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Divination Skilling Guide - 1-99+


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m8ndxFB.pngDivination is a gathering and manufacturing skill that was developed by humans shortly after the beginning of the Sixth Age. It involves gathering Guthix's residual life force, which is leaking throughout Gielinor. To do this, the players gather divine energy from wisps and then use this energy to make items such as portents, signs, and divine locations.


Getting Started/How to Train:


To harvest energy, a player must first activate a wisp. This is done by left-clicking the wisp to "harvest", at which point it will turn into the corresponding spring, and the player will begin harvesting memories of the same tier for minimal Divination experience.


Every harvest provides the player a number of energy of the spring's type, depending on the player's level, and a good but not 100% chance of harvesting that type of memory. There is also a small chance that the player will harvest an enriched memory, which provides double the experience or harvesting a normal memory.


The spring will persist for between three and 45 seconds, regardless of how many people are drawing from it.




Once you have a full Inventory you can convert the Memories in the Rift.





You can Right click and configure what will happen with your Energies.

  • Converts each memory into energy. Base amount for regular memories is 1–2 energy for each memory converted, which increases to up to 5 at a time for incandescent energy with the boon of incandescent energy active. Converting enriched memories yields 50% more energy. This option produces the most resources but grants only 1 experience per conversion, the slowest rate.
  • Converts each memory into experience. Standard memories will be deposited before enriched memories.
  • Converts energy and memories into experience at a higher rate. Each standard memory will use up 5 energy, and each enriched memory will use up 10 energy. The result is a higher rate of experience at a greater cost. Enriched memories in the inventory will be deposited first automatically, followed by standard memories. Players will automatically continue to convert memories for the normal experience rate when they run out of energy.
  • This option provides a faster experience rate at the cost of resources.







  • The Diviner's outfit is an experience-boosting outfit. A full set provides 6% Bonus.
  • If the player doesn't own the full diviner's outfit set, there is a chance they will receive a part they don't own upon completing a cache (including ironmen). You can also obtain the set from SOF. The Diviner's headwear can be combined with a Diviner's headwear add-on to create a Modified diviner's headwear, which grants additional bonuses.


  • The Elder divination outfit is a Divination outfit that is acquired from combining the Energy, Chronicle, and Memory Divination outfits. Once combined, it is impossible to disassemble the combined pieces. Pieces of the outfit will work with any non-combined pieces from other divination outfits as long as all other pieces are of the same outfit.
  • The pieces of the Divination energy outfit, Divination chronicle outfit, and Divination memory outfit can be made by collecting 3600 divination fragments (which requires level 70 Divination) and combining these with the Invention skill at level 20 Invention and level 80 Divination.
  • For more Info on Elite Skilling outfit follow the Skilling fragments FAQ on the link below or type ;;topic 1035 in game.

Link: https://velheim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1035-frequently-asked-questions-faq/&do=findComment&comment=4549



  • 7% chance to get 2 chronicle fragments/elder chronicles/knowledge fragments at once when harvesting a chronicle fragment/elder chronicle/knowledge fragment.
  • 5% chance of getting five times the energy while harvesting wisps.
  • Uses Diviner's outfit bonus experience if owned, even while the set is in the bank or being held by Diango. This is dependent on the number of outfit pieces owned. (E.g. A player who owns 2 pieces of the outfit will gain 2% bonus experience while wearing the divination outfit.)
  • Players who own Modified diviner's headwear will gain its benefits from a divination outfit head.


Boost Items:

  • The Divination cape temporarily raises one Divination level when one right-clicks the cape whilst wearing it and selecting 'Boost'. However, similar to all Capes of Accomplishment, level 99 is required for this. The cape's perk gives non-enriched wisps a fixed 30 second lifespan when harvested from unless combined with the Ethereal Connection buff from the Memorial to Guthix which boosts the duration further by 10 seconds to a total of 40 seconds.


  • w0M9gsS.png Nightmare muspah provides extra storage for memories and gives a 3% passive boost towards finding enriched memories.






