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Wilderness Warbands - D&D Guide

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XTezZ71.pngWilderness Warbands is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion, composed of heavily defended storage camps guarded by the followers of the different Gods, though they fight more for glory and not for the gods themselves. These camps are founded to gain an advantage for the followers of a particular God once their God returns. They will set up camp in the Wilderness every seven hours, one time at each of the three locations. Quercus, an ancient seer ent, will send out adventurers to fight in the camps to balance the followers of the different Gods in Guthix's name. Quercus can be found just outside the Varrock Grand Exchange agility shortcut.

Wilderness Warbands give large amounts of experience in Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining, or Smithing. While no combat is necessary and no items are needed to loot, it is still recommended to have a high combat level before attempting a warband as any player can attack a player whose inventory contains any warband supplies. (PVP)
Looting a warband tent will gCfzI37.pngskull players. Players are advised to not bring any items that they do not wish to lose.

Quercus Location






Quercus can be found near the GE agility shortcut.
Close to the Bridge to Edgeville.

You can also type ;;wbt to teleport directly to him.

Only able to teleport using ';;wbt' if the current event has not started yet, or has already ended


Quercus is the NPC where you turn in your supplies to gather either Experience or GP.








Players will be notified via a server-wide notice when a Wilderness camp appears. It will state which level in the wilderness you can find the camp location. (See the 3 different spawn locations below)
A warband camp will occur every 7 hours. Can check server-events on Discord to get a sense when the next one will occur.

Arriving at the camp

Most of the camp's followers always face towards the centre of the camp and are incapable of noticing the player from far distance away. To be able to loot the camp you have to clear all the followers in the camp. Beware of Pkers lurking in the shadows.



Participating in looting will result in being gCfzI37.pngskulled and holding the looting supplies in the inventory will prevent teleporting. Players can be attacked while they have loot in their inventory without any combat level restrictions. Players can be attacked while looting.


The warband camp has five tents, but only three out of the five tents will be filled with supplies, corresponding to a random mix of three of the five skills: Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining, and Smithing. (Right click and Examine the tent to see which supplies are in it)

A total of 25 supplies per camp can be directly looted from tents before being able to go to Quercus to turn them in. Up to three camps can be looted and up to 75 supplies can be obtained every day. This generally means that you can loot a maximum of 75 items per day, but only if you manage to get the maximum of 25 from every camp

Supplies can also be looted from other players by killing them and taking the dropped supplies. The 25 supply limit per camp does not apply to supplies picked up from player drops, but does apply to the daily 75 supply maximum.


Once supplies are looted, players are tele-blocked and must walk/run back to Quercus to exchange  for rewards. If a player tries to teleport then the supplies will be destroyed and progress lost.

KP2Qale.png Wand reward 8C4mHeJ.png

While looting supplies from the tents, players may randomly receive a wand of treachery. Looting a Wand of treachery will not count towards the 25 supply limit. If a wand of treachery has been looted, the game will announce to everybody in the vicinity that a wand has been found. The player will have their Prayer points reduced to zero. Only one wand can be found per camp, though no looter is guaranteed to get it. If the player holding the wand is killed, the wand will be dropped for others to acquire.

Leaving the Wilderness

The most common method of leaving the Wilderness is to simply run south from the Warband camps. As teleportation cannot be used, running to level 20 Wilderness and attempting to teleport out (or level 30 Wilderness with Amulet of Glory or commands) will not work. Additionally, the
Wilderness Obelisks cannot be used. Lobbing or disconnecting will automatically destroy your supplies.

Wilderness camps location






There are 3 different locations that a Warband camp can spawn.

First location

South of the Dark Warriors' Fortress (Call out is 'DWF')

  • Wilderness level 10
  • Fastest way is to run North West from Edegville lodestone


Second location

South of the Red Dragon Isle
(Call out is 'RDI')

  • Wilderness level 31
  • Fastest way is to use the Olhp9h6.png teleport and run North- North East until you get to the camp. You can also use the UWhFjm5.pngCarrallanger Teleport to teleport to the Graveyard of shadows, or the RnakElM.png teleport and run South-East.


Third location

East of the Lava Maze
(Call out is 'ELM')

  • Wilderness level 41
  • Fastest way is to use the RnakElM.png in the farming category in Teleport menu. Other way is to use the Teleport Menu - fzEgNPh.png Wilderness and use 5qNnRHt.pngand run West- South West or the  uh9fALb.png, it's a good away to avoid PKers.



Full map




Good luck and beware of pkers or maybe you're the one who is going to pk ;)







Vfq9KMH.png Top notch mod response











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