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Update Log #80 - The Archaeology Skill

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It has certainly been a while since our last update, but trust me - this was one hell of a ride for me to code. Hope you enjoy all of the new content, and I'll be awaiting for you in the bug reports section :)


Client & Cache

  • Increased the capacity at which the client can load and store models & textures, and made it sweep (clear) unused ones when changing regions (they'll simply reload) to save on memory;
  • Fixed all world map (and minimap) sprites (icons);
  • Packed the newest RS3 cache (rev. 912) from 31/03/2020 - Archaeology skill update. UPDATE: Packed an even newer version of the cache from 14/04/2020;
  • Added new client loading and login backgrounds (thanks Arcadiez);
  • For everyone using the 'standalone client' it is mandatory to re-download as you won't be able to connect. For everyone using the auto launcher - it'll update auto-magically.


  • Added the new Archaeology skill to the server skills list, and to the in-game skills tab. The skill goes up to level 120 (all Achievement capes WILL be removed on login);
  • Added the Archie pet to the server pets list, and to the pet storage. He can be obtained randomly while gaining Archaeology EXP;
  • Added Ezreal with his dialogue and Archaeology Chronote shop;
  • Added Matty Ock with his dialogue and Mattock shop. Also made ALL mattocks be possible to be used for excavating;
  • All mattocks can now be added to toolbelts. Adding them to your toolbelt will work in a similar manner to pickaxes, returning your old mattock back to you when adding a different one;
  • Added the full Archaeology introduction tutorial, teaching the player basics of Archaeology;
  • Made the Dig sites map table object be able to send the player to any of the 5 digsites (if the player has the Archaeology level for it);
  • Added Varrock Museum guard and his full dialogue (artefact donation);
  • Added Easty NPC and his full dialogue (he explains monolith relic power and stores relics);
  • Made ALL excavation spots (and their options) be interactable, with their correct materials, levels, exp, messages and artefacts;
  • Added MOST of the Alkharid-et's dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, teleports, and unlocks;
  • Added ALL mysteries and a system to keep track of them (only a few of them will be complete'able at first);
  • Started on the Relic system for the Monolith;
  • All damaged artefacts may now be restored using the appropriate materials on any Archaeology workbench;
  • Damaged artefacts may now be inspected to view what materials and/or items you will need to restore them;
  • Added full Velucia's dialogue;
  • Added the Archaeological Soil box to store player's soil. The amount stored per soil will be based off of the player's Archaeology Qualification, and it can be used to directly screen soil in the Archaeology guild;
  • Added MOST of the Infernal Source dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, teleports and unlocks;
  • Added full Vanescula Drakan's dialogue (the Everlight Dig Site manager);
  • Added MOST of the Everlight dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, and unlocks;
  • Added full Dr. Nabanik's dialogue (the Kharid-et's Dig Site manager);
  • Added MOST of the Stormguard Citadel dig site; mysteries, flying handler, obstacles, teleports and unlocks;
  • Added ALL material caches. They work similarly to tree's, and will respawn globally after X amount of time has passed (higher level ones take longer);
  • Added full Movario's dialogue (the Infernal Source Dig Site manager);
  • Added full Gee'Ka dialogue (the Stormguard Citadel's Dig Site manager);
  • Added a temporary Material Storage interface;
  • Signs of the Porter will now send all Materials obtained while excavating to your Material storages;
  • Archaeology capes can now be 'hooded', and will display the correct 'retro' versions;
  • Orikalkum, up to Elder rune - Mattocks can now be made via Smithing;
  • Added the new skill as all distinction cape additional requirement;
  • Archaeology can now trigger Seren spirits if a grace of the elves necklace is equipped;
  • Archaeological Soil box's can now be used on bank booth's/deposit boxes to quickly deposit their contents into your bank;
  • The Kharid-Et digsite's Fort Debri (Breaking the Seal mystery) has been fully added;
  • Excavation spots now have their own Artefact progress bar's instead of using one bar for all spots;
  • Added regular and master - Archaeologist outfit effects and options;
  • Added the Relic power system. Relic's can be managed via the Monolith at the Archaeology guild;
  • Excavating will now also yield a chance at receiving Sealed Clue scrolls;
  • Added full Tetracompass system. You'll randomly get pieces which you will have to assemble at the Archaeology workbench. Then using it, navigate to the correct location (similar to RS3 navigator clues) and then excavate to receive ancient caskets. Ancient caskets may be opened for up to 25 rewards;
  • Distorted keys and Shadowy keys may now be used to unlock the Display case upstairs in Archaeology guild;
  • 'Complete tomes' may now be received randomly from excavating or opening ancient caskets, and used on the Desk upstairs in Archaeology guild in exchange for Archaeology EXP. They cannot be banked;
  • Updated Excavation speed formula to better match RS3. This also applies to material caches;
  • Populated all new Digsite regions with music tracks related to the theme of the map;
  • Added the full Collector's information interface, along with the collection's system;
  • Added the Kharid-Et's Pylon world event, with the full reward and charge system;
  • Added Kharid-Et's Shadow anchor rewards;
  • Added the Museum Donation cart. Players will be able to quickly get rid of all un-needed-restored artefacts in exchange for 40% Chronotes;
  • Added full Qualification rank climbing with a small interface to display player's current progress towards next qualification. Titles, soil box capacity increase, material storage capacity increase - all of these are fully added;
  • Added the full Restoration log interface, along with the restoration collection's system;
  • Added MOST of the Warforge! dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, and unlocks;
  • Added the Imcando Anvil, with full Thurgo's dialogue for blueprints and the actual making of the Imcando Mattock;
  • All Invention Perks will now correctly work on Augmented Mattocks;
  • Added the Auto-screener v1.080 invention device, it can be made at an Invention Workbench with level 67 Invention and 50'000 Chronotes. The device will automatically 'screen' all soil received while excavating at the expense of player's divine charges;
  • The Easty NPC will now be able to refund all player's obtained, but lost, relic unlock items;
  • Lady Ithell at Prifddinas can now upgrade your Dragon mattocks into Crystal versions the same way dragon pickaxes/hatchets were made;
  • The Thaler shop will now sell the T99 Mattock of Time and Space, requiring the player to have a crystal mattock, an imcando mattock and an energised meteorite shard in their inventory.

