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Yakamaru Guide


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Yakamaru is the second boss in the Liberation of Mazcab raid, with up to 10 players in a single encounter. While the fight itself does have many mechanics and sections that require coordination between players, with just a little knowledge and practice and communication between your teammates, it can become a relatively smooth and fun boss encounter.

As getting 10 players on Velheim can be hard, I'm gonna add some stuff for smaller players encounter too. 


⬥ Teci image.png.952a71f9610874a459f88caae223f415.png
    • Always dropped.
⬥ Achto Primeval image.png.3ab2f2aae9a3ebf2b6d8772e2955a6e2.png / Achto Teralith image.png.70db5875094b0fdb7649f112607bf17c.png  / Achto Tempest image.png.91686b2c32def61b9446a35e362ff96d.png

⬥ Yakamaru's Helmet image.png.83448342c0d38b2bbdd2ab41f9b103ec.png




Given that Yakamaru is a fairly advanced boss and that its a group boss, it is reasonable (and ideal) to have a sufficient level of gear before attempting the boss. This helps both make the fight easier and make it easier for you to get into teams.

A guideline set of recommendations might this include:
⬥ T80+ power armour + T90+ weapons
⬥ 95+ Prayerfor curses
⬥ 99+ Herblore for overloads
⬥ Berserker auras 

For gear, bring your best style.
Mage can be good for learns survive, but it's the worst DPS.
Melee has a good AoE with Scythe.
Range is the best DPS overall. 

Base will be good either with melee or mage (image.png.6b2c4b9ef1f9c33407128affd7be5696.pngStatiu's warhammer special attack is a good one, since high defense of Yakamaru).



⬥ Yakamaru is the second boss in Liberation of Mazcab raid, fought after Beastmaster Durzag is killed. On Velheim there’s no puzzle. 
⬥ Yakamaru fight takes place at the Mazcab beach, where there are 5 pools located.
⬥ The arena looks like the following:


The fight consists of two phases:
    • Pools phase - Yakamaru jumps between different pools using different mechanics and must be killed in each one.
    • Mirage phase - After killing it once in each pool, Yakamaru spawns in all pools simultaneously and must be killed in all the pools and 'closed' permanently, to finish the fight.

⬥ During the pools phase, there will be a special mechanic for each pool - this is covered in the Pool Mechanics section.
⬥ Yakamaru attacks with auto attacks (Range if out of MD, Magic if in MD) and special attacks.
    • The default attack cycle uses a number of auto attacks followed by a special attack, and then repeats.
    • The number of autos varies from pool to pool.
    • The attack cycle starts at a random point in the cycle (i.e. Yakamaru could begin with a spec, and then continue from there.)



⬥ Yakamaru uses AoE auto attacks, and the attack style changes based on location:
    • Within halberd range (≤2 tiles): Magic attacks
    • Outside halberd range (≥3 tiles): Ranged attacks
⬥ Yakamaru has 100% hitchance on all auto attacks.

⬥ Each auto-attack on the primary target (base) applies 1 enrage stack ('Drenched' debuff).
    • This also applies to any player within 7 tiles of the base.



⬥ Yakamaru spawns Jellyfish of different colours during the fight.
⬥ There are 6 different types of Jellyfish:
    • Normal/Orange: deals melee damage and spawns as part of Yakamaru's 'Jellyfish Spawn' special attack (see Special Attacks).
    • Durable: heals other neaby Jellies and Yakamaru while alive.
    • Magical: deals Magic damage.
    • Meleefish: deals Melee damage.
    • Piercing: deals Range damage.
    • Reflecting: causes all other Jellies to take less damage, and reflect damage taken onto players - these will die on their own.
⬥ Except before Sand Pool and Mirage, first phase Yakamark in the center pool, then kill the colorful jellies.



The following 2 special attacks are generic and common to all pools. Pool-specific special attacks are covered in the Pool Mechanics section.

⬥ Jellyfish Spawn

⬥ Yakamaru spawns one orange jellyfish and 5 'cracks' on the floor.
⬥ The jellyfish should be killed ASAP as it deals high AoE melee damag.
⬥ Standing on the cracks will shortly deal 1000 damage to the jellyfish, but also deal 150-200 Magic damage to the player.

⬥ Blue

⬥ This attack is typically referred to as 'blue'.
⬥ A random player will be turned blue and take up to 4 increasing typeless damage hits (1500 → 2500 → 3500 → 4500).
⬥ Standing next to someone else will pass the effect to them with no damage taken.
⬥ Passing it to other players is the recommended way of dealing with it. Otherwise, just spam eat.
NOTE: There's no Blue in smaller teams.





Here we go over what each pool at Yakamaru does and how to deal with them. Then we cover the actual fight in the Fight Phases section.

