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  • Question: How do I teleport back Home to the starting area?
  • Answer:

You can teleport back home to the starting area by typing ;;home or using the quick command "Ctrl+h"


  • Question: How do I teleport around the map?
  • Answer:

You can access the teleport menu by clicking on the H, located in the top right corner by the minimap.

Can also access it by typing ;;train or the quick command "Ctrl+T"


You can also use the Teleport portal at home.


The teleport Menu has a search function (magnifying glass in top right corner) which lets you search for a location or NPC.
There's different categories filled with most common teleports.
You also have the ability to add teleports to your favorite list for quick access. 


You can also use the Lodestone Network to quickly get around the map.
It's located in magic spell-book tab - Home teleport


At last you have all the regular Runescape teleports. This includes rings/amulets/teleport tabs/regular teleport spells etc.

Can find all teleports HERE

  • Question: How do I teleport to my house and start construction?
  • Answer:

Search for Rimmington in the teleport menu and go through the teleport to access your house. Make sure to be on building mode if you want to start constructing/training the skill.



Talk to the estate agent if you want to change the look of your house. The agents are in the same place as on RS:

Find more info HERE



  • Question: How do I teleport to Anachronia?
  • Answer:

You can access Anachronia by either typing ;;Anachronia in chat or by searching for Anachronia in the Teleport menu.


  • Question: How do I access the Deep Sea fishing area? (Sailfish,Minnows)
  • Answer:

To access the Deep sea fishing area you first need to teleport to the Fishing Guild.


Then talk to Goomah located just south of the Bank


He will teleport you to the Deep sea fishing hub.
If you open the minimap, you can find the location of each fish type.


  • Minnows fishing requires level 68.
  • Swarm fishing requires level 68.
  • Fishing frenzy requires level 94.
  • Jellyfish requires level 68 for green blubber jellyfish and 91 for blue blubber jellyfish.
  • Sailfish requires level 97.


  • Question: How do I teleport to the Lost Grove?
  • Answer:

Search for The Lost Grove in the teleport menu



Lost Grove is the location for 3 slayer creatures.

  • Vinecrawlers, requiring 104 slayer.
  • Bulbous crawlers, requiring 106 slayer.
  • Moss golems, requiring 108 slayer.

It's also the location of Solak.

If you're on slayer task the slayer master can teleport you directly to your task for a fee.
For more info regarding this, look below in the Slayer section.


  • Question: How do I teleport to the slayer master or slayer task?
  • Answer:

To teleport to the slayer masters type ;;slayer, there you have access to all slayer masters including Manderith for Wilderness slayer and Death's hour glass for Reaper tasks.


Each Slayer master has an option to teleport you directly to your task for a fee unless you have the preslaysion perk, if you have the perk then the teleports are free.


The best way to find the location of your slayer task monster is to use the ;;wiki command.

Example if you have bats as your slayer task type ;;wiki bats.


This will bring up the wiki page for bats and show all locations where you can find them.

You can also see the most common Slayer monsters location HERE

Tip: Use the search function in the teleport menu. Many slayer monsters/dungeons etc will come up when you search for it.


  • Question: Where are the stores/shop and how do I access them?
  • Answer:

Majority of the shops are located at ;;home. You can see which npc sells what HERE

Grand exchange sells most items you're looking for.
To see what other players are selling click on the Player Listings



Majority of the Runescape stores around the map works.

So if you're an ironman or looking for a specific item that you can't find use the Runescape Wiki.

You can type ;;wiki (search) in chat to open that wiki page.
Example: ;;wiki sword

  • Question: How do I teleport to Prifddinas?
  • Answer:

Prifddinas is the capital of the elves.

To enter prifddinas you need a total level of 1850 or buy the game perk called Mellon for 200vc, which removes the total level requirement. (Virtual levels do not count in the 1850 requirement)

With the Mellon perk you can type ;;priff into chat to quickly teleport to Prifddinas.
With the Mellon perk you can use all the different Prifddinas teleports, example Prifddinas agility course teleport etc.

Without the perk, the quickest way to access Prifddinas is to use the Lodestone network.
Which is located Magic spellbook - Home teleport - Prifddinas


Here is an overview of Prifddinas


  • Question: How do I teleport to the abyss?
  • Answer:

Start at Edgville (use the lodestone to teleport to Edgville).

Then cross Wilderness and run North East along the river until you see the Mage of Zamorak.
Speak to him and he will teleport you to the Abyss
Beware that you can get PK in the wilderness

The following monster can be found in the abyss.

