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Update Log #81 - Improvements & Fixes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Fixed an issue where finding artefacts would not increase the counter for qualifications;
  • Corrected a lot of 'too common' rates for tomes and tetracompass pieces;
  • Fixed an issue where excavating at material caches not within the actual dig-site would cause a null to happen;
  • Added a delay to excavation and tome 'reading', also made it face the actual object so it feels smoother;
  • Material Caches will now last a little bit longer;
  • Fixed an issue with the Infernal Source Portal Chamber teleportation lock;
  • Added a few sound effects when revealing mysteries, finding journal pages, inventory fills up, etc;
  • Screening Soil will AND receiving Soil while excavating now increase EXP received depending on player's Archaeology level (Below level 38 - 1 experience, which increases to 3 experience at level 38, 5 experience at level 71, 12 experience at level 93, and 2 level 111. );
  • Active Luck-related relics will now properly send the 'rare drop message' if the relic is active same way as having the actual luck ring equipped;
  • Fixed an issue with tetracompass charging, that would delete all stackable-unpowered-compasses and replace them with only 1 powered version;
  • When a tetracompass has been used (excavated to find an ancient casket), the location will now reset and randomize for next use;
  • Fixed an issue with the Material Storage not allowing to add items that are already inside if you're at max used slots. Also made it display total and used slots in the container;
  • Added the hole on Ice Mountain to get into Camdozaal cavern's excavation site for Goldrune material caches;
  • Fixed an issue that caused players with level 120 Archaeology to not gain any more EXP from tomes;
  • Artefacts received from excavating will now be in order so that the player does not get 10 of the same in a row;
  • Added the Chaotic gatestone to the Daemonheim rewards shop #2, and added the creation of abyssal gatestones;
  • Reduced the total needed pylon batteries to activate the Pylon's in Kharid-Et from 1'000 to 100;
  • The Legatus Pendant and Pontifex Signet ring may now be added to your tool-belts;
  • The resourceful aura now works on material caches. Also updated it's examine text;
  • Fixed an issue with Collection's that caused the 'always' reward to 'disappear';
  • The contents of your Material Storage are viewable from the Archaeology Journal via the 'Information' option;
  • Tetracompass pieces now use the artefact 'Inspect' option displaying the requirements to make a complete tetracompass;
  • Archaeology microsites now have a minimum of 3 material caches of each type available at that site;
  • Archaeology dig sites will now have a minimum of 2 material caches of each material specific to that site;
  • Added an option to deactivate the Auto-screener v1.080;
  • Fixed a couple issues with the 'Into the Forge' mystery and the actual forge it-self;
  • Fixed a couple issues with the infernal source dig sites bookshelves;
  • The auto-screener will now only give materials based on the spot you're excavating at;
  • The Kharid-et Pylon's can now once again be interacted with AFTER an event has already taken place;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow the final form of the Annihilation Spear to be made;


  • The Cooking 'select item and quantity' prompt will now display ALL possible cookable items from player's inventory rather than the first found cookable item;
  • All cookables can now be properly used on the fire, range, oven, etc. to cook them;

NPC related

  • ALL missing NPC bonuses will now automatically be read and calculated directly from the cache;
  • Added ALL REAL NPC weaknesses that'll also display on the examine interface (ie. Yaks weak to Magic: Water spells);
  • Updated the NPC hit chance formula;
  • Reduced Legio's ground lightning base damage;
  • Re-added all Icefiend NPC spawns;
  • Adamant dragons will no longer use Ranged attacks if the player is within the dragon's melee distance;
  • Added the full Exiled Kalphite Hive with all NPC spawns, and the Exiled Kalphite Queen. These new exiled versions will also work for your Kalphite slayer tasks and Kalphite queen Reaper tasks. Also made most Kalphite inflict poison;
  • Disabled the 'You only need to click once' chat message when in combat on resize-able mode;


  • Mattocks will now gain 'item exp' while training Archaeology;
  • The Imp-souled invention tool perk will now teleport Archaeology materials to your material storages and Ore to your metal banks before trying to place them into your banks;
  • You can now augment inferno adzes;
  • The Crackling perk will now ignore enemies defensive stats making it 100% accurate;


  • Updated all unlimited Grand Exchange item prices to be at least 2x the value of shop prices;
  • These items are now un-trade-able: imcando mattock, demon horn necklace, all signs of the porter;
  • These items are now trade-able: equipment siphon;
  • You can now pick up the black mushroom's at Ruins of Uzer, and grind them into black mushroom ink if you have an empty vial in your inventory;
  • The Squeal of Fortune will no longer reward player's with daily spins IF the player has more than 31 (soft-cap);
  • Players can now make clockwork mechanisms on Clockmaker benches in their Houses;
  • Removed the SoF token promotion;


  • Fixed an issue where leveling a skill to 99 would display as all skills have been reached 99;
  • Pack yak's can no longer bank items that are not bank-able;
  • Fixed hair clipping issues on male and female characters while a 'hat type' is equipped (ie. spiked hair/pony tails would go outside the hat);
  • Fixed chest-piece clipping issues on female characters. Also fixed Thessalia's make-over where the old top 'background' style would not change;
  • Fixed silverhawk boots, also improved on the code for future updates;
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic maps that would not properly 'copy' the real map objects into the dynamic area;
  • Fixed Herblore and Fletching not correctly checking the player's tool-belt. Also made the Herblore skill display what item(s) you're missing to make the item you're trying to make;
  • Fixed an issue that would not properly update player's appearance IF the player is doing an X action that locks the char;
  • Temporarily removed the 'Red Stream' buff when fighting Telos as it causes a mouse hover client-crash;
  • You will no longer get assigned reaper tasks that you do not have the skill stat requirements for (ie. Twin furies: 80 ranged; Telos: 80 attack, magic, prayer and ranged; etc.);
  • Fixed the 'One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination.' clue scroll step;
  • Added Fairy Nuff in Zanaris, and fixed the broken Clue Scroll step 'I Faffy Run';



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Damn sand you're working hard on this.

Go and get a big cup of coffee you deserve it.

OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Hands down. Amazing fixes and work, as always!

OFFLINE   Invalid


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Keep up the great work Sand. You the champ.