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Triple EXP Weekend: Extended

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     The moment so many of you have been waiting for is very nearly here. It’s Triple XP Weekend on November 22nd – but as you may have heard, this time we’ve given it a little twist.


     Triple XP Weekend: Extended is designed to be a lot more relaxing than before. This time you’re all going to be able to maximise every one of the precious Triple XP hours but without the worry of cramming it all into a single weekend. Instead, Triple XP Weekend: Extended will offer 36 hours of Triple XP goodness but spread over the course of 10 days! That’s seven extra days!


     Simply log in whenever you like between Friday November 22nd (12:00 game time) and Monday December 2nd (12:00 game time). As soon as you’re in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and you can keep track of how much Triple XP time you have left whenever you need via the interface.


     This means you’re absolutely free to stop for meals, hang out with friends and family, pet the dog, do karate, get some sleep and even go outside – all without the fear of missing out on XP. Alternatively, if you prefer, you’re free to enjoy Triple XP Weekend just as you always have done! It’s entirely up to you.


     Seriously though, we recognize that the burden to stay logged in sometimes gets in the way of real life, so we’re really pleased to make sure everyone has plenty of time to take advantage of as much XP as possible in a far more relaxed manner. Any unused Triple XP time will be removed at the end of the event on December 2nd (12:00).


     See you in-game on 22nd of November.



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