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The ninja log might look big, but there's nothing game-changing in here. Lots of quality of life & fixes mainly.

This one includes some contents of the previous ninja log: https://velheim.com/community/index.php?/topic/1750-n

A full update log can be expected sometime early February!


Upgraded cache revision to 916 (latest RS update from 01/25/2021 (credits to https://www.rune-server.ee/members/excl150/ from rune-server for providing the updater patch)). For best performance it is recommend to re-download the client and delete all existing cache folders! The cache folders can be located in your: User folder -> 'VelheimRSPScache'



  • Increased the chance at which materials are gained when Screening Soil at the Archaeology campus;
  • You can now acquire an 'Invitation box' item from Silvarea, near a chest. The item can be used to teleport to the Empyrean Citadel for multiple Material cache types;


Combat - Player

  • Inquisitor's staff, Hexhunter bow and the Terrasaur maul wil now correctly function against the NPC's they were meant to be used for (NPC-class defining is now grabbed directly from the cache);
  • Two-handed weapons second strike will now deal slightly less damage than your current max-hit;
  • Slightly increased the penalty you receive for using higher tier ammunition than your current ranged weapon's tier;


Combat - NPC

  • K'ril Tsutsaroth's prayer draining attack will now do soft typeless damage (up to 661 damage), used when target player has prayers active, plus the attack will drain players prayer in half;
  • Kree'Arra can now randomly move the player around the room (also made her tornado projectiles physically visible);
  • Seeker charms no longer guarantee a Superior Soulgazer's spawn, instead, it'll only increase the chance;
  • Kal'gerion Demons will now follow close and will be able to attack with their melee attacks from a-far;
  • Added another check for when killing Entities; if the killer (most damage outputting entity) ends up as someone's Familiar then the killer would be set to the familiar's owner;
  • Queen Black Dragon's timed attacks will no longer damage the player if: QBD is dead, QBD has finished, player has exited, or player has finished (logged out);



  • Improved on the Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) kill-count overlay: corrected all messed up components, the overlay can now be maximized/minimized, moved it slightly lower so the 'action options' can be seen properly (mouse hover options top-left);
  • Re-designed the 'Action Progress overlay' for it to fit nicely into the top-left corner of your screen;
  • Edited Araxxor's text overlay displaying information about your current fight status so it does not overlap with the buff overlay;
  • Added a privacy mode setting to the extra account settings game tab. Disabling this will no longer allow other players to examine you;
  • The Bank interface should now function much smoother than before;


Guthixian Cache

  • Switching game tabs while in the Guthixian cache mini-game will now properly refresh the Quest Journams game tab on re-open;
  • Cache reward boosts will now be doubled if you own the Divinization game perk;



  • Removed Vorago's public room, instance dialogue's spawn speed options and reduced the instance cost to 250k. Ironmen can now join other player instances since this is a group boss;
  • Items that require divine charge to be augmented (end-game degrade-ables) can now be augmented when the item is in used or broken states;
  • Added a Grand Exchange offer check for transferring donations. Players will have to cancel out all active offers before transferring;
  • Added the Christmas Loot beam token along with the beam it-self activate-able from the beam options in Account Settings interface (Quest Tab);
  • Superior Slayer monsters will now announce as their original NPC's name when: received a rare drop item, increase kill counts;
  • All help friend chat sent messages will be seen in other help chats (ie. being in help 2 will also send your message to help 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.);
  • Increased the War's Retreat boss portal attune coin price to 500k;
  • Removed the numpad ability to load presets as for some reason the key values are the same of the arrow keys;
  • Added Rock Elemental NPC's to the Elemental Workshop. They will be able to drop ALL elemental equipment;



  • Augmented Inferno adzes may now be used for Mining;
  • Fixed the Dwarf multi-cannon 'instant-break' (forgot to set the timer back from my testing);
  • Nex's minions will now drop their loot 1 tile closer to the middle so the player could pick it up;
  • The Cresbot item can now be 'poked' to unlock the Cresbot pet;
  • Custom-fit trimmed spiked masterwork can now be augmented;
  • Mizuyari can now be repaired with Bob;
  • War's Retreat will no longer teleport you inside the Zaros chamber next to Nex's entrance in the Godwars Dungeon if you do not have a frozen key with charges;
  • Repairing Reaper jewellery will now change the item to its trade-able version if it gets charged to 100%;
  • Manifested Knowledge's will now grant Lamp-based EXP rather than the regular formula (game-mode modifier will still apply to the EXP given);
  • Camo cosmetics (ones from the Random Event) can no longer be traded;
  • Made sure a lot of Diango items no longer conflict with Construction's Costume Room containers;
  • Ironmen may now join other player Elite Dungeon instances;
  • Teleport override tokens are now trade-able;
  • Dungeoneering Puzzle rooms that require player to have a boosted level now properly checks for player's virtual level as well as any boosts obtained from potions;
  • Dragon Trinkets should now correctly note dragon bone drop's, and will no longer work on other 'bones' when killing dragons (ie. big bone drop from RDT will be ignored now);
  • The Enhanced Excalibur will now equip as a shield rather than a weapon;
  • Using teleport spells that do not require any runes will no longer send messages of your runes being saved by any means;
  • The Assist system should now work for most item combination level requirements (let me know if there's more missing);
  • Kurask, Cockatrice & Basilisk heads are no longer trade-able;
  • Woodcutting will now properly check for object's menu options, and will now only class as a Woodcutting option if the object contains a Chop down entry;
  • Noted degrade-able items will no longer break when touching the floor;
  • The Attuned Ectoplasmator will now degrade correctly when out of charges;



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