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Update Log #77 - Wilderness Warbands, Prestige System, Floor Item overhaul & Double XP Weekend Extended

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Floor Items

  • Completely scrapped the existing floor item methods (all of them throughout the server) and made a brand new system that utilizes a single method with all of our new server configurations;
  • Un-trade-able items will now turn to coins if someone kills you in the wilderness;
  • Trade-able items will now show up to other players after 60 seconds, and disappear after another 150 if not picked up;
  • Un-trade-able items will now disappear after exactly 150 seconds without them showing up to other players;
  • Loot-beams will now properly appear/disappear when receiving items with a higher G.E. value that the player has configured (rarity sorting has been removed);
  • Dying in the wilderness with a Dyed degradable item will now remove the dye off it and drop the base item on the ground. If killed by another player, the item will turn into coins for the killer to pick-up;
  • I'm unsure if I've missed anything or not with this huge core overhaul, so make sure to ';;bug' it if you find anything.


  • Semi-active miners were unintentionally impacted by a change to AFK mining rates. To remedy this we have adjusted the rates as follows: 100% stamina = 100% damage, 1-99% stamina = 90% damage, 0% stamina = 20% damage;
  • Implemented a simple system for non-depleting stamina rocks (based off of Wikipedia);
  • Stamina no longer depletes while mining Seren Stones, as such Seren stones have had their HP increased from 500 to 2000.

Prestige System

  • Added a brand new system for maxed players to reset their skills back to 1 and earn points & unlock-ables called "Prestiging";
  • To prestige, visit the Prestige Master in Edgeville. He's located by the South-Western bank entrance;
  • Each prestige requires the player to have at least level 99 in all skills;
  • Each time you prestige, you will earn a prestige level and prestige points (based on your game-mode), which are spend-able in Prestige Master's shop. The shop is currently kind of empty, so any suggestions on what to add are appreciated;
  • Prestige levels will show up in server broadcasts and Hiscores. They can also be displayed as a Loyalty title activate-able from the ;;titles interface.

Wilderness Warbands

  • Every 7 hours (2 hours from every server restart) a new Wilderness Warband will start with a world wide announcement;
  • Clear each camp from 'bandits' and their leader to be able to loot their tents for 'supply' items. This will skull you and make everyone able to attack you, and you will not be able to teleport out;
  • Up to 25 supply items can be gathered per warband which can then be exchanged for GP or EXP at the newly added NPC 'Quercus', who is located just North of the Grand Exchange (tunnel shortcut from Edgeville to G.E.);
  • Players will also be able to receive the new T70 Magic weapon while looting tents - Wand of Treachery. Receiving one of these will announce to all local players and drain your prayer to 0;
  • Added an information point next to Quercus that shows the top 10 Player killers.


  • Updated cache to RS3's version from 01/27/2020 (War's Retreat);
  • Updated the Client Launcher. To get it, simply re-download the client from our Play page;
  • Made War's Retreat area accessible, nothing else though. The main area has a memory leak as of now and will not be coded until the issue's been resolved;
  • Added a new title 'of Daemonheim' to the Miscellaneous Title's interface which will unlock when you reach floor 60 in Dungeoneering;
  • Added Quick-chat for friends chat channels and clan chat channels;
  • Reduced the Well of Good Will's double EXP timer from 3 hours to 2 hours;
  • Players may now claim their vote rewards anywhere in the world (excluding Dungeoneering);
  • Increased the amount of times the player will thieve Elven Clan workers in Prifddinas by 4 times;
  • Increased the chance for ALL rare Clue Scroll rewards by x2. Also increased the amount of items you receive from lower level Caskets;
  • The AFK system will no longer kick players, instead, they'll simply stop receiving Loyalty Points and Vote Party rewards;
  • Disabled Boss Collection log buttons for bosses that are not added yet;
  • Accept aid will now automatically be enabled for all new non-ironmen players;
  • Heavily improved on NPC target finding. NPC's will now be able to attack player's even if they're already in combat with someone else (aggression potions, tolerance timer, force aggressiveness and combat levels will still apply as normal);
  • Improved the new player starter package with all 3 combat style equipment and some jewellery;
  • Equipping items is now instant (no more queuing).


  • Un-trade-able items in noted forms may no longer be traded between players;
  • Fixed Divination Wisps not random-walking after their next respawn;
  • Fixed an issue with Ranged/Magic Curses (Anguish, Torment, Desolation, Affliction) to not correctly update the boost interface;
  • Corrected all Smithing EXP;
  • Frozen Key pieces are no longer trade-able;
  • Various Dungeoneering NPC's will no longer drop Charms/Coins (from Charm/Coin collector perks);
  • All Transformation rings will now work correctly.



Double XP Weekend Extended

  • Alright, alright, we know what you’re really here for: Double XP Weekend: Extended will return this Friday, February 21st, and last until March 2nd. That gives you 10 whole days to spend your 48 hours of Double XP time in whatever way you wish. To join in the fun, all you need to do is log in any time during the event, and you’ll receive your 48 hours. Bear in mind that they’ll keep ticking down the whole time you’re logged in, so spend them wisely!



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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Such a big update <3


Amazing work as always!

OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


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You put even the RuneScape devs to shame



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good job sandy, u did so good on this update ;)



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Very nice update :D

could add the investigator's outfit to the prestige shop https://runescape.wi...igator's_outfit



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You make my skiller cry today - absolutely solid update! 

OFFLINE   Dynasty


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Absolutely gorgeous update!