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Update Log #143 - Raksha, the Shadow Colossus; Divination changes

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Some of the fixes/smaller misc. changes were applied in the last ninja log, but as always I'll include them here!

Divination changes

  • Enriched Wisps will no longer spawn randomly after a regular Wisp has disappeared;
  • You can now empower any of the available Energy Rifts around the world with Chronicle Fragments collected while harvesting Wisps;
  • When a rift has reached 100% charge it'll burst out an energy wave that'll grant all nearby players 10 minutes of the new Memory Overflow effect, as well as spawn an Enriched Wisp somewhere close to the rift itself;
  • Rift charges will be saved throughout server restarts, and the maximum amount of charge required is halved from the actual RS value;
  • Memory Overflow: +10% crit chance when siphoning springs; +5% XP and +1% energy when depositing memories;
  • Protean Memories: You will now have to take the memories to any of the available Energy Rifts in-game to start using them, the EXP will scale off of the Rift's nearby Wisp levels. EXP also increases with unlocked Boon effect (+10% EXP);
  • Boons will now properly increase your EXP and energy amount given when converting memories at a rift;
  • A Chronicle Fragment will become Enhanced if you catch it within 6 seconds of it spawning (automatically becomes enriched when using Spirit Attraction potions);
  • Corrected the Hunter EXP given from capturing a Chronicle Fragment (from yourLevel*2 to yourLevel*10 (as stated on the Wiki));
  • If the Chronicle Fragment is not caught within 15 seconds, it will be up for grabs for all other players in the area for an additional 15 seconds;
  • Having the full Elder Divination outfit equipped will yield a 7% chance to spawn 2x Chronicle Fragments and automatically capture them (which is basically 2x enhanced chronicles);
  • Added all the missing right-click options on Divine Energy outfits (except re-colours);

Raksha, the Shadow Colossus

  • You can now enter the Orthen Oubliette, where Raksha resides. Added all objects, Music track, NPC's and dialogues related to the area;
  • Added the full Raksha fight itself, with all of cool voice-overs, dialogues, animations, drops, etc.;
  • Raksha can be fought solo, or with a friend. His HP and mechanics will scale/change depending on the amount of players in the fight;
  • Added Raksha to the Reaper Task pool as well as the Final Boss title requirements, new Collection log section, new War's Retreat Hiscores entry, new portal destinations from Prifddinas Combat portal and War's Retreat portals (as well as the featured boss portal);
  • Raksha's main drops are the Tier 80 power boots: Laceration, Blast Diffusion and Fleeting (each for their own combat style);
  • There's also another rare drop obtainable - the Shadow Spike, which is used to upgrade all 3 of the previously mentioned boots from Tier 80 to Tier 90, which also increases their passive effect strengths;
  • Laceration boots (Melee): Grants a 5% (10% enhanced) chance to bleed your current target for 25% (30% enhanced) of your maximum hit as damage over-time;
  • Blast Diffusion boots (Magic): Grants a +5% (10% enhanced) critical strike chance while using Magic;
  • Fleeting boots (Ranged): Increases ranged accuracy by 5% (10% enhanced);
  • New Boss pet: Raklette. Unlockable by obtaining a Broken Shackle as an item drop;
  • New Title: 'the Shackled', obtainable by completing Raksha's Boss Collection log;

Combat - bleeds

  • Added a new 'bleed' type effect;
  • Having the Champion's ring equipped will increase your Melee Critical Strike chance by 10% on your target if they're currently under the bleed effect;
  • Added an additional passive effect to the (Enhanced) Gloves of Passage that increases the Bleed Effect's damage by 20% (25% for enhanced);
  • The Masterwork Spear of Annihilation will extend any bleed effect's over-time effect by 50%;
  • The Ek-ZekKil's Igneous Cleave special attacks bleed damage will now get affected by the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation and the Gloves of Passage;


  • You can now enter the Main Hall of Guthix's ruins to grab yourself the Shard of Blade for the Abyssal Relic unlock;
  • Added sound effects to the War's Retreat Boss Hiscores interface, and made it so that the search bars properly close;
  • Added a confirmation screen when releasing more than 1 animal item that have the 'release all' option on them;
  • Players on game-modes that CAN trade can no longer extend portables placed down by players on game-modes that CANNOT trade;
  • Made a simple custom interface to hold all War's Retreat/Prifddinas Combat/Prifddinas Skill - Portals. The interface should now have enough 'slots' for all of the teleports we currently have. Also added GUI interaction sound effects;
  • You can now properly navigate the Chamber's of Guthix via dialogue options (same as on RS);
  • Added the 'Convert' option on: Protean Protean and Protean essence;
  • Added Protean Shakes to Squeal of Fortune. These proteans can be used to train Herblore similarly to how other Protean items work;
  • The Nurse at home will now restore all of your stats (if their below their original levels);
  • Added 2 more possible rows for the effect overlay interface while on resize-able screen mode;


  • Fixed an issue with the Kiln mini-game not letting players properly finish the NPC's dialogue;
  • Bonfire's warmth effect will no longer stack time on itself, it'll now simply refresh the active timer if one exists;
  • Sorted an issue with not being able to do Cooking while in Dungeoneering;
  • Fixed an issue with the Teleportation Devices on Anachronia not being able to be unlocked on some ocasions;
  • Fixed an issue with the Inventors Workbench not allowing some items to be made due to a small oversight on my part;
  • A statue in Anachronia now has its correct dialogue message attached;
  • Animal Paddocks in your Player-owned Farm's will now once again function as intended;
  • Fixed an issue when claiming vote rewards and the player 'disappears';
  • Fixed an issue where ammunition would not properly drop on the ground when one's not wearing an Ava's type device;
  • Added a fail-safe to the World Task system to cancel itself when there's an error. It'll log the error for me and stop the action properly for the player;
  • Added the missing Spring Cleaner to the Inventor's workbench device creation;
  • Added some missing Archaeology Chronote rewards for completing full collections;
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to spawn another Mogre after defeating one already spawned by you;
  • The Giant Mimic instance is now a safe death for Hardcore Ironman;
  • You can now travel the Agility shortcuts from/to Muspah's from/to Elder Wisp colony;
  • The World Map should no longer add a tile marker when closing the World Map for the second time, the marker should only appear when double-clicking on a single pixel;
  • Fixed an issue with Ezreal's shop preventing players from buying the Archaeologist's outfit;
  • Corrected the Spirit Attraction potions timer from 6 minutes to 15 minutes (30 minutes with the Herbivore perk) as stated on the Wiki.


  • I've re-worked our store page to now use PayPal's v2 REST API;
  • With this change I've purged all of the database entries for top contributors;
  • After a successful payment you'll get redirected to our 'success' page, which will show the relevant payment information, as well as the payment processing being real-time (refreshing current 'status' every few seconds).
  • The store sale of 25% off will last for a few more days! Being ' a little short' this month would be an understatement, we'd really appreciate any support 🙏


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