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Update Log #70 - Aura Rehaul & Miscellaneous additions

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Aura Management

  • All player owned auras have been removed and compensated with loyalty points (amounts equivalent to old aura prices);
  • Designed a new interface for Auras that'll be much easier to navigate through. Auras will now have to be unlocked in tier order and will cost a lot more Loyalty points than previously;
  • Added a couple new (missing) auras to the list and made them functional;
  • The new Aura interface can be accessed the same way as on RS3 - from the Equipment tab;
  • Completely re-coded the aura system ground up, if there's something wrong with them - let me know;
  • Graphical effects for auras are now fully functional, yay for double wings!


  • Completely removed Solomon's item shop and all items have been removed from the ;;store page as well;
  • Keepsake keys are now trade-able;
  • Added Bonds to the Webstore. Each bond will cost 1$ and will give 100 Velheim coins when exchanging. They can be traded between players. Bonds have also been added to miscellaneous point shops;
  • Added a million more Cosmetic Overrides to choose from (thanks to Dynasty for helping me out gather the data for them). Also improved on the new cosmetic code, overrides will no longer stay previewed even when force-closing the interface;
  • Picking Flax will now give Farming EXP;
  • Added a custom interface for displaying your current action's progress. It'll display whenever you'll be training skills like Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smelting, etc. The system is still a proto-type, so incorrect information could potentially be shown. If you find anything wrong with it - let me know;
  • Using logs on a portable brazier will instantly refresh the Bonfire effect;
  • Balls of Wool are now buyable on the Grand Exchange;
  • Blood talismans can now be obtained by killing Werewolves in Canifis;
  • Duel Arena has been completely removed as it contained code that was created around 10 years ago and thus was buggy. However, if enough people in the future support the Duel Arena addition - I'll recode it from scratch;
  • Slightly increased the Drop Rate boost you get in the Heart of Gielinor by having more reputation in the specific category;
  • Cleaned up the Account Settings interface;
  • Added 'Cosmetic Overrides' to the Quest Journals tab;
  • Added Pocket Slot to the Equipment's tab. This slot will function the same way as it does on RS3 for slayer gems, porter's, etc.;
  • Updated the cache to the newest version (RS3 update from 10/21/2019).


  • Receiving Warpriest items in GWD1 dungeon will now correctly register in the Boss Collection log;
  • Master Runecrafter robes will no longer go in Armour case & Diango's storage at the same time when speaking to him about cleaning your bank;
  • Removed some cosmetics that had no character models, fixed an issue with keep-saked items resetting on interface close, and a few other fixes to the interface itself. It should now work much smoother;
  • Fixed an issue where Telos could not be damaged with melee on phase 5;
  • You will no longer be able to roll on Silverhawk boots on the Squeal of Fortune if you have any of the other upgraded versions. Upgraded versions will now also be able to be stored at Diango's.



  • We're having a -40% SALE on ALL store products for the next 5 days in preparation for Velheim.com website moving (have to purchase new host, licensing, protection & domain registries, etc.)!




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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Fantastic update, however this time around I think the loyalty prices are far to excessive. Unsure if you've changed the amount of loyalty gained. Will edit comment if this is the case.