Tendrils Pool (south-most)

⬥ Yakamaru gains access to two new special attacks (both used at the same time):
    • Choking Tendrils: Yakamaru chokes top 5 DPS, dealing increasing damage per tick. Players must free themselves by spamming click on the floor.

   • Damage Tendrils: Summons a large pile of tendrils on Yakamaru's current target that hit 200 damage per tick for several ticks. Players should move away.


Let the base tag the pool first - prevents the Damage Tendrils randomly spawning on the DPS pile.
⬥ If poison tank gets choked when poison spawns.
    • Someone else can get it.

⬥ This pool is relatively straightforward - just avoid the tendrils and it'll go smoothly.


Shark Pool (south-west)

⬥ Yakamaru gains access to one new special attack:
    • Sharknado: Yakamaru spins in a whirlpool and throws out sharks on the floor randomly, which explode for 200 damage each. Just run from them.

⬥ This pool is relatively straightforward - just avoid the shark spawns and it'll go somothly.


Sand Pool (north-west)

⬥ Yakamaru gains access to one new special attack:
    • Sand: All but 1-2 players are 'sanded'/stuck and cannot move. Players not stuck must rescue others by clicking on them. If not freed in time, they are instakilled.


⬥ Players can continue to eat, attack targets, etc. while sanded, but cannot move.
⬥ If Yakamaru is about to sand, delay phasing it to 10k HP to ensure the Poison Tank does not get stuck and miss poison.
⬥ One person should go and free the base ASAP as they are usually stuck further away.

⬥ As long as players don't panic, and click on each other to be freed, this pool can be finished quickly. Just don't miss the poison.


Stun Pool (north-most)

⬥ Yakamaru gains access to two new mechanics:
    • Defence Gain: Yakamaru takes reduced damage as players continue to attack him. This must be reset by stunning him.
    • Stun Reflect Damage: When Yakamaru is stunned, he reflects 100-500 typeless damage to all players on the team.






⬥ Start the fight. Yakamaru will start in the middle pool.
⬥ Reduce Yakamaru's health in the center pool to 80k, making him randomly choose the first pool to jump to.

⬥ At 10k health left, Yakamaru spawns a 'poison' that a player must absorb and then stand in MD of Yakamaru, then players will finish off Yakamaru to 0 HP.
    • If this is missed, the pool will not advance and must be re-completed.


⬥ Yakamaru will jump back to the middle pool. Phase the middle pool (20k damage) and focus on Jellies.

⬥ The following image shows where roughly where to stand during pools:


⬥ Repeat the above process until all 4 pools have been dealt with.
⬥ The first pool is random, but after that it is always in the following order:
    • Sand Pool → Stun Pool
    • Stun Pool → Tendrils Pool
    • Tendrils Pool → Shark Pool
    • Shark Pool → Sand Pool



⬥ This is a fast-paced phase.
⬥ After Yakamaru returns to the middle after the 4th pool, prepare for mirage phase:
    • Stun 5 and Shark 10 roles should pick up their planks.
    • Poison tank should be revived.
    • Base and Northtank should get ready to tank their pools.
    • On less experienced teams: kill all remaining Jellies.
⬥ Begin by reducing Yakamaru's health in the middle pool to 5k HP.
    • All 4 pools will again simultaneously spawn with 15k HP each.
    • They must all be killed and the pools must be closed by spam clicking the pools after clearing them.
    • At this point, the Jelly Wrangler begins tagging and provking jellies off the rest of the team.


⬥ The following image shows where to stand when mirage starts:


⬥ Usual kill order for pools is: Stun → Shark → Tendrils → Sand.

⬥ Base Tank: voke Tendrils pool and run south and tank the pool until it is dead and help close it, then follow along with the DPSers.
⬥ Stun 0/Stun 5:  kill the pool quickly and close with 10 planks, then help DPSers after it is closed.
⬥ North Tank: voke Sand pool and run north, and tank the pool until the other pools are dead and team comes to help kill and close pool.
⬥ Shark 10: voke Shark pool and stay away from DPS;  join the DPSers after it is closed.

⬥ All other players:
Help kill and close Tendrils pool.
    • Then finish off Shark pool and move to Sand pool.
    • Kill Sand pool and help close it.
⬥ Finally Yakamaru will respawn with 5k HP in the middle pool, and can be killed to finish the fight.




The following roles may be assigned to players at Yakamaru. Players without a dedicated role are just DPSers. Roles are roughly sorted by difficulty, for new players.

Easy Roles
⬥ Stun 0 (ST0) 

Medium Roles
⬥ Jelly Wrangler (JW)
⬥ Stun 5 (ST5)
⬥ Poison Tank (PT)
⬥ Double

Advanced Roles
⬥ Base Tank
⬥ North Tank (NT)
⬥ Shark 10 (SH10)
⬥ Main Stun (MS)

Note: A single player can have more than 1 role, depending on what roles they take.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Tank Yakamaru during each pool until Mirage phase.
    • Tank Tendrils pool during Mirage phase until it is dead.

