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Update Log #72 - Triple EXP, Advent Calendar, Sound/Music System, Squeal Overhaul, Lots of Miscellaneous Improvements and a ton of Bug Fixes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Boss Collection log

  • The Boss Collection log will now display all finished logs in green and partially complete ones in dark orange;
  • Squeezed in some room to display your current kill-count for all boss log categories;
  • Added the missing Guthan's and Torag's equipment sets to the Barrows collection log.

Christmas Calendar & related

  • Added the Christmas Calendar which can be accessed through the Quest Journals tab. The Calendar will be available to use starting December 2nd;
  • Players will be able to claim prizes for every day throughout December;
  • Added Christmas Loot pinatas. Players who've placed down pinata's will receive a Christmas Loot Pinata bag when it's killed. These bags offer various rewards. Players who help kill pinata's will also receive a reward;
  • Added a couple new Cosmetic Overrides that will only be available for unlock through outfit tokens that are exclusively obtained from the Loot Pinatas;
  • Added 6 new chocolates with stat-boosting effects;
  • Added Ancient Relic's. These relic's can be 'smashed' for rewards;
  • Added the Coin of Balance. It can now be 'asked' for various types of 'RNG' questions;
  • Added lots of new lamps & bonus EXP stars.

Combat related

  • Multi-attacks will no longer be able to hit other player summoned Barrows Brothers in the Barrows mini-game;
  • Corrected the Dark Bow's attack projectiles & sound effects;
  • Added sound effects for: ALL Combat Magic spells, getting hit, fletching, teleport tablets, entering POH, most ranged weapon attacks, ALL different types of item equipping, ALL different types of item dropping, building POH furniture, trying to move while frozen/stunned, trying to teleport while tele-blocked, making potions, a couple melee weapon ones, consuming potions/food. Sound effect volume will now be determined by the distance from you and the sound 'maker';
  • Fighting any of the gemstone dragons will no longer deduct amounts from your purchased kills while on a gemstone dragon slayer task;
  • Fixed legacy mode shield combat animations;
  • Dieing in the Wilderness with degradable items will now force them to the next degrade stage instead of reseting their charges (ie. A used Sirenic mask will turn to dust);
  • The Twin Furies will now properly work account for your Reaper Assignments;
  • The Charm Collector game perk will now properly send all charms to your banks first before placing them in your inventory;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't 'unlock' the player after dieing at the Fight Kiln;
  • Re-added all new NPC drops (ie. Dinosaurs);
  • Fixed an issue that would cause extra TzTok-Jad's and Har-Aken's to count towards that mini-game Boss kill-counts;
  • Corrected Gorvek's flame lines. There'll no longer be safe-spots, and the flames will no longer spawn beyond the arena bounds;
  • Bork will now have a chance at dropping high-level clue scrolls.


  • GWD2 followers will no longer attack your Familiars;
  • Fixed Spirit wolf combat animations.


  • Added Raw Karambwanji fishing, made them stackable, and added them to the Fishing teleports;
  • Added Raw Karambwan fishing, and added them to the Fishing teleports.

The Magister

  • The Magister can now successfully be re-spawned with another key while in the same instance;
  • Corrupted Magic logs can now be Fletched;
  • Added Magister's 'Soul Fragment' item drop that unlocks his unique boss pet.

Godwars Dungeon

  • Fixed a couple incorrect Godwars Dungeon NPC combat animations;
  • Doors will no longer set your kill-counts to 0, instead, they'll simply remove the required kill count amount from your total kills;
  • Traversing the dungeon via Agility obstacles will no longer reset your kill-counts.


  • The 'Market area' will now play the 'Trade Parade' music track;
  • Teleporting to Daemonheim will now correctly play the 'Daemonheim entrance' music track;
  • The Music player will now wait until the player has been fully loaded into the region before selecting AND playing the next music track when loading into a new area. This is to ensure that the correct music track is played.

Squeal of Fortune

  • Updated the Squeal of Fortune interface with a new look;
  • Discarding a reward will now show the proper confirmation pop-up before actually deleting your reward;
  • New Squeal rewards: Pink unicorn plushie, Rainbow unicorn plushie (storable with Diango). Also replaced rune bars with runite stone spirits, and removed mithril bolts;
  • Claiming skill EXP lamps will now properly close the chat options dialogue. Also re-colored the chat-box message to be more clearer to read;
  • Lava lanterns will no longer trigger a world announcement;
  • Replaced all physical Rainbow items with Rainbow Outfit tokens. Using these tokens will unlock the respecting cosmetic override.


