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  1. I'm excited to see more velheim content popping up! And you got a great base idea for your video's. Maybe to make it more challenging limit yourself to location. (might keep this idea for myself as wel tbh). For example: Home locked until 250 total level, after this you unlock the ability to do slayer + a new region (kinda like osrs leagues). Only be allowed to venture outside your region for slayer tasks. For example if you have desert region but abby demon task. and so on until you unlocked everything. As for recording I use: OBS, Adobe premiere pro for editing and photoshop for thumbnails. Btw if you need help with anything video wise or just some tips, feel free to pm me on discord any time.
  2. Make sure to enter the bonds giveaway and show some love ❤️ ~Noobs Own
  3. Can't wait to make a video about me falling even more behind haha Great job on the update tho!
  4. Make sure to enter the giveaway and show some love ❤️ ~Noobs Own ~
  5. Grinding out more prestiges! Go show some love and make sure to enter the giveaway ❤️ ~Noobs Own
  6. Make sure to enter the giveaway and show some love ❤️ ~Noobs Own
  7. Agreed, it's just an inconvinience that makes the boss fight longer for no reason at all
  8. My 100th Velheim video special, I hope you guys enjoy it and sorry it took so long <3 ~Noobs Own
  9. Make sure to listen very carefully to this video, there is a big announcement in there for you guys ~Noobs Own
  10. Make sure to go show some love and enter the giveaway for free bonds <3 ~Noobs Own
  11. PM me on discord, I can get you everything you need
  12. Make sure to enter the giveaway <3 ~Noobs Own
  13. You know exactly what you did... Much love tho ~Noobs Own
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