  • Abyssal guardian (combat level: 79)
  • Abyssal walker (combat level: 77)
  • Abyssal leech (combat level: 72)



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  • Question: Where are the slayer masters?
  • Answer:

To teleport to the Slayer masters typing ;;slayer into chat.

(see the teleport section on how to teleport to your task)


  • Mandrith(Wilderness) is a Slayer Master focused on the Wilderness, requiring level 85 Slayer and a Combat Level of 120 to use. All his tasks - called Slayer Bounties, though they function the same as normal Slayer tasks (i.e. cannot have a bounty and a task active at the same time) - are for monsters that are in the Wilderness, and can only be completed in the Wilderness.


  • Laniakea is a Slayer Master located on Anachronia. Receiving slayer assignments from her requires level 90 Slayer and level 120 Combat, making Laniakea the highest level Slayer Master available. Compared to Morvran, she does not assign desert strykewyrms, grotworms, nechryael, TzHaar, or waterfiends. Instead, she can assign "cluster" tasks where the player can kill any monster falling under that category (e.g black dragons in a generic dragon task) to complete the assignment.


  • Morvran Iorwerth is the nephew of the late Lord Iorwerth. He can be found in the Iorwerth Clan district of Prifddinas, and acts as the second highest level slayer master in the game, requiring 85 Slayer, a combat level of 120.


  • Kuradal is the third highest level Slayer Master, the daughter of Duradel, and the current holder and seller of the Slayer cape. She is found in the Ancient Cavern. Players need at least 75 Slayer and a Combat level of 110 or more to obtain a slayer assignment from her. She keeps many of the monsters she assigns in a nearby dungeon.
  • 20wgDyQ.png
  • Duradel is the fourth highest level Slayer Master and the father of Kuradal. Players must have at least level 50 in the Slayer skill, 100 combat. Duradel is found on the 1st floor north of Fernahei's Fishing Hut in Shilo Village.


  • Turael is the lowest level Slayer Master, along with his daughter Spria. Turael resides in Burthorpe, just north of the lodestone and south of the castle. Unlike other Slayer Masters, there are no Slayer or combat level requirement for players to receive Slayer assignments from him.


  • Mazchna (pronounced Mash-ner) is a low-level Slayer master located in north-eastern Canifis, very near the Canifis lodestone. He will give slayer assignments to any player with a combat level of 20 or above. Mazchna is noted for usually giving assignments close to his area.


  • Vannaka is a medium-level Slayer master. Vannaka is also one of the NPCs associated with the Varrock achievements. According to Duradel, another Slayer Master, Vannaka was once a student of his, and does not wish to challenge him due to his master's great skill.[1]
  • Vannaka can be found in Edgeville Dungeon southeast of the wilderness entrance at the slayer master icon . He gives Slayer assignments to members with a combat level of 40 or higher.


  • 6gW1yuY.png
  • Chaeldar (pronounced Kay-ull-dar) is the fifth most-advanced slayer master in RuneScape. She is found in the throne room of Zanaris, directly south of the entrance from the Lumbridge Swamp. She gives out mid-level Slayer tasks which may only be attempted by players with a combat level of at least 75.


  • Sumona is an incarnation of Amascut found in the north of Pollnivneach, in a house south-east of the magic carpet transport spot.
  • Sumona becomes a new Slayer Master (with 90 Combat and 35 Slayer)

Soul Reaper, also known as Boss Slayer or Reaper Task, is a daily activity.

It involves the player helping Death harvest the souls of various boss monsters, as, in Death's words, there is an imbalance in the harmony of life and death — specifically, there is too much life. It requires level 60 combat to start. Death tasks players with "reaping" various boss monsters in special assignments, which reward Slayer experience and reaper points that can be spent on a number of things, including hydrix gems, a new title, and a set of cosmetic gear. Found more info on the Reaper FAQ.

Special tasks: IF you get black dragons you can kill king black dragon etc.


You can see which monsters the Slayer Master gives by Right clicking and Examine the Slayer Master.


  • Question: Where is Reaper (Death store)?
  • Answer:

Type ;;slayer into chat and go through Death's hourglass, to get into Death office.


Once in Death office you can speak to Death to get your Boss Slayer task(Reaper task).

You can also pick up the physical Boss collection log on the floor.


You can find info regarding your boss slayer task in Noticeboard- scroll - Reaper information.
The amount of tasks that you can complete everyday Depends on your Donator Status.

No rank: 4 Tasks.
Sapphire: 5 Tasks.
Emerald: 6 Tasks.
Ruby: 7 Tasks.
Diamond: 8 Tasks.
Dragonstone: 9 Tasks.
Onyx: unlimited Tasks.
Hydrix: unlimited Tasks.


