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ogpvm pvm clan skill combat fun

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OFFLINE   locicero11


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Welcome to OGPVM

Velheim's first PVM clan!

Owner: locicero11

see ranks for requirements.

we will accept skillers and we will buy pots herbs food bolts ect. to supply the clan in boss fights.

all hc alts are accepted to chat as rank 1 

mini-games/events will happen more frequently once we have a few active players. 

recruiting non hc and non skillers will come with a bonus as well 



  1. provide a healthy environment to help all members achieve better more efficient kills
  2. form parties to kill high tier bosses
  3. grow Velheim and its cooperative community 
  4. teach new players the art of soloing bosses
  5. help yourself and clanmates achieve better gear with cooperative kills 
  6. HAVE FUN!


  1. no killing clanmates in wild without making an agreement first witnessed by one other clanmate
  2. no degrading clanmates for ignorance to any boss techniques, where to obtain an item, how to do something, ect.
  3. follow all rules and terms of velheim
  4. no spaming in the cc
  5. if fighting bosses in wild and a clanmate dies they are entitled to there items if they are able to return to obtain them.
  6. members are required too stay in the clan chat unless approved by a higher ranked member. 

​         failure to follow rules will result in any of the following depending on offence; warning,demotion,temp or permanent ban from clan.

Rank Requirements:

recruit (rank 1)

  1. aka trainee- 50 cb lvl or pure skillers only

​admin rank is by application of a lieutenant+ 

other ranks are at my discretion and recommendations of other clan mates 

PVM Ranks

corporal (rank 2)

  1. 80+attack defense and strength
  2. 43 prayer
  3. 90+ range and mage
  4. 91+ prayer 

​sergeant (rank 3) 

  1. above requirements 
  2. 99 range and magic 
  3. 20k dominion tower factor

lieutenant (rank 4) 

  1. above requirements
  2. fire cape
  3. 1 week in clanchat
  4. 50k dominion tower factor

captain rank (rank 5)

  1. above requirements
  2. kiln cape


please include below the recruiters name (if applicable) so they may receive their bonus

In game username:

HC alt name: (if applicable)

pvm pvp max or skiller?

who recruited you?

combat level:

strength level:

attack level:

defense level:

magic level:

prayer level:






OFFLINE   locicero11


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Current members and ranks

owner- Locicero11


rank 5-

rank 4-

rank 3-

rank 2-

rank 1-


hc alts-

OFFLINE   duel all day

duel all day

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the sooner i get my stats pvm ready id like to join :D