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Herblore Guide (Ironman Friendly)

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OFFLINE   Zexillium


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1f340.png The Herblore Guide 1f340.png

Herblore is a skill where the player mixes potions with the help of a vial of water, a herb and a secondary ingredient.

It is highly recommended that you train Farming before you start Herblore, as the majority of the herbs used will be gotten from herb seeds.

This guide will include the best methods to obtain herbs, second ingredients and what potions the player should aim to make. Remember that the guide is also ironman-friendly, meaning that all ironmen can take use of this guide. If you have any suggestions on improvements, please comment below.


Useful Items

Portable_well.png?f5ea6 Portable Wells: Create extra potions and 10%more xp

Book_of_knowledge_%28Elemental_Workshop_ Vote Books: 50% increased xp for 15min/book

Botanist%27s_mask.png?4c4d6 Botanist's Outfit: 1% bonus xp per piece

Purple_Lumbridge.png?3c52a Purple Lumbridge: 2% bonus xp for 30min

Advanced_pulse_core.png?3eb39 Pulse Cores: 2%/core bonus xp for 10min

Herblore-icon.png?fbbf2 Bottle Brew (Perk): 25% Chance to save secondaries and 50% speed increase



Leveling Up!

Level 1-12: Attack Potions Attack_potion_%284%29.png?0bdaf

Level 12-38: Strength Poions Strength_potion_%284%29.png?554ef

Level 38-45: Prayer Potions Prayer_potion_%284%29.png?e7049

Level 45-88: Super Potions (Combat) Super_strength_%284%29.png?c5ba5Super_attack_%284%29.png?3e094Super_defence_%284%29.png?2c645

Level 88-96: Extreme Potions Extreme_strength_%284%29.png?1b4e4Extreme_attack_%284%29.png?1c7b1Extreme_defence_%284%29.png?5033e

Level 96-99: Overloads Overload_%284%29.png?ed44e


Remember that you want to create potions that you will use to avoid dropping/selling potions. However, if you do have the ingredients to make potions that aren't in this guide, make them. It's better to take advantage of everything you have rather than getting rid of it.


The reason you only want to focus on Super Potions is because you will be able to easily upgrade them from super to extreme to overloads. This will simplify your leveling by a substantial amount as you don't have to hunt or look for secondaries.



Secondary Ingredients

Eye_of_newt.png?5ac1c Eye of Newt = Eye of Newt Pack (Shop)

Limpwurt_root.png?b9907 Limpwurt root = Corporeal Beast, Bandos or Farming

Red_spiders%27_eggs.png?6b2e6 Red spiders' eggs = Spirit Spider Scroll

Snape_grass.png?ccac9 Snape Grass = Collecting, Farming or Thieving

White_berries.png?402e0 White berries = Corporeal Beast or Farming

Potato_cactus.png?673c8 Potato cactus = Fungal Mages

Crushed_nest.png?f2f14 Crushed nest = Kree'arra, MagisterWoodcutting or Thieving

Wine_of_Zamorak.png?c886f Wine of Zamorak = Zamorak, Twin Furies or KQ

Ground_mud_runes.png?89252 Ground mud runes = Patriarchs

Grenwall_spikes_5.png?50a59 Grenwall spikes = Grenwall Hunting


Other useful methods: Vinecrawlers, Luminous Snagglers and Master Farmers

You may also look into Herb Burners if you have very high experience rates.



Which Herbs?

The best herbs to focus on while Farming are Avantoes, KwuarmsCadantines Lantadymes, Dwarf Weedsand Torstols. These will be your bread and butter as you can use them for both super potions, extreme potions and finally mix them all together into overloads!


To obtain them, I recommend Thieving 21px-Thieving-icon.png?96b5d from Master Farmers




Herblore.png?a1c99 Best of luck on your grind to 99/120 Herblore! Herblore.png?a1c99


Edited by Zexillium, 31 July 2020 - 09:51 AM.

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OFFLINE   Little Alice

Little Alice

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Nice job on the guide Zex!! Just love how you say to use one of the hardest bosses on rs3 to get herbs. Made me chuckle :3



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Loving the guide, if only I was somewhat good at PVM!

I am just going to cry in the corner and use my herb burner :( 

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