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Ninja Log 06/10/2020

Ninja log

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Overhauled how Wilderness death's work, and are now as follows:

  • If your death was not caused by another player, all your items will drop on the floor for you to pick-up (the following statements below still apply to your dropped items);
  • If the item is augmented, the augmentation (and perks) will be removed;
  • Treasure Trail Dyes will now remove themselves from the item;
  • Ornament Kits will now split from the item and will drop on the floor as 2 separate items: the kit, and the item itself;
  • Items that degrade to dust (ie. Sirenic, Tectonic, Malevolent, etc.) will now transform into an item that it was made from (ie. Sirenic mask -> sirenic scale);
  • And finally, all degrade-able items will automatically break upon reaching the ground.


  • Added a Shop option to Solomon. The shop will allow you to BUY and SELL items in exchange for Velheim Coins;
  • Added Bank Boosters to Solomon's shop. A bank booster will increase your maximum bank size by +50 slots, up to a maximum of +250 (5 bank boosters);


  • Updated cache version to an RS3's update from 06/08/2020;
  • Added Keepsake Keys and Bank Boosters to the Loyalty Point shop;
  • Degraded (broken) items can now be traded.


  • Raw Chicken will no longer turn into Undead Chicken when Cooking;
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that caused Dungeoneering to 'leave ghost data' behind when going into a new floor.

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Bank boosters<3

You're on fire with these updates!

Hope to see some slayer collection tabs, pvm tabs!
Dear, community if you have any collection tabs, please share them as I'm eager to see your progress.
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OFFLINE   Zexillium


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Holy moly Sandstorm, you deliver updates faster than we can try them :D Amazing job!

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OFFLINE   Invalid


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Awesome stuff! I'm sure everyone's going to be excited about bank boosters!
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OFFLINE   Pack Yak

Pack Yak

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Since I've been away for a bit (Few weeks) I haven't been on since the 99 Arch grind was finished, I had been eager to get on and see what has been done, and boy a lot has been done well done with the updates as usual Sand <3 


I'll be playing here and there on my girlfriends computer as mine still hasn't been fixed been way too lazy (LOL) :) 

Edited by Pack Yak, 12 June 2020 - 03:40 PM.

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