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Update Log #85 - Improvements for: Araxxor, Archaeology, Solomon, Teleportation Menu. Various QoL changes and bug fixes!

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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An update's long over-due, am I right? Oh boy, here comes more excuses..


Anyways.. Hey there! You might or might not have heard about me moving, getting sun burnt hell'a crazy and all sorts of shenanigans. Firstly I'd like to give a massive thank you to everyone who supported me financially, the move went super smooth and I'm finally all set-up at the new place!

Also, I know the player count has gone down a little more than usual (probably because of my absence), but I do have something planned for that in regards of advertising. Waiting on the next month before I start, hopefully we should be able to pick back up again!

I'll also try and push myself to work on even bigger things, these bug fixes are getting stale even for myself.


So without further ado.. here's what's been done:



  • Araxxor's Wall Charge special attack on path 3 will now deal: 25% damage to the wall if the player didn't dodge at all, 50% damage if the player dodged incorrectly and 100% damage if the player succeeded in dodging the charge;
  • Reduced the initial charge delay;
  • Removed the public room option, only instancing will be available;
  • Added the ability to re-join your last Araxxor instance;


  • You will no longer get an empty 'select an item' dialogue when trying to screen soil with no soil in inventory;
  • The Archaeology Journal may now be used to keep track of which mysteries you have complete, started or in progress;


  • Overhauled how Wilderness death's work, and are now as follows:
  • Un-trade-able items no longer turn into coins on death. On death, you can run back and pick them back up before they disappear;
  • If death was not caused by another player, all your items will drop on the floor for you to pick-up (the following statements below still apply to your dropped items);
  • Treasure Trail Dyes will now remove themselves from the item IF the item drops on the floor;
  • Ornament Kits will now split from the item and will drop on the floor as 2 separate items: the kit, and the item itself;
  • Items that degrade to dust (ie. Sirenic, Tectonic, Malevolent, etc.) will now transform into an item that it was made from (ie. Sirenic mask -> sirenic scale);
  • And finally, all degrade-able items will automatically break upon reaching the ground.

Solomon & Related

  • Added a Shop option to Solomon. The shop will allow you to BUY and SELL items in exchange for Velheim Coins;
  • Added Bank Boosters to Solomon's shop. A bank booster will increase your maximum bank size by +50 slots, up to a maximum of +250 (5 bank boosters);
  • Using keepsake keys, or bank boosters - will now contribute towards your total donated amount;

Teleportation Menu

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Teleportation Menu to not open when more than allowed teleport entries were favourited (there's now a limit);
  • The Teleportation Menu will no longer require any money to use;
  • Added 2 new 'Monster' teleport locations: The Lost Grove, and Lumbridge;
  • Scrollbars will now auto-adjust based on the list sizings;
  • Added a section for Archaeology that will have all the digsite locations.


  • Updated cache version to an RS3's update from 06/22/2020;
  • Added over 30 new Cosmetic Items, including 4 full outfit sets;
  • Added Keepsake Keys and Bank Boosters to the Loyalty Point shop;
  • Degraded (broken) items can now be traded;
  • Following up on the recent RS3's update, harvesting wisps with a divine-o-matic will now have a 50% chance to increase the matic's charges every time you siphon, rather than 100%;
  • Added Boss Timer and Hi-scores to Exiled Kalphite Queen. The Kalphite Grublet pet will now also display Exiled KQ kills;
  • Instances will no longer auto-destroy when nobody is in them, and players will be able to re-join them if the instance's time has not expired. With this change, I've also increased the amount of coins required to make an instance if increasing the re-spawn speed;
  • You will no longer get damaged IF your client is still loading in a new region (ie. you will not get hit while your client is saying 'loading - please wait). This is to prevent deaths caused by latency issues when entering boss instances;
  • Clue Scroll rewards will now get banked when your inventory's full instead of dropped underneath you;
  • Aura's will now go on cool-down only AFTER they have been turned off or de-activated rather than the moment you activate them. This is to prevent stacking of aura times by logging out for the duration of the specified cool-down and coming coming back on to use it twice in a row;
  • Added 3 new music tracks that will play when inside Death's Office;
  • Added a small sound effect for when a Seren Spirit, Chronicle Fragment or a Fire spirit spawns;
  • Using Treasure Trail Dyes on degradable gear will now transfer over the original item charges;
  • Reduced the Silverlight's damage and accuracy modifiers by half. It's still quite strong against demons, just not as much as the Darklight;
  • Picked back up on the Temple of Aminishi development. Currently have floor 1 and 2 FULLY done including all mini-bosses, NPC's, item spawns, graphics, drops, etc. I should have it done in the next few update log's;
  • Added a ton of new Summer themed outfit tokens to the Squeal of Fortune. These will be removed once Summer's over;


  • Raw Chicken will no longer turn into Undead Chicken when Cooking;
  • Broken Forsaken Amulet's may now be repaired with Bob;
  • The Crystal Chest in Prifddinas will now display the correct chest version when opening it;
  • Fixed an issue with the Grand Exchange player listing's interface not sorting properly that would cause the interface to not open at all;
  • Fixed an issue where Divination wisps would not reset to their regular state. Also increased the amount of life they have by default;
  • Music tracks will no longer reset and play another track if the player moves to an adjacent region ID;
  • The Sophanem Dungeon loot chest will no longer delete your drops if it's full, instead, items will start dropping on the ground;
  • Fixed an issue with the Gizmo Dissolvers not correctly 'dissolving' the chosen gizmo slot. Also fixed an issue that would cause more gizmo slots to be added internally than it should have;
  • Soul Wars NPC's will no longer drop additional items, nor count for any additional statistics;
  • The Cape of Legends can now be used to teleport to the Legend's Guild;
  • The 'Request Assist' system now supports Ancient Effigies;
  • Fight Caves NPC's will now be force-aggressive (ignoring distance) towards the player if the player decides to re-log during the fight.


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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Super nice updates! Thanks again sand. Looking forward to your first Elite dungeons completion!!!

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ONLINE   Arcadiez


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Juicy update. Thanks for you hard work as always! Love that you picked up the work on Elite Dung, can't wait to try it out. :)
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