Most rewards are explained directly in the store. You get points by completing Tasks.


The book of Death requires: A cut hydrix and 4 Death notes are used to make the book. This requires level 80 Crafting.
Info: The Book of Death is a reward from Death's Store. It is a pocket slot item that grants combat stats and provides a small chance to instantly kill monsters or deal damage to bosses.

Hydrix is used to make some of the best amulets/bracelet/rings in game.

Uncut hydrix is an uncut gem made by combining a cut onyx with an incomplete hydrix. It can be cut into a hydrix at 79 Crafting,

A hydrix is a gem made by cutting an uncut hydrix with a chisel at 79 Crafting, It is used with a gold bar to make hydrix jewellery, currently the most powerful jewellery in the game. It can also be cut further into hydrix bolt tips.

  • Question: How do I access the Sophanem Dungeon and kill Corrupted creatures?
  • Answer:

Sophanem Dungeon is the location of Corrupt creatures and Magister

You're required to have at least 88 in Slayer to be able to enter the dungeon.

You can find the the teleport option in the Tp Menu - Slayer - Sophanem Dungeon.



Before entering Talk to the Trader and buy a couple of feathers of Ma'at.

To kill the monsters in this dungeon (barring the Magister and his summoned akhs), the feather of Ma'at is required in the player's inventory. One is consumed for each kill.

A feather is automatically consumed when any of the above monsters reaches 0 health, and may simultaneously deposit any loot received.




Dungeon Layout



  • Question: How do i start a Wilderness slayer task?
  • Answer:


Mandrith is a Slayer Master focused on the Wilderness, requiring level 85 Slayer and a Combat Level of 120 to use.

All his tasks - called Slayer Bounties, though they function the same as normal Slayer tasks are for monsters that are in the Wilderness, and can only be completed in the Wilderness.


You can teleport to the slayer master by typing ;;slayer into chat.




  • Question: How do i craft a Slayer Helmet?
  • Answer:

slayer helmet

The slayer helmet is a single item worn in the head slot that combines multiple pieces of protective and beneficial Slayer gear. It may be assembled after a player spends 400 Slayer points to learn how to craft one. In addition, it requires level 55 Crafting and level 35 Slayer


The slayer helmet combines the effects of several pieces of head slot Slayer equipment



Make sure that the black mask is uncharged, you can right click and remove the charges.

A charged black mask won't work. Will all the item in your inventory right click and use one item with another to create the slayer helmet.

Full slayer helmet

The full slayer helmet is a level 20 slayer helmet with bonuses equivalent to a hybrid iron full helm. It is made by combining a focus sight, hexcrest, and slayer helmet by using one on any of the others. This requires level 55 Crafting (unlocked for 400 Slayer points)


  • Question: Slayer items/Equipment
  • Answer:

