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Server-Specific Adjustments & Quest Items.

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Regular Item Adjustments:
These are item/s that are adjusted in this server..

21px-Smithing-icon.png?caf94 Smithing: Unlike RS3 following the M&S Rework, we do not have bar folding nor equipment heating - just smith bars and items as you remember before EOC happened.

Bond_(untradeable).png?6d631 Bond (Untradeable): Can be exchanged for Velheim coins, Loyalty Points or Squeal of Fortune Spins. You'll have to pay 10% of the Grand Exchange price to make this tradeable.

Bond.png?ff472 Bond (Tradeable): Can be exchanged for Velheim coins, Loyalty Points or Squeal of Fortune Spins. Becomes (Untradeable) after trading, or when purchased on the Grand Exchange.

Astronomy_book.png?552cd Vote Book (Tradeable): Can be exchanged for Velheim coins, Squeal of Fortune spins, Loyalty points, or +50% of bonus EXP for 15 minutes.

30px-Auto-screener_v1.080_blueprint_spri Auto-Screener Blueprint: Is not required to make the Auto-Screener, instead you make it at an Invention Workbench using the 50k Chronotes as an ingredient.

Vecna_skull.png?990bf Vecna Skull: Does not drop on Velheim, instead - if you hit the Vecna Skull drop on the RDT (when in possession of a Tier 4 Luck Ring) you will get a Luck_of_the_Dwarves.png?0cbb5 Luck of the Dwarves.

15px-Wilderness_Crater_lodestone_icon.pn Wilderness: The Wilderness is still in its pre-Zamorak form - it is dangerous and you can be PK'd out there.


Gear Adjustments:
These are equippable items that are adjusted in this server and do not have effects that are 1-to-1 with the RS3 Wiki.

Laceration_boots.png?53f67 Laceration Boots & Enhanced: Grants a 5(10)% chance to bleed your current target for 25(30)% of your maximum hit as damage over-time.

Blast_diffusion_boots.png?1ffdd Blast Diffusion Boots & Enhanced: Grants +5(10)% Critical Strike Chance when using Magic Spells.

Fleeting_boots.png?7249d Fleeting Boots & Enhanced: Increases ranged accuracy by 5(10)%.

Igneous_Kal-Ket.png?e34c7 Igneous Kal-Ket: Reduces special attack cost by 5%. Increases Melee max hit by 5%.

Igneous_Kal-Mor.png?d4233 Igneous Kal-Mej: Reduces special attack cost by 5%. Increases Mage max hit by 5%.

Igneous_Kal-Xil.png?ab59b Igneous Kal-Xil: Reduces special attack cost by 5%. Increases Ranged max hit by 5%.

Igneous_Kal-Zuk.png?21cb9 Igneous Kal-Zuk: Reduces special attack cost by 5%. Increases max hit by 5% in all styles.

Gloves_of_passage.png?120df Gloves of Passage & Enhanced: Increases melee accuracy by 5(10)% and bleed damage by 20(25)%.

Kerapac's_wrist_wraps.png?382df Kerapac's wrist wraps & Enhanced: Increases magic accuracy by 5(10%).

Nightmare_gauntlets.png?abe64 Nightmare Gauntlets & Enhanced: Increases ranged accuracy by 5(10)%.

Champion's_ring.png?0cd5d Champion's Ring: Grants 10% critical strike chance against bleeding targets.

Channeller's_ring.png?36cdc Channeller's Ring: Grants 10% critical strike chance when casting magic spells.

Stalker's_ring.png?d41c1 Stalker's Ring: Grants 10% critical strike chance when wielding a bow.

Reaver's_ring.png?973ed Reaver's Ring: Grants 10% critical strike chance. Reduces accuracy by 10%.

Decimation.png?d243c Decimation: The spec provides double-hits on the target when using a Mainhand and/or Offhand Crossbows.

Bronze_halberd.png?305fc Halberds: Attack in an AOE around the player.

