-pocketing Cave Goblins in Dorgeshuun. It can be stored in the Magic Wardrobe of a player-owned house;
  • New device: Spirit tree re-rooter (level 92); a portable Spirit Tree with 10 charges. Can be equipped in the pocket slot;
  • New device: Portable fairy ring (level 94); a portable Fairy Ring with 10 charges. Can be equipped in the pocket slot;
  • New cosmetic: Energy barrel (level 98); a cosmetic item worn on the back;


  • Added a modular 'Book' system that'll automatically create book items and their information by simply supplying text and the 'book item ID'. Added animations and sound effects for each of the books steps and interactions;
  • With the book system in place, I went ahead and added most non-quest books into the game for a total of 180 with tens of thousands of lines of text;
  • Added a new, custom, interface for creating items. This is a dynamic system that'll replace the chat-box item selection interface. I'll slowly be moving over the old system across server to the new system. The interface also remembers your last selected item, and pressing the 'Spacebar' key on your keyboard will send you to the next step to start creating it (double-tapping Space essentially auto-starts the process);
  • Moved glassblowing to the new creation interface, and added some missing items to it;
  • Moved the pottery and urns to the new creation interface, and fixed a few issues with the old system such as missing the ring mould for clay ring and incorrect level requirements;
  • Moved Construction flatpack making to the new creation interface. Protean planks will no longer be integrated into the regular creation action, instead, they'll use their own 60-cycle action with no items generated as it is on RuneScape;
  • Moved Divination weaving and transmuting actions to the new creation interface. Improved on some of the action code to now correctly check for inventory space based on the ingredients and produced item definitions;
  • Added Bob the cats and Unferth's dialogue located in Burthorpe. You can now purchase a Mouse Toy from Bob;
  • Replaced Divine Spirit, Fire Spirit, Impling, Butterfly, Chronicle Fragment, etc. type NPC appearance sound to a more appropriate one;
  • Updated the Spirit Tree teleport animations to the new RS3 ones;
  • Added an animation and graphic when getting resurrected by the Daemonheim aura inside Dungeoneering;


  • Weapon poison, combat aura and combat Invention perk effects will no longer trigger on hits other than base combat triangle types, meaning they'll no longer trigger with themselves (ie. a weapon poison hit can no longer trigger another weapon poison hit);
  • Guthixian Butterflies now work as intended in the Spring Festival area;
  • The 'Bonfire' warmth hitpoints boosting effect will no longer get removed on death;
  • Barbarians in the Barbarian village now have their combat animations and sound effects;
  • Amulet of the Forsaken will now correctly trigger the Collection log update;
  • Farming spot Tree's may now once again be chopped down as intended;
  • Falconry kebbits will now work for the Hunter daily challenge;
  • Corrected a few staircases at the Gnome Stronghold, and added a few missing shortcuts;
  • Ultimate Ironmen may no longer bank their Cow drops with Beefy Bill, though the Achievement Diary will still update when they try to do so.


 - Media


Sorry for the low quality GIF's, that's just how they get compressed when uploaded and sent on Discord.

All upcoming things I'm working on always get shown in our Discord server - #teasers channel!

























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Awesome stuff, Sandstorm. :D Looking forward to trying out all the new content! Great work; we appreciate you! ❤️ 

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