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Ninja Log 02/03/2020

Ninja log

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Damage dealt to rock’s HP now scales with the player's current mining stamina. With no stamina remaining, swings provide only 20% of the damage that is dealt at full stamina (outside random damage variation and critical hits). As before, you can restore stamina by clicking/tapping on a rock again;
  • Implemented a simple system for non-depleting stamina rocks (based off of Wikipedia);
  • Stamina no longer depletes while mining Seren Stones, as such Seren stones have had their HP increased from 500 to 2000.


  • Updated cache to RS3's version from 01/27/2020 (War's Retreat);
  • Made War's Retreat area accessible, nothing else though. The main area has a memory leak as of now and will not be coded until the issue's been resolved;
  • Added a new title 'of Daemonheim' to the Miscellaneous Title's interface which will unlock when you reach floor 60 in Dungeoneering;
  • Added Quick-chat for friends chat channels and clan chat channels;
  • Increased the Well of Good Will total amount from 25m to 50m;
  • Players may now claim their vote rewards anywhere in the world (excluding Dungeoneering);
  • Increased the amount of times the player will thieve Elven Clan workers in Prifddinas by 4 times;
  • Increased the chance for ALL rare Clue Scroll rewards by x2. Also increased the amount of items you receive from lower level Caskets.


  • Un-trade-able items in noted forms may no longer be traded between players;
  • Divination Wisps will now properly do their random-walk after re-spawining;
  • Fixed an issue with Ranged/Magic Curses (Anguish, Torment, Desolation, Affliction) to not correctly update the boost interface.

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OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


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Thankyou for the update. Amazing work as always <3
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OFFLINE   Dynasty


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Small but amazing update, Thanks :wub:

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oof 50m instead of 25m for the well :O

But the rest looks nice :D

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