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Client fix [Crashing]

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Client Crash Fix




The following 3 things



Velheim client



This can easily be done by searching for "Velheim" in your search bar

or go to your Userfolder.

Remove everything Velheim Related.




(Disclaimer you may have more folders/files depending on your version)





You can uninstall java by going into Control Panel.

You can find Control panel in system

or Searching "Control Panel"

into the search bar.

(In your native language)


Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features


Located java and right click it and uninstall.

(If you for whatever reason have more than one java, uninstall them all.)










It's Highly recommended to use 64bit java over 32bit java.

This is usually the main issue of crashes.


How to check if you running 64bit or 32bit java



In the search bar type "cmd"

Once cmd has been opened type the following.

Java -version




You should get a 64bit respond as shown on the picture.

If this is not shown, type in the following to make sure.


java -d32 -version


java -d64 -version



When typing java -d32 -version you should receive an error message as shown above. If you're using 64bit

This is how it's supposed to be if you're running 64bit java.

If you get the opposite

as shown on the picture below, then you're running 32bit.




Follow the information below on how to install the 64bit Java.

64bit can use more power from your system, in other words that it can use more RAM


(32bit system can access only 4 GB of RAM)

So it's highly recommend to use 64bit java.





Make sure you have the Latest verison of Java (Version 8, update 251 as of 13/05-2020)


Download Link for 64bit java, Windows



(You MUST uninstall & remove all old JAVA versions.)

Already have 64bit but not the latest Version?



To update Java to the latest version.

Find the Java Folder Location on your Drive.


C:\Program Files\Java


C:\Program Files (x86)\Java


Open the latest Jre folder then got to.

 Bin - Javacpl

Open Javacpl




Go to the Update Section.

Make sure that Check for Updates automatically is ticked on.

In the Bottom Right there is an option to update now.

Click on it.


(Disclaimer you may have to shutdown programs that's using java while updating. Example Velheim, Minecraft etc.)








Once Java has been installed (1.8.251):


Download Velheim

Link: https://velheim.com/resources/files/Velheim718.jar


Open Velheim and let everything load in.

(Meaning it will take a while for the cache to download from the Server which may cause lags or other issues.)


How to see the progress on cache downloading.





You can open the console by press on the ~ sign.
It may be different depending on your keyboard layout.
But it's the key above Tab, below Escape and next to the 1.


Type in displayfps and press enter.




Further information will be displayed by the minimap.



  • FPS: Frames per second(has to be at least 30+ for stable game-play) If it is too low try changing the Graphic settings to a lower setting.
  • PING: Your connection to the server. If the ping is very high or fluctuates a lot, then that means you're having a bad connection. Try disabling things that may use a lot of internet. A stable connection would be around 60ms or lower. Depends a bit where you're located and what your internet connection is.
  • Cache: Shows how many percentage of the cache you have downloaded. If it's below ~ 90%, then you may experience lag spikes. You have to wait until more of the cache is downloaded.
  • MEM: Refers to how much RAM memory you're using, it's recommended to have at least 4gb.

To remove it just type Displayfps once more in the console.




If you're using Mac, try this.





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Would be a good idea to show the location of the cache folder rather than just search. (Add pictures)
Same with Link to Java 64 download.

And try to change settings from directx to openGL(seems to work for some)

Bra gjort gubben ;)

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Vfq9KMH.png Top notch mod response











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