Bronze_kiteshield.png?28da0 Shields & Bronze_defender.png?d4717Defenders: Prevent the player from being stunned.

Dungeoneering Chaotic_kiteshield.png?b5b1c Shields and Rise of the Six's Malevolent_kiteshield.png?7739f Shields: Have a Right-Click > Provoke option to pull the target's aggression.

Corrupted_defender.png?85ca0 Defenders, Tainted_repriser.png?6b77b Reprisers, & Blighted_rebounder.png?a98df Rebounders: Have T70(Corrupted)/T80(Ancient)/T90(Kalphite) Offensive stats.


Invention Perk Adjustments:
These are invention perks that are adjusted in this server and do not have effects that are 1-to-1 with the RS3 Wiki.

25px-Relentless.png?782df Relentless: 1% chance per rank to prevent special attack being consumed.

25px-Caroming.png?3cbe9 Caroming: Attacking with shortbows or shieldbows has a 3% chance (increased by 3% per rank) of firing an additional arrow.

25px-Impatient.png?56fec Impatient: 9% chance per rank for basic attacks to generate 3% extra special attack.

25px-Lunging.png?ba4cd Lunging: Increases max hit by 1% per rank the further the target is.

25px-Turtling.png?48c3b Turtling: When below 10% health, you become immune to any damage for 3 seconds increased for +1 per rank. Has a 1 minute cooldown.

25px-Ultimatums.png?ce2d1 Ultimatums: Reduces the special attack cost of all weapons by 5% per rank.

25px-Shield_Bashing.png?c9698 Shield Bashing: 5% chance per rank to reflect 10% of incoming damage to your enemy.

25px-Reflexes.png?b5276 Reflexes: 5% chance per rank to ignore any stun or freeze.

25px-Preparation_(perk).png?8a3ae Preparation: While in combat and wearing a shield, there is a 5% (increased per rank) chance of reflecting 10% damage to your enemy.

25px-Energising.png?c1d4c Energising: Increases special attack restoration by 1 per rank.

25px-Bulwark.png?feaeb Bulwark: While in combat and wearing a shield, this perk activates for 1 minute to reduce all incoming damage by 6% increased by rank.

25px-Brief_Respite.png?feaeb Brief Respite: Heal 4% of max life points 10 times over a period of 40 seconds when below 10% of maximum hitpoints increased by 10% per rank.


Skilling-related Adjustments:
These are adjustments which are largely related to Skilling.

The Dragon_mattock.png?bec9a Dragon Mattock can be obtained from completing Tetracompass_(powered).png?a8a08 Tetracompasses, or by 21px-Hunter-icon.png?53188 Hunting on Anachronia.

As the Rune Goldberg Machine isn't functional, Vis_wax.png?8bbab Vis Wax is obtained from the Travelling Merchant's Shop.

The 18px-Elder_overload_salve_(6).png?0fc03 Elder Overload Salve can only be made from a Supreme Overload Salve.

It is suggested to catch Black_warlock_icon.png?fb200 Black Warlocks on Anachronia to obtain Dinosaurs for the Player-Owned Farm.

Player-Owned Farms: Farm_totem.png?3561c Farm Totem/Perks accurate to RS3:

  • Common_brown_rabbit.png?790fa Rabbit, Rooster_(player-owned_farm).png?259d1 Chicken (Rooster), Grey_chinchompa.png?815ba Chinchompa, White_ewe.png?23d8d Ewe (♀), Spirit_spider_(player-owned_farm).png?cf Spider, Gloomshroom_zygomite.png?1e6ba Zygomite, Kandarin_cow.png?b48a7 Cow (♀), Fremennik_yak.png?1e27b Yak, Common_green_frog.png?b918f Frog,
    Green_salamander.png?dab54 Salamander, Feral_dinosaur_(player-owned_farm).png?0 Varanusaur, Arcane_apoterrasaur_(player-owned_farm). Arcane apoterrasaur, Brutish_dinosaur_(player-owned_farm).png Brutish dinosaur, Scimitops_(player-owned_farm).png?1b364 Scimitops, Bagrada_rex_(player-owned_farm).png?8bad Bagrada Rex,
    Spicati_apoterrasaur_(player-owned_farm) Spicati apoterrasaur, Asciatops_(player-owned_farm).png?b13a4 Asciatops.

