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Update Log #50 - Mandrith - the new Slayer Master, Impetious Impulses and a trunk full of miscellaneous changes & fixes!

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Added the full Torag's and Verac's set effects. These were missing for some reason;
  • Players may now have a chance at rolling the new Amulet of the Forsaken when completing a barrows run;
  • The new amulet boosts every barrows brother's set effect, for a full list see here - Amulet of the forsaken;
  • Corrected the Dharok's set effect to only trigger when equal or below 50% hitpoints.


  • Updated the client to have an auto updater for it; if you haven't yet, download it - here;
  • Updated the client with the new texture headers (which were changed on rev. 902) and new object types (which were introduced in rev. 903);
  • Fixed an issue where doing Dungeoneering would sometimes 'black-screen' your client when opening a new room.

The Arc

  • Added Quartermaster Gully at Port sarim, you can travel to one of the 6 discovered islands with him;
  • Populated all 7 islands with all NPC spawns (though they do not have dialogues, nor any functionality to them except giving areas the livelihood aspect).
  • Started on the Elite Dungeon 1 - Temple of Aminishi. You may create an instance for it, but nothing inside works yet. Expect a full release in the upcoming updates!

Impetious Impulses

  • Added Elnock Inquisitor's full RS3 dialogue;
  • Elnock may now store all your Puro-Puro equipment by talking to him;
  • Added missing Imp defender spawns;
  • Pushing through wheat will now award 2 Strength EXP;
  • Added checks for Implings to not force walk into places they cannot actually 'walk' (outside the map);
  • Puro Implings may now be bound with the bind, snare and entangle spells;
  • The Jar generator may now be used to generate impling jars for you.

Tzhaar city related

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the fight caves/kiln hiscores to not properly save;
  • Players may now receive the TzRek-Jad pet in a 1/50 chance after completing the Fight caves;
  • You may now examine the TzRek-Jad pet to see their owners fight cave kill-count;
  • Players may now receive the Shrimpy pet in a 1/50 chance after completing the Fight kiln.

Mandrith, Slayer & Wilderness related

  • Updated Mandrith to be the new RS3 Wilderness Slayer master;
  • Completing a task assigned by Mandrith will give a bounty emblem (t1) if player doesn't have one in their inventory;
  • If a player does have a t1 bounty emblem in their inventory on task completion, they will instead receive bounty potential, which, at given amounts, will upgrade your current bounty emblem in inventory to the next tier;
  • Bounty emblems may be exchanged for Slayer Bounty points or Deathmatch points. These new points may be used in the 2 new shops, that are accessed by speaking to Mandrith;
  • Wilderness hilts may now be attached to all Dragon weaponry, upgrading them from T60 to T70 weapons (non-degradable);
  • Ancient warriors' equipment patches may now be used on all non-corrupt versions of PvP armour to upgrade them into superior versions;
  • All Fremennik armours (skeletal, spined and rock-shell) may now be upgraded from T50 to T65 via the Fremennik equipment patch;
  • Players will not be able to directly teleport to their task location if assigned a task from this master;
  • Added 17 Abyssal demon spawns south of Graveyard of Shadows;
  • Populated the Eastern ruins with all NPC spawns (Deadly read spiders & Gargoyles);
  • Populated the Frozen Waste plateau with all correct NPC spanws (ice strykewyrms, more ice giants, more ice warriors, ice spiders and skeletons);
  • Populated the Eastern coast of the Wilderness, opposite of Daemonheim - with waterfiend spawns;
  • Populated the Lava Maze with all NPC spawns, fixed the dungeon entrance/exit and populated the Lava Maze dungeon with all NPC spawns, also made that dungeon be inside Wilderness;
  • Made the Northern part of the Edgeville dungeon (Thug, chaos druid, etc.) be inside Wilderness;
  • Populated the Forgotten cemetery with all NPC spawns (ghosts, skeletons and blue dragons);
  • Added the Wilderness shared loot table, which will roll in addition to the main drop-table when killing NPC's in the wilderness (check out the table here: );
  • Revenants can now drop a Revenant spirit which is used to unlock one of the new revenant pets. There are 14 types of pets and they'll get unlocked in order;
  • Made all Brawling gloves function the same way as they do in RuneScape 3;
  • Slayer Masters will now teleport you directly outside of the Godwars dungeon if on a Cyclops task.


  • Fixed the Lumbridge swamp's shed to actually send the player to Zanaris with an options dialogue, as well as proper exiting via the ring you get sent to;
  • Added missing NPC and Item world spawns, and fixed up the Market gates to access the 2 shops in there.


