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Update Log #145 - New Ancient Magicks & new Curses

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  • Keepsaked items that you no longer have the requirements to wear for can no longer be equipped;
  • Added cosmetic preset slots. You'll be able to save and load up to 3 presets from the right hand-side of the interface;
  • I haven't had any time to add anything to Solomon's, but next update new gazes, wings, and sets 🙏;


  • The Disassemble Invention spell will now properly sort and hide along with other spells (in all 3 spell-books);
  • Updated existing Ancient Magic spell descriptions;
  • Added 5 new teleport spells to all Magic spell-books: Max Guild, War's Retreat, Kandarin Monastery, Skeletal Horror, and Manor Farm;
  • Teleporting to the War's Retreat via any spell-book or the CTRL+W keybind will now require you to have at least 10 boss kills. This requirement does not apply to the custom Teleportation Menu though, nor will it restrict players from entering War's Retreat from various other locations;
  • Added 17 new Ancient Magic spells, 9 combat-type Seren spells, 4 skill-type Seren spells, and 4 combat-type Senntisten spells. The spells are as follows:
  • Opal Aurora, Seren spell, level 75: A simple air spell. On hit will find all prisms within a 3 square radius of the player and increase their duration by a small amount;
  • Prism of Restoration, Seren spell, level 76: A prism which will periodically heal your familiar, recharge your familiars' special attack by 1 per cycle and restore summoning points by up to 10 per cycle, based on the distance from the prism. While within range you will also have a chance at saving a scroll when used. Players must be within 7 tiles to gain the effect;
  • Intercept, Seren spell, level 77: Place a ward on an ally for 10 seconds, you will take all damage they would receive with a 5% reduction in damage;
  • Sapphire Aurora, Seren spell, level 77: A simple water spell. On hit has a chance to find all prisms within a 3 square radius of the player and give a small buff to their ability when they next activate;
  • Emerald Aurora, Seren spell, level 79: A simple earth spell. On hit will give the caster a small Damage Reduction buff. By 1% per stack, up to 5 stacks;
  • Prism of Salvation, Seren spell, level 80: A prism which when clicked will allow any player to teleport to it. Must be within 8 tiles to use;
  • Ruby Aurora, Seren spell, level 81: A simple fire spell. On hit has a chance to increase damage output, by 1% per stack up to 3 stacks, to all other players within a 5 tile radius from the caster;
  • Prism of Loyalty, Seren spell, level 82: A prism which allows players to store their lifepoints in. Any player that comes within 5 tiles of the prism, with less than 25% health will transfer the prism's health to the player, healing them up to the maximum lifepoints this prism is holding;
  • Shield Dome, Seren spell, level 84: Create an energy shield for 15 seconds that will protect all players within it, reducing damage by up to 50%. Each different shield following this will have diminishing returns that reset after 2 minutes;
  • Prism of Dowsing, Seren spell, level 86: A prism which will draw wisps to it. While harvesting from the wisps within 4 tiles of the prism the player will have a 10% better chance to obtain enriched memories;
  • Crystallise, Seren spell, level 88: Target trees, mining locations and fishing spots will make them crystallised, meaning you get increased xp for gathering from it, but no resources. The effect lasts for 30 seconds;
  • Rapid Growth, Seren spell, level 88: Target herb, tree or fruit tree farming patch to grow it by one step. Can only be used once per patch life cycle;
  • Crystal Mask, Seren spell, level 90: Create a mask that will bolster your ability to avoid being spotted by your pickpocket targets and has a chance to protect you from being harmed by them. This effect will last for 5 minutes. It will also protect the wearer once from Croesus's fungus attacks; - currently disabled until the interface editor tool gets target masks updated! (sorry);
  • Smoke Cloud, Senntisten spell, level 74: Disorient the target with a veil of smoke, leaving them vulnerable, increases the critical strike damage by 15%, 2m duration, 40% effective for non-magic attacks;
  • Animate Dead, Senntisten spell, level 84: For each piece of magic tank equipment worn: Gain 10% of its armour value as flat damage reduction, 25% of your defence level as flat damage reduction, 12m duration;
  • Exsanguinate, Senntisten spell, level 96: An extremely powerful fire spell. On each cast, gain a stack of Blood Tithe (max 12) for 20s, Each stack of Blood Tithe increases damage by ;
  • Incite Fear, Senntisten spell, level 98: An extremely powerful water spell. On each cast, gain a stack of Glacial Embrace (max 5) for 20s. Each stack of Glacial Embrace reduces the next special attack cost by 5%. At 5 stacks, your casts trigger Frost Surge which deals up to 50% of your max hit to the primary target and up to 8 adjacent enemies in a 5x5 area around your main target;
  • These spells have been removed from the regular spell-book: Saradomin strike, Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, Iban blast, Crumble undead, Charge;


  • You may now create up to 10 Quick-Prayer presets by right-clicking the Prayer orb;
  • Added a brand new custom interface for Quick Prayers. You may now have up to 10 preset slots, can choose which prayer book to use, highlight the quick prayer you'd like to have on left-click, move them up and down, rename them, and so on;
  • Added 7 new Curses to the Curse book;
  • Dark Form: Doubles the effect strength of Zaros aligned Ancient spells while in combat (ie. Ice spells freeze for longer, Blood spells heal for more);
  • Light Form: Increases the effectiveness of all Seren aligned Ancient spells (ie. Opal Aurora extends prism timers for longer, Crystallise gives more EXP while skilling);
  • Chronicle Attraction: Automatically captures chronicles while training Divination. Also auto-catches Manifested Knowledge's and Divine Carpet dust's;
  • Soul Link: Shares half of all healing and damage with another player using this prayer within 5 squares of you;
  • Teamwork Protection: Gives a 5% damage reduction and 1% damage reflect from all combat styles for every player around you using this prayer (up to 5 players);
  • Superheat Form: Logs are burned for EXP while Woodcutting, Smelting and Smithing is 0.6 seconds faster;
  • Fortitude: Boosts Defence by 15%, increases DMG reduction by 3%, increases lifepoints by +1 per Constitution level, and doubles base hitpoint regen speed;
  • The Prayer Orb's right-click menu will now display the first 3 usable Prayer presets along with the custom names you've assigned to them;


  • Your current action will no longer automatically stop when getting hit in combat when not auto-retaliating, or not being able to auto-retaliate;
  • Catching Butterfly-type Hunter NPC's on Anachronia will now have the chance of rewarding a Dragon Mattock or one of the respective Totem pieces;
  • Added the missing Impatient Invention perk effect of restoring Special attack on each outgoing hit;


  • I accidentally made all NPC's use the smart pathfinder in the last update, I've now reverted that change and most entities are once again dumb as rocks;
  • Fixed an issue with Net traps checking for the wrong objects essentially making all traps fail. Also corrected the success rate formula;
  • All kick commands (from staff and from Discord) will now force the target player to get sent to the login screen. This ensures there are no re-connect limbos;
  • Fixed an issue not being able to properly summon Dungeoneering Familiars;
  • The Spring Cleaner will now correctly dismantle medium-sized Bronze salvage;
  • Vorago will now properly release players in his instance after he has been defeated;
  • Mining Sandstone rocks will now give you random sandstone sizes instead of just the 1KG one;
  • The main Jadinko Lair entrance will no longer send the player to oblivion;
  • Divination memory overflow has been reduced from 50 charge requirement to 15. Cursed wisps can now also trigger overflow, and spawn enriched springs;
  • Archaeology Material caches at Kuradal's Dungeon now work.


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