Player-Owned Farms: Adjusted Farm_totem.png?3561c Farm Totem/Perks:

  • Green_dragon_(player-owned_farm).png?5ae Dragon: Dragon Ultra Combo: A 1/200 (1/150) chance to get an ancient effigy while checking a fully-grown Farming patch;
  • Corbicula_rex_(player-owned_farm).png?50 Corbicula Rex: Increases your critical hit chance by 2.5% (5%).


Quest Items:
These are the quest items that are obtainable from their official locations.
I would also like to note that most, if not all, quest items have a GP Cost to claim them.
They will always be stored with Diango though so it is a one-time fee.

The Silverlight.png?0438b Silverlight and Darklight.png?5933e Darklight can now be obtained by talking to Gideon Bede (Varrock East Church).

The Ava's_accumulator.png?62c1aAva's backpacks can be purchased from Ava in Draynor Manor.

The Bearhead.png?10dc9Bearhead can be purchased from Hamal the Chieftain (Mountain Camp).

The Ring_of_visibility.png?9ab5a Ring of Visibility can be purchased from Rasolo (West of the Fishing Guild).

You can obtain Ghostly_robe_(top).png?76b5a Ghostly equipment pieces by talking to ghosts around the map like in the Zaros Miniquest.

You can purchase a Holy_wrench.png?a8837 Holy Wrench from Davey (Braindeath Island).

The Ghostspeak_amulet.png?13f0c Ghostspeak amulet can be bought from Father Urhney (South-west Lumbridge Swamp).

The Ectophial.png?f7390 Ectophial can be purchased from Velorina (North-east Port Phasmatys).

The Khazard_armour.png?c167a Khazard armour & Khazard_helmet.png?6604d helmet can now be obtained from the Suit of armour North of the Fight Arena.

You can purchase the Wolfbane.png?5c92d Wolfbane, Ivandis_flail.png?5bb36 Ivandis flail, Sunspear.png?0e40a Sunspear (normal), and Sunspear_(melee).png?cd16b Sunspear (reforged) from Ivan Strom (replacing Drezel under the Paterdomus). 

All Lunar_torso.png?eaac9 Lunar equipment can be purchased from Oneiromancer (Lunar Isle).

You can purchase an Ancient_staff.png?5ee9d Ancient Staff from Eblis (Bandit camp Lodestone).

Drakan's_medallion.png?b4bba Drakan's Medallion can be obtained from the cave in southern Burgh de Rott.

The House_Drakan_top.png?07979 House Drakan Outfit can be found in Vanstorm's mansion in Darkmeyer.

The Shard_of_Zaros.png?c5617 Shard of Zaros can be found by going to the World Gate, teleporting to Freneskae - The Pit (Nihil's), enter the doorway directly behind the player (south), then activate the memoriam device in the middle of the floor to retrieve the shard of Zaros.

The Ring_of_Whispers.png?893a6 Ring of Whispers, Necklace_of_Shadows.png?bc314 Necklace of Shadows, and the Combined_Catalyst_fragment.png?73c14 Combined Catalyst Fragment can be obtained from Relomia, Emissary of Sliske, in Draynor Village.

Family Crest Gloves (Cooking_gauntlets.png?648f9 Cooking, Smelting_gauntlets.png?351c7 Smelting, & Chaos_gauntlets.png?95040 Chaos Gauntlets) can be obtained from Dimintheis in Eastern Varrock.

Zamorak_staff.png?15adb God Staves & Zamorak_cape.png?11f8e Capes are obtained from the Chamber Guardian, and from praying at the Statues.

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