  • Added a teleport interface for Summoning teleports, the other option being South-west of Piscatoris Fishing colony;
  • Players can now note and un-note their items on bank deposit boxes;
  • Made the Abyss obstacles to be 1-click teleport instead of your character doing the animations;
  • Added a banker NPC spawn in the middle of Tai Bwo Wannai;
  • Updated the stepping stones to Light house to work much more fluently;
  • Players may now use their Barrows amulets (obtained from Barrows: Rise of the Six) on the Barrows mini-game sarcophagus to skip that room (instantly 'kill' them);
  • Removed some of the unused Lowe's Archery Emporium shop items with slightly higher level ones (studded);
  • Full snakeskin armor can now be purchased from the Grand Exchange unlimited supply;
  • Added ALL teleport tablets, ranging from the default Varrock, Lumbridge ones up to The Arc and Menaphos ones;
  • Used (half-degraded) T90's can now be dyed. Also made the Khopesh of Elidinis be dye-able;
  • Added everything clay-wise to the Donator zone;
  • Added 2 new Fishing teleport destinations - Draynor for level 1 and Barbarian level 20's and up;
  • Added a couple new Farming teleport destinations and 'bundled' them in order by types;
  • Added a few new items to 'Lucy's untradeables' shop;
  • Increased the base Smithing EXP by a flat 35% to better match the Mining ratio;
  • Changed the Ape Atoll Magic teleport spell to teleport you right in the center of Ape Atoll. Also made Monkey archer's non-aggressive and fixed up the world shops;
  • Following up the RS3 update, removed uncut onyxes from the Prifddinas gem rock (RS3 ninja fix;
  • Shooting stars can now be mined at any Mining level;
  • The 'Your backpack is full' messages when Mining can now be filtered;
  • Easy and Medium Treasure Trail clue rewards will now reward their equivalent in type and size of salvage for rewards that would previously be smithable items;
  • Herbs from Divine Locations will now be picked as Clean rather than Grimy when wearing the full Farmer outfit;
  • Organized the Urn pottery options to go by Crafting level, correct a couple incorrect urn values and added the decorated Smelting urns.


  • Fixed the Jadinko area controller not stopping when exiting the dungeon causing un-claimable vote/store rewards and other issues;
  • Corrected all bar amounts required for when upgrading to adamant + 2 via Smithing;
  • Players can now cut wolf bones into wolf bone arrowheads and then make them into ogre arrows if they wish to do so for whatever reason;
  • Fixed an issue where chinchompas/bolt racks would still get 'saved' when having an Ava's device equipped;
  • Fixed the Barbarian Village forge & anvil;
  • Fixed/removed a couple incorrect NPC spawns at Port Sarim;
  • Fixed Nex's equipment and Drygores not being able to be 'fully' repaired when in the broken state;
  • Fixed an issue where casting a Magic spell without a weapon would force-walk you to your target before casting the spell;
  • Fixed most of the Barbarian potions, they can now be consumable;
  • Fixed the Iban Blast Magic spell;
  • Fixed drop-tables for these NPC's - Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal demons, Nechryaels, Aberrant spectres, Gargoyles, Poisonous snakes on Mos Le Harmless, Cave crawlers;
  • Fixed the plank Agility shortcut in Slayer tower (Abyssal demons);
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting a Divine location would not physically update the harvested item id's received from another player to be noted;
  • Fixed the log balance shortcut at East Ardougne;
  • All fiery dragon breaths will now correctly charge your dragonfire shields;
  • Added another check for teleporting type Dungeoneering bosses so they wouldn't teleport outside of their initial room;
  • Fixed the tunnel shortcut north of Shilo Village;
  • Fixed the crevice shortcut in the Gemstone dragon cavern;
  • Fixed the grapple shortcut from Catherby to Taverly;
  • Fixed an issue where pocket slot items (aura) would loose charges on incoming hits;
  • Both versions of ectoplasmators will now work correctly; granting prayer EXP on ghost kills and scattering ash drops;
  • Players can no longer use the Gnome glider to travel to Prifddinas without having the total level requirement (or the 'Mellon' perk);
  • Fixed an issue where trying to do Fletching with Herblore supplies in inventory - would bring up the Herblore dialogue rather than the Fletching one;
  • Fixed an issue where trying to equip ammunition that was used in a Fletching recipe would bring up the skills dialogue;
  • Fixed an issue with the Terrobird pen 'Gate' that would not open for a Treasure trail step;
  • Fixed the Dwarven Stout's Mining & Smithing boosts;
  • Fixed an issue were Calquat trees would not be able to be checked for their health (gain EXP);
  • Applied a ton of fixes to Vorago as well as extra checks and changes to his drop mechanics. Let me know if any other issues occur;
  • Fixed an issue where switching from a longer-delayed weapon to a faster one would cause you to deal 2 hits in a single tick (resetting delay). Switching weapons will now keep your previous weapon delay before striking another hit;
  • Fishing spots will no longer change their direction when interacted with the second option;
  • When pick-pocketing, your target NPC will no longer face you;
  • Fixed Draynor manor doo-ooors (all of them);
  • Fixed meat (bird, rabbit, chicken, etc.) Cooking burn values (they would always burn ignoring players cook level);
  • Fixed Karamjan Fishing spots and consuming Karamjan rum.


Special thanks to IZerkOff for moral support throughout the journey of this massive log!



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50th update log POG


Anytime Sand mate! great update as always, I've seen most of these changes for myself It's going to be an exciting update for us all. :)

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel


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This might be your most insane bulk update yet. Amazing work man.
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Mother of updates, what a glorious number 50!


Some love to the Puro Puro, that massive slayer update, some love to the teleport system and a shit load of fixes.

<3 Dungeoneering fix <3



I shall entitle you as Lord Sandstorm from this day on.

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OFFLINE   Dynasty



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beautiful, and so much content:o 

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