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Update Log #68 - Bug Squooshing & Miscellaneous improvements

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Nothing too exciting this time, but I wanted to get these out of the way as soon as possible.
  • Designed a new '::market' area. This area will be the main location for all shops and any other useful NPC's/Objects that relate to the area;
  • Brawling gloves will now work while double XP is active. They will only stop working when there's Double EXP on RS3 (triple EXP on Velheim);
  • Changed the in-game skill guide interface to show the newer version;
  • Unlocking a pet will now display an in-game chat-box message saying so;
  • Opening the World Map will no longer stop any current player's actions/movement;
  • Pressing the Space Bar button will now close the level-up chat-box interface;
  • Magic (and Enchanted) notepaper's will now note all items in your inventory at once and display a filter-able chat-box message saying so;
  • Added a couple unlimited items to the Grand Exchanged used in Summoning;
  • Bonecrusher will now only crush bones if all other item collecting methods have failed (dragon trinkets, as example, will collect bones if the setting is turned on rather than crushing them);
  • Item Examining will no longer show "1 x item_name" if the quantity of the item is just 1;
  • Rare drop messages caused by luck will no longer be filter-able;
  • Players will no longer receive dragon egg item drops from dragons IF they already have the egg or the respective pet unlocked;
  • The key's 1 to 9 can now be pressed to quick-select a slot on the skilling dialogue product selection rather than just the space-bar for slot 1 though that will still be an option;
  • Brawling gloves will now be more rare'r to obtain from the Rare Drop table;
  • The Boss Collection log will now update all boss entries if an item is shared between multiple bosses (ie. Godsword shards). The collection log is now also viewable from the Quest Tab;
  • Dungeoneering Skill doors will now display a sky-box message if you do not meet the requirements to open it;
  • Araxxor's minions will now walk towards the player rather than 'run';
  • Improved on some bits of the Warriors's Guild, such as auto-walkable doors, animator room and miscellaneous code clean-ups.
  • Fixed the way how temporary player spawned objects checked for free tiles to spawn on. It'll now correctly try to spawn the object around the player in a clock-wise direction;
  • Spears can now be used to train all 3 combat styles at once (Shared XP);
  • Fixed a lot of miscellaneous back-end Java code (nullPointers, exceptions, classCasts, etc.);
  • Fixed an issue with all Curses beyond Turmoil not to properly 'activate' within the game code;
  • Pickable objects (banana trees, etc.) will now properly reset their random pick quantity on respawn;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players combine Cooking items (Jug of Wine, etc.) with a full inventory. Also cleaned up the code a little bit and improved on it;
  • Added a few missing Yanille NPC spawns and fixed the staircases;
  • Dropping non-stackable items in dungeoneering while having multiple's will now drop the actual item you clicked on rather than the first one in your inventory;
  • A slight improvement on how Farming patches get refreshed on region change;
  • Familiars will no longer send the NPC Drop table interface when examining them;
  • Using bones on an altar will now correctly face the player towards the altar;
  • Fixed an issue that caused farming trees not to be choppable;
  • Improved on some bits for the Dwarf Multicannon;
  • Fixed an issue that caused player's with spaces in their usernames not to be able to be added to people's friends lists directly;
  • Fixed an issue that would allow other player's to pass through closed doors when another player was walking through them at the same time.


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OFFLINE   Dynasty


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Pog update, Great work as usual Sandstorm



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OFFLINE   Furball


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Hell yes! Magic roots, baby, here I come! All of these are great.



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Omg brawling gloves work when well is active! Time to grind out max cape!