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Ninja Log 08/05/2020

Ninja log

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Mostly just fixes & QoL improvements, not worth its own update log as this only took a day to do. Anyways, enjoy!


Combat & Related

  • All Aggressive NPC's will no longer pile up on you in single-way combat zones, they'll only attack you one at a time until you leave or kill your current target;
  • Player's defence will now have a slightly higher base value so that at level 1 Defence low level NPC's will have a higher chance of missing their attacks;
  • Turoth's will now also die from off-hand leaf-bladed swords;
  • Added spear-type weapon attack sound effect;
  • Added combat animations for Elite Cave horror NPC;
  • Fixed Aquanite, Jelly & Pyrefiend attack projectiles;
  • Locust meat, all gnomish cocktails and all gnomish premade food can now be consumed, including their after-effects (if any);


Group Ironman

  • GIM (& UIM for that matter) will no longer get loot-beam triggers based off of the G.E. prices;
  • The 'Random Groups' section can now be clicked on to view each group's members;
  • Before joining a group you will be able to see which players are currently in that particular group;



  • 10h XP boost and Donator rank will now only get given to actual new players (only 2 accounts per users address);
  • Removed Monkey's and Scabarites from the table of possible Slayer tasks;
  • Stomping Strykewyrms (if using melee hand!) will now walk the player next to the Wyrm before actually stomping it;
  • Added 'Kalphite Hive' Slayer teleport destination that will put the player just outside the Kalphite Hive entrance;
  • Changing a Slayer Master will no longer reset your current Task streak;



  • Culinaromancer's gloves are no longer trade-able;
  • Items that get dropped on death in Wilderness will no longer show up to players that cannot interact with the killed player (ironmen);
  • The Barrows brother NPC's will no longer drop anything on death;
  • The Kalphite Lair entrance will now visually represent if your rope was attached to it or not;
  • Fixed an issue with the Player Design interface that caused clothe clipping issues (arms for male chars, body for female chars (clothing data is now directly pulled from the cache));
  • Hitpoints will now properly visually refresh to 0 upon death;
  • Corrected White Wolf Mountain Wolf NPC combat affinities;
  • Fixed Ibis's Fish rain special move;
  • Fixed Diamond Donator zone portables;
  • The Augmented Crystal fishing rod should now properly gain item XP while Fishing;
  • You will no longer be able to start another QBD instance if you're already in one.

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OFFLINE   Rowdyy V1

Rowdyy V1

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Really like those updates for Group ironman. 

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OFFLINE   Little Alice

Little Alice

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Shouldnt scabarites still be a slayer task since they are the task for corrupt scarbs in the soph dungeon? Or did you add a chance to get a corrput scarb task?

OFFLINE   Dynasty


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