  • Greater Enrichment is a tier 2. Cost 16,000 Loyalty Points. 5% chance to obtain enriched memories.
  • Master Enrichment is a tier 3. Cost 33,500 Loyalty Points. 7% chance to obtain enriched memories.
  • Supreme Enrichment is a tier 4. Cost 61,000 Loyalty Points. 10% chance to obtain enriched memories.
  • Legendary Enrichment is a tier 5. Cost 119,000 Loyalty Points. 15% chance to obtain enriched memories.


Game perk:




Divination urns:

Requires a mind rune and 2 soft clays to make.

  • A cracked divination urn can be created at 3 Crafting. It is used with the Divination skill to help with gaining experience. It will only collect memory fragments for Divination actions that require level 10 or lower.


  • A fragile divination urn can be created at 16 Crafting, and is used to help gain Divination experience. It will collect memory fragments for springs that require under level 30 Divination.


  • A plain divination urn can be created at 38 Crafting, and is used to help gain Divination experience. It will collect memory fragments for springs that require under level 50 Divination.


  • A strong divination urn can be created at 56 Crafting, and is used to help gain Divination experience. It will collect memory fragments for springs that require a Divination level of 70 or below.


  • A decorated divination urn can be created at 82 Crafting by using a mind rune on a decorated divination urn (nr), and is used to help gain Divination experience. Best urn.




f7GP5AZ.png A Divine-o-matic vacuum is an item discovered at level 101 Invention. It will use up empty divine charges while training Divination and convert them to full divine charges.

The divine-o-matic can store up to 100 empty divine charges.


You can build one at the Invention Bench - Miscellaneous - Divine-o-matic vacuum



Beware that Invention is an Elite skill and requires 80 in Divination to start. So you will not have access to this at lower Divination levels.



Craftables(from Energies)



Pale Energy




Flickering Energy




Bright Energy




Glowing Energy




Sparkling Energy




Gleaming Energy




Vibrant Energy




Lustrous Energy




Elder Energy (find more info in the 99+/200m section)




Brilliant Energy




Radiant Energy




Luminous Energy




Incendascent Energy(Nothing)


You can also make sign of the porter.

  • Signs of the porter are pocket slot items craftable with the Divination skill, which automatically teleport collected items to your bank. Every time an item is teleported to the bank, one charge is used on the active sign. A sign will disappear when its charges have expired. Signs of the porter do not stack, taking one inventory slot each.

    When equipped to your character, a Sign of the porter becomes an "Active sign of the porter". Once active, it can be unequipped but will remain active and no other signs can be equipped until the active one is depleted or destroyed.

    Items are sent to the bank when they are obtained from a skilling action




1-99 Wisps



You can teleport to each Divination Location in the Teleportation Menu.


For extra bonus experience it is recommended to make the Boon at each location before moving on


  • Boons are permanent, single-use items that give 10% more experience when converting memories of a given tier. Only one of each tier can be used, but once it is used, the effect lasts forever. They are made by using a certain amount of energy of either the same tier or one tier below the boon being made.



Level 1-10.


vdFeBHo.png Pale Wisps

Location: West of Lumbridge crater near the Divination camp.



Level 10-20.


meRcuhT.png Flickering Wisps

Location: North of Falador, near the Guthix memorial site, and Standing Stones.



Level 20-30.


hxQcCc1.png Bright Wisps


Location: Between Varrock and the Varrock Dig Site.



Level 30-40.


QSl9Sg6.pngGlowing Wisps


Location: South-east of Seers' Village; just south of the flax field.



Level 40-50.


J0PcQse.png Sparkling Wisps


Location: South-east of Rellekka, near the Golden apple tree.



Level 50-60.


PQqlgH8.png Gleaming Wisps


Location: In the centre of the Karamja jungle, north-east of Shilo Village.



Level 60-70.


jmYdKah.png Vibrant Wisps


Location: West of Oo'glog



Level 70-75/80.


1IRfF3W.png Lustrous Wisps


Location: North of Canifis, just to the east of the Slayer Tower.



Level 75-80.


cwWT4F0.png Elder Wisps


Location: In the Elder Halls



Level 80-85.