⬥ Other tasks
    • Avoid standing near other players, allow them to flank the boss.
    • Do not die - prioritise staying alive even at the expense of DPS.

⬥ Notable info
    • Yakamaru's enrage mechanic affects the base - they will take the most damage during the fight.
    • This role can help do more DPS on faster teams, or go full tank/shield camp route. This depends on the player and expected killtimes for the team. If in doubt - focus on surviving.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Stand on the correct tile and absorb the poison that Yakamaru spawns after each pool reaches 10k HP left.
    • Move into MD of Yakamaru after absorbing poison, then help defeat the pool.

⬥ Notable info
    • The tile the poison will land on looks is indicated by arrows.
    • There is no poison to absorb during Mirage phase - only during the first phase with the 4 pools.
    • Teams will typically assign a Double role - if the first pool is not Stun pool, then the Double will absorb the poison required for stun pool during the sand pool's poison.
        ⬩ This is to save time and lower chances of failing poison on Stun pool as it can die very quickly.
        ⬩ If this happens, the Poison Tank only ends up absorbing 3 sets of poison instead of 4.
    • After a successful pool, the PT will be washed up on the beach near the south. The CPR role is expected to revive the player in time.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Tank Sand pool (and also usually Stun pool) during Mirage phase until the other 3 pools are dead.
        ⬩ Stand north of the pool when tanking it.
        ⬩ To aggro both pools: tag Sand pool, then use voke on Stun pool.

⬥ Notable info
    • Sand pool is almost always the last to die during Mirage phase - on slower teams, this can be a tank test. 
    • Jellies may spawn while tanking the pool - dodge them and let the Jelly Wranger handle them.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Click on the washed-up player on the beach after each pool to prevent them being instakilled.

⬥ Notable info
    • Once Mirage phase starts, there are no more players to revive.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Absorb poison on the Sand pool and take the place of the Poison Tank during Stun pool instead.
        ⬩ The Double will stand on the same tile as the Poison Tank during the Sand pool to do this.

⬥ Notable info
    • Stand in MD of the Stun pool the entire time. This is because the Stun pool dies very quickly.
    • If Stun pool is the first pool, this role has no responsibilities.
    • Be sure to bring extra food to compensate for the extra damage taken, especially on slower teams.



⬥ Primary tasks
    • Stun Yakamaru at the appropriate time during the Stun pool, when his damage reduction is too high.

⬥ Notable info
    • Do NOT accidentally kill the team by stunning too early or multiple times.
    • A correctly timed stun will only deal 100 damage to all players, which can rise up to 500 damage if stunned too early (stun when Yakamaru's health begins to drop very slowly).

• It's better someone with mage in the team take this role and use ONE  image.png.06c386124d41041b2208dd1c7f895b92.png Ice Barrage to stun. 

• Stun can be done with image.png.506731666929dfcbadf1e761f190cc77.png bolas too.

Do NOT use sticky bombs, since them stun it multiply times.


STUN 0 (ST0) 

This role isn't really required on Velheim, since the lack of players on the teams, but here we go:

⬥ Primary tasks
    • On Mirage phase, help kill the Stun pool first ASAP.
    • Then help kill the other pools in order (Shark > Tendrils > Sand).

⬥ Notable info
    • If a Stun 5 role dies, you can easily take their place.
    • Do not randomly use stuns during Mirage phase.


STUN 5 (ST5)

⬥ Primary tasks
    • Kill the Stun pool ASAP after Mirage phase starts and use 5 planks on it by clicking on the pool.
    • Then help kill the other pools in order (Shark > Tendrils > Sand).

⬥ Notable info

  • This is role performed by 2 players.
    • Pick up your planks before Mirage phase starts to make it easier and prevent issues.
    • Do not randomly use stuns during Mirage phase.
    • The pool only needs to be tanked for a short amount of time as it dies quickly.

  • Note: In smaller teams you only need 1 ST5, since you only need 5 planks to close the pool.


SHARK 10 (ST10)

⬥ Primary tasks
    • Tank the Shark pool during Mirage phase, and use 10 planks on it by clicking the pool after it dies.

⬥ Notable info
    • Stand behind the Shark pool to prevent other players from getting enrage stacks.
    • Pick up your planks before Mirage phase starts to make it easier and prevent issues (area loot can help).

  • Note: In smaller teams you only need 5 planks.



There's actually no need for this role in Velheim, but here we go:

⬥ Primary tasks
    • Quickly tag and aggro all Jellyfish spawned during Mirage phase and keep them away from other players.
    • Keep Jellyfish alive after tagging them.


This guide is almost a copy past from pvme discord, with a few changes that I did to match velheim.

Hope it help you guys getting some kc's. Good luck!



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