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Update Logs #25 - Grand Exchange changes & Misc. changes/fixes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm


    The Founder of Velheim

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Hello hello, good morning, good evening!

    I'd like to start off by explaining my sudden lack of activity and where I've been. So.. on 4th of July I was taken away by police, had to serve 7 days for something I did a year ago and released just 2 hours before as I'm making this topic. All in all - I'm back, expect more updates in the upcoming days; let's make Velheim great again :).


Grand Exchange

  • Grand Exchange View Listings option will now display items in descending order (starting from the most recent addition);
  • You will now be able to auto-sell your items to the Grand Exchange instantly for 1/5th of the items price;
  • Formatted how quantity and prices were displayed on the interface; cleaned up the code and added coloring.

Treasure Trails

  • You will now be able to find Sealed Clue's while training Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting or Divination. The max tier of the clue will be dependent on the skill level requirement of the action you're doing;
  • The ninja update was done 8 days ago and as of that day I've nerfed the Skilling Clue's by about 3 times; they were too common.

Sophanem Dungeon

  • Key to the Crossing drop from Sophanem Dungeon NPC's moved from the 'Rare' table to 'Uncommon';
  • All NPC drop rate factors set to 50% instead of 100% due to the drops being way too common in general (this means the drop rate is nerfed by half);
  • Heavily nerfed Khopesh of the Kharidian's item equipment bonuses as it was way too overwhelming for a Tier 82.


  • Edimmu and Strykewyrms no longer require you to be on a Slayer task to attack them;
  • A chat-box message will now appear when you've gained your online time loyalty point reward, stating how many you've received;
  • Your character will now do an animation while browsing all Teleportation interfaces (same as while having the Lodestone network open);
  • The current Evil Tree you're attending to will no longer be reset and set on cool-down on re-log;
  • Jungle and Desert strykewyrm 'Rare' drop-tables altered so only their unique drops (focus sight and hexcrest respectively) would be in that section;
  • Lots and lots of engine work. pre-defining objects, arrays and maps on startup rather than on request - aiming at faster execution times.


  • Fixed the Inventor's workbench at Yanille for manufacturing skilling outfits;
  • Magic notepaper may now be traded between players and on the Grand Exchange;
  • Fixed an issue with Kalger Warmonger not recognizing players Prayers correctly;
  • Fixed an issue with ornated Reaper jewellery turning into ashes on degradation.



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Awesome to see you back :) 

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OFFLINE   Skiller Ajs

Skiller Ajs


  • Global Moderator
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  • Time Online: 18d 4h 33m 51s

Great to see the Evil tree update, And the Sop slayer dungeon. Glad to have you back.

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  • Rubies
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  • Time Online: 7d 1h 15m 17s

Glad you implemented a couple of my suggestions Sandstorm! Great having you back and really sucks about what happened  :(

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OFFLINE   krys



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  • Time Online: 1d 6h 14m 58s

Nice updates wb :) sucks about what happened hope its dealt with and everything is all good :)

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  • In-game Username:Skull
  • Time Online: 7h 1m 34s

Every update amazes me i love this server :)

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