JVuHKLl.png Brilliant Wisps


Location: East of the Mage Training Arena.



Level 85-90.


HFuwDyx.png Radiant Wisps


Location: On Dragontooth Island



Level 90-95.


dyd88pN.png Luminous Wisps


Location: Southern Sophanem.



Level 95-99.


xRdrIYq.png Incandescent Wisps


Location: South of the Poison Waste.



GlgXRyP.png Special: Cursed wisps/memories GlgXRyP.png

Location: Wilderness Volcano.

  • A cursed wisp is a wisp that may be harvested using the Divination skill at any Divination level. Upon being harvested, it transforms into a cursed spring, from which cursed memories (occasionally enriched cursed memories) and cursed energy may be gathered. The experience and energy obtained from these wisps vary based on the player's level.
  • Cursed wisps is not recommended doing at low levels as the conversion rate is very low.
  • At level 95+. It is very good for farming Energies and decent Experience.
  • An additional 20% more experience is gained if the player is wearing a demonic skull.




99+ (200m)




For beyond 99 it's recommend to do either Incandescent energies or cursed energies with nightmare pouches and all other possible boosters


For semi AFK it's recommended to make the Divine-o-matic.


It's also recommended to make the Boon before moving on from each location. You don't have to but it will increase your overall Experience gain.

  • Boons are permanent, single-use items that give 10% more experience when converting memories of a given tier. Only one of each tier can be used, but once it is used, the effect lasts forever. They are made by using a certain amount of energy of either the same tier or one tier below the boon being made.


Remember to do Daily Challenges to get extra Experience towards your Divination grind.



  • The divine simulacrum I is a divine location that can be created at level 75 Divination, using 100 elder energy, giving 16 Divination experience. It can be gathered by anyone with level 65 Divination for divine energies, portents, and signs.

  • If anyone other than the owner siphons it, the owner will be awarded with various noted signs, and energy which is mainly dependent on the harvester's Divination level. For example, if an owner places this divine location and a player with 95 Divination harvests it, it is possible for the owner to obtain Incandescent energy, regardless of their Divination level.


  • The Divine simulacrum II is a divine location that can be created at level 92 Divination, using 100 elder energy. It can be harvested by anyone with a Divination level of 86 (boosts don't work) or higher for Elder energy, brilliant energy, radiant energy, luminous energy, and incandescent energy.

  • How much you can harvest depends on your Donation Rank. You can find more info on the link below or by typing ;;topic 584 in game

  • Link: https://velheim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/584-everything-you-need-to-know-about-micro-transactions/

Guthixian cache gives good experience which is a D&D you can do. More info below



Guthixian Cache



Guthixian Cache is a D&D


Guthixian Cache requires the player to hop into an energy rift, found at any of the wisp colonies to collect memories of Guthix. It appears every hour. Type ;;gct to teleport to a energy rift.




Arriving there, players will find themselves in a large ancient room, with root covered walls hiding some kind of old-fashioned machinery. Roots and debris block a large doorway. At the centre of the room a raging and turbulent vortex swirls with the green energy




Bottles of various different sizes fill the shelves throughout the room, containing the precious memories of Guthix. The same way Divination is practised around Gielinor, those memories must be thrown into the rifts to ease the damage the soul of the world has suffered. Automatons will try to stop you from reaching the rift, so be careful.




To subdue automatons, players can select the "Transform" option available by clicking one of the four Statues of Cres located in the four corners of the room. Players will then assume the Power of Cres which transforms the player into Cres and grants the ability to temporarily subdue NPC automatons.


Players can only stay transformed for 60 seconds until the Power of Cres fades or if they click on the statue again. You can now help other players throw in the bottle in to the rift without getting hit by the automatons







Based on your performance. How many bottle you have put in the rift/ how many automaton you have disabled will determent the amount of points you will received at the end of the D&D, thus how much Divination Experience you will get.


For further info follow link below


Link: https://runescape.wiki/w/Guthixian_Cache



Congratulations on achieving level 99 Divination! You are now one step closer to maxing your account!


How about getting 120 and achieve the master cape?

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