Easter Event
It's finally here! The Easter Bunny was so tied up this past month that he completely missed his grand event. And due to his busy schedule he needs YOUR help once again, as per every year. Imps.. those pesky imps.

  • Imps will randomly spawn around every player while they're gaining EXP in non-controlled areas and drop easter eggs;
  • These easter eggs can be interacted with by every player (once per egg pile spawn) to receive a small amount of pilfered easter eggs;
  • 'Pilfered easter eggs' can be used in the Easter Event shop for various Easter-themed items;
  • Easter-themed music tracks and emotes will be auto-unlocked for everyone who logs in during the event.

Cosmetic Overrides & Related

  • Added a bunch of new cosmetic items to the Cosmetic Overrides interface;
  • Various Easter-themed cosmetics have been made into cosmetic overrides to save inventory space;
  • Added all new outfit token unlock items.

Game Perks
The Proficient Inventor perk will no longer decrease junk chance when disassembling;

Added a new perk: The Panteologist, which is Archaeology related and increases all sorts of chances and speeds for the skill.



  • Players can now chop Achey tree's, and then fletch them into ogre arrow shafts. Ogre arrow shafts may be combined with feathers to make flighted ogre arrows. Flighted ogre arrows can then be used with wolf bone arrowheads to make ogre arrows;
  • Players will now get auto-disconnected after 6 hours, or when no packets have been received for 60 seconds;
  • Dumped and updated all newest NPC examines & drops, item examines and item disassembly data;
  • Receiving Clue scrolls while skilling will now activate the Rare Drop message (ie. 'Your luck of the dwarves shines brightly and you receive: item');
  • Overhauled the Expert cape of accomplishment system, including the shard bag itself. Also added the new Ancient Shard (Archaeology) as requirement for the Gatherer's cape. Expert capes will now also give all Skillcape perks based on the skills used to create the cape.


  • You can now change color on chic scarves either from your inventories or equipment tabs;
  • Re-added and fixed all of the new Prifddinas worker NPC's for Thieving;
  • Fixed the Muspah slayer task teleport location;
  • The Spirit graahk/larupia/kyatt Summining pouches will now summon the correct NPC ID's;
  • Fixed up and improved the Kalphite queen: her overhead prayers will now properly change on phases, phase animations corrected, max hits for magic & ranged attacks will always be 100% accurate;
  • Fixed an issue where aggressive NPC types where not attacking anyone in the vicinity;
  • Abyssal guardians and Abyssal leeches will now drop Abyssal charms from the Common drop-table;
  • The 'dz' and 'ddz' command teleports will now act as regular spell-book teleports;
  • Fixed a couple stair-cases in Varrock;
  • Added all snowboard item tricks (emotes). They can be performed from the equipment tab;
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple pick-pocket actions will now give the right amount of items;
  • The Harmony/Salvation/Corruption auras will now properly increase the amount of bonus Prayer EXP you receive;
  • Elder wisps can no longer turn into enriched versions;
  • Fixed a couple incorrect Treasure Trail locations;
  • Kelhar will now allow the player to enter the Gemstone dragon lair if you're on a 'Gemstone dragon' Slayer task;
  • Eucalyptus tree's may now be chopped down;
  • Re-added all reported missing NPC spawns;
  • Skillcape active perks can no longer be used if the player is not level 99 in the skill;
  • Rock Crabs will no longer be aggressive endlessly;
  • Pickaxes, hatchets and mattocks can no longer be augmented prior discovering the augmentation research for the specific tool;
  • While wearing the Dharok's set, the max hit will now be properly calculated before the actual hit happens;
  • The Examine NPC for drops interface will no longer display if the NPC has no drops on their table;
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow non-ironman players to not be able to pick-up items dropped by ironmen.

Squeal of Fortune

  • From 19th to 26th of April, players will be able to win Bloodtusk Warlord cosmetic tokens.
  • These tokens will be DISCONTINUED and NEVER introduced back into another Squeal of Fortune promotion.



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Big boy update right here. :D

Very nice for the new skill wich will probably take forever to get comp cape back on classic :P

ONLINE   Arcadiez


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Amazing Work! Huge update! yaay!



OFFLINE   ak0i


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Uffff this is lit!!! Thanks for big updates



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I missed the release *cries in Black & White* 

But, sure you already know this, absolutely insane work! <3

OFFLINE   Pack Yak

Pack Yak

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Keen as a bean to get on and start getting this shit done!! 

Amazing updates coming through, glad to be apart of such a great Community <3

OFFLINE   Invalid


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This is definitely going to increase the server population! Remarkable work.