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  1. ign: Gimp Maag D3: Verified Discord Account ------------------------ D3: Verified Discord Account
  2. "Wing Out" and "A Study in Aether" can now be completed
  3. I also have the Ash Petchum perk for as long as i have my account and i have NEVER received a boss pet
  4. Currently it's impossible to see which Archeology collections you've already completed. Since you need to complete unique collections to progress in Archeology ranks it would handy to know which ones you've already competed. This could for example be displayed in the chat if you click on a collections when viewing the noticeboard at the Archeology Guild.
  5. Great event, was fun to see so many people together
  6. IGN: Gimp Maag IS2: Earth and Song ------------------------ IS2: Earth and Song
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