  • Slightly updated how movement was processed. Fixed a couple issues with wall corners whilst running;
  • Added the Weight system. It'll now determine how fast your run energy will deplete;
  • Run energy will now restore much faster while resting, and/or having a higher Agility level.


  • Updated cache revision from 909 to 910 (this also comes with a client update (RS3 update from 11/18/2019));
  • Updated the Hiscores code so it'd work with the new website setup. Also auto-imported ALL players into the hiscores database (banned players were skipped);
  • Increased Thaler rewards for SC & SW mini-games to 100 per game (200 if on spotlight (Stealing Creation & Soul Wars));
  • Loyalty points will now only be given to players who've voted in the last 12 hours. Additionally, players who've connected and verified their Discord accounts to in-game will receive an extra 5 points every minute. Players who have not will get the message saying they should do it;
  • Added the 3 Warden titles to the Misc. titles interface;
  • Added the right-click 'Previous Destination' option to the 'Teleportation Menu' button;
  • Increased Pyramid Plunder artefact prices by 100 times the RS3 amounts, and added Simon Templeton NPC just outside the Pyramid plunder;
  • Heavily reduced all Slayer Master task kill amounts to make starting levels that much easier to progress through;
  • You will no longer be able to connect multiple in-game accounts to a single Discord user. Accounts will have to get disconnected first in order to link a new one;
  • Broke-open coconuts may now be used on empty vials to produce coconut milk that can later be used on other ingredients to make high-level potions;
  • Fishing at the Swarm fishing spot at Deep Sea Fishing hub will now give fish from Shrimp up to Sailfish, randomly;
  • Changed Bond prices in Trivia/Vote point stores;
  • Added the Dramen's staff and full Lunar equipment to Lucy's Untradeable's shop;
  • Added The Pickaxe of Earth and Song to the Thaler Spotlight shop for 1'000 Thaler. You'll also need a Crystal pickaxe in your inventory.

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow players to add end-tier components to their gizmo's (caused by the latest update);
  • Items with special render animations will no longer override your default render if the item your holding is sheathed;
  • Fixed an issue that would not stop Death's Office controller when teleporting out via item/magic spell;
  • Fixed an issue with the latest update regarding jewellery enchanting;
  • Fixed an issue that would show donators as moderators in the yell chat while the hide icon option was enabled;
  • Fixed a couple slight issues with the Fight Kiln. Returning fighters will no longer have to sit through the whole starting cut-scene;
  • Fixed an issue that wasn't disabling the shift key on client focus lose even if the shift button was released after;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't teleport the player on their first attempt while in Death's Office;
  • The Sawmill Operator can now be traded to open his Construction Supplies store;
  • The skilling action progress interface will no longer display if another interface/overlay is already on screen;
  • Fixed a couple Falador staircases leading to wrong coordinates;
  • Fixed a couple issues with Slayer helmets & Rings of Slaying;
  • These items may now be disassembled: half-moon spectacles, blue mystic robe tops,
  • The unstable essence reward from Runespan will now do Runecraft 60 cycles per action rather than just 10;
  • Previewing cosmetic outfits will now properly display wings (if any);
  • The Edgeville Furnace/Anvil will only be accessible to use after completing the Easy Varrock achievement diary. You'll still be able to use the metal banks however;
  • The Taverley dungeon's pipe short-cut now has it's appropriate Agility level requirement;
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mystery boxes obtained from Vote Parties to go into players inventory while inside Dungeoneering;
  • The staircase object that appears once you've slain Queen Black dragon is no longer clipped - you'll be able to walk through it.


Triple EXP: Extended

  • Triple XP Weekend is back, and this time, it’s bigger than ever before! From 12:00 Game Time this Friday, November 22nd, you’ll have 36 hours of Triple XP goodness to spread out as you choose over the following 10 days. Burn through it all in the weekend or take your time and play at your leisure. It’s your choice! You can read more about it here.




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OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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Thats one hell of a juicy update log!! Thanks sand! :D
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  • Velheimer
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Nice updates :)

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OFFLINE   Herpeas



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Awesome update, can't wait to open Advent calendar :D

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OFFLINE   TheDarkTurm



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That is one hell of a good early christmas present!  :P

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You smashed it bro! Good job :)

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Okay...you need to chill <3

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    RNGesus ⚔️

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Good stuff as always! :)

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