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Ninja Log 10/24/2019

Ninja log

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Time Online: 78d 57m 16s


  • Re-coded how Loyalty Points and the timer itself was handled, it'll no longer create un-necessary tick-timer tasks for every player, but rather work on the same process thread that handles player updating. You'll now also receive x5 times the Loyalty points every 30 consecutive minutes of being online. On top of this, you'll also receive free +250 Loyalty points every day at daily reset time. Bonds have been drastically increased in Loyalty point price with this change;
  • Slight home area changes;
  • Added Zahur to the Market area. Zahur will be able to: decant regular potions into 1-4 doses, clean all your noted grimy herbs AND make unfinished potions for you provided you have the vials of water and primary herbs. Her services will cost GP however (apart from decanting);
  • Thieving will now give x5 times the raw amount of coins it previously did, making this skill a viable source of stable income;
  • Also increased raw coin drops from NPC drops (by ~ x1.5). Having the lucky seven and/or coin collector perks will drastically increase coin amounts.


  • Slightly improved on how text was being drawn onto the new Aura interface;
  • The Niaochao perk will now properly try and send any and all bird nest's to your bank accounts first before placing them in your inventories. Also added a chat-box message saying where it's been sent;
  • The Hammer-tron will now gain Equipment EXP while Smelting bars and Smithing protean bars;
  • All pocket slot items are now fully functional again (pulse cores, insignias, demonic skulls, etc.);
  • Removed the house re-location to Edgeville since the option was irrelevant and out-dated.




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Ooh this is so good for making potions :D

OFFLINE   Ragnar850


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Beautiful update, keep doing your wizardry Sandy.

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Yikes. You always make the sweetest updates when I am busy. Some of these were pretty unexpected, but it sounds like these are all very good impactful changes! Awesome sand, and thank you.
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