Slayer items/Equipment

  • th3whFN.png Clicking on the gem selects the 'Activate' option to allow a player to contact the slayer master that has assigned them their current slayer assignment.
  • FOKUrst.png A face mask is a Slayer item requiring level 10 Slayer to wear It. Must be worn when fighting dust devils otherwise they will dramatically decrease players' stats.
  • usHSms4.pngEarmuffs are a piece of Slayer equipment used to protect against banshees' screams. They require 15 Slayer to wear
  • 2z6hN0a.pngBags of salt are used to finish off rockslugs
  • KF4HO5d.png An ice cooler is a Slayer item used to kill Desert Lizards once
  • SxhR9Mm.png A mirror shield isused for fighting cockatrices and basilisks, requiring 20 Defence and 25 Slayer to wield. While fighting these monsters, the shield must be equipped, or the player's stats will be drastically reduced.
  • 7EfYtMq.png A fishing explosive is a Slayer item used for luring mogres out of the water. Mogres are often killed for flippersThe explosives must be "used" on any of the three "Ominous Fishing Spots" on the peninsula of Mudskipper Point, located south of Port Sarim.
  • aITedA2.png The unlit bug lantern is a piece of Slayer equipment required to combat harpie bug swarms; without a lit bug lantern equiped all attacks against them will be ineffective. The lantern is equipped in the off-hand slot, thereby disabling the use of two-handed weapons. Despite being a "lantern", this item cannot be used as a light source.
  • 9jl2CCP.png The spiny helmet is a helmet designed to protect the player from the attacks of a wall beast, located in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. It requires level 5 Defence to equip, and provides stats consistent with a low-level helmet
  • 9xN62yH.png The witchwood icon is a necklace designed to protect players from the screams of cave, unspeakable and sea horrors It requires level 35 Slayer to equip and negates the horrors' special attack.
  • dCKSBG4.pngInsulated boots are a piece of Slayer equipment worn to safely fight killerwatts, requiring a Slayer level of 37 to wear.
  • Xgnh650.png A Slayer bell is a piece of Slayer equipment that can be rung to lure molanisks off walls. A Slayer level of 39 is required to operate this item.
  • T9jp8gX.pngSlayer gloves are a piece of Slayer equipment used to fight fever spiders. They require a slayer level of 42 to be equipped.
  • c804YFw.png The leaf-bladed spear It is used to kill turoths and kurasks as an alternative to Slayer Dart, a leaf-bladed sword, broad arrows and broad-tipped bolts. Level 55 Slayer and level 50 Attack are needed to wield the spear. It has similar stats to the rune spear, but strikes quicker, making its damage closer to a tier 60 weapon
  • g47ijE1.pngBroad arrowsare the only arrows that can be used to slay Turoths and Kurasks. They require 55 Slayer and 50 Ranged to fire. They require at least a standard magic bow to fire, and are equivalent in damage to god arrows.
  • yf3wBaa.pngFHHQJGz.png The crossbow equivalent of broad arrows used to kill turoth and kurasks. They can be finished by adding feathers to them at level 55 Fletching, road bolts require level 55 Slayer and 50 Ranged to be equipped
  • 79r9HZq.png Broad arrowheads are used to make broad arrows, needed in Slayer to kill turoth and kurasks. Provided the ability has been purchased with 300 Slayer points, broad arrowheads can be combined with headless arrows at level 52 Fletching
  • tsgcOhe.png The Slayer's staff is a Magic staff which requires level 50 Magic and level 55 Slayer to wield. It is required to cast the Slayer Dart spell.
  • XfiDeJo.pngFungicide spray is a Slayer item used to fight Mutated Zygomites throughout Zanaris.
  • JFUPalp.png The Nose peg requiring level 60 Slayer to wear. When worn, the peg protects the player from the special attack of the aberrant spectre.
  • E2BUeVZ.png A rock hammer is slayer equipment that is required to kill gargoyles. While damage can be done to them with a regular weapon at 75 Slayer, the hammer must be used on gargoyles to finish them off
  • Question: How does Co-op slayer work?
  • Answer:

th3whFN.png First off you need to but an enhanced gem

Make sure both you and your partner don't have an active task.

Then right click and choose the "use" option on the player you want to invite for slayer task







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  • Question: How do I make money/gp?
  • Answer:

A good way to start getting some GP is thieving the stalls at home.

otherwise check out this guide on money making methods

Money Making Guide

  • Question: How do I increase my drop rate?
  • Answer:

You're drop rate depends on your game mode.

Game modes

  • Regular x200 EXP, No drop-rate boost.
  • Novice x50 EXP, +2,5% drop-rate boost.
  • Classic x2 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost.
  • Ironman x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost.
  • Hardcore Ironman x10 EXP, +7,5% drop-rate boost.
  • Ultimate Ironman x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost.
  • Group Ironman x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost.

You can increase the drop rate further by using luck items.

Luck Items

Tier 1: Ring of luck, strung rabbit foot.
Tier 2: Ring of wealth, leprechaun hat, luck potion.
Tier 3: Ring of fortune, enhanced luck potion.
Tier 4: Luck of the dwarves, Hazelmere's signet ring
(Tier 4 is the best)

* Ring of luck is made by enchanting a Lapis lazuli ring.
* Ring of wealth is made by enchanting a Dragonstone ring.
* Ring of fortune is made by enchanting a Onyx ring.
* Luck of the dwarves is made through Invention and crafting.
It requires you to obtain an Alchemical onyx. Which requires 107 in Invention.
You can find it at the Inventor's workbench - Miscellaneous - Alchemical Onyx.

The Alchemical onyx requires - 50 Fortunate components which you can get by dissembling Treasure trail rewards(clue scroll rewards)
More info: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Fortunate_components

* Hazelmere's signet ring (Best luck ring in game as it has the possibility to double your drop)
The ring can be received from any monster with access to the rare drop table, including rewards from a Seren spirit. It is obtained from the "Super Rare" section of the rare drop table, requiring players to have tier 4 luck to receive it as a monster drop. In other words you need to have a Luck of the dwarves equipped to be able to obtain the Hazelmere's signet ring.

Further info on luck.
Link: https://runescape.wiki/w/Luck

Prestiging also increases your luck. Can find more info HERE

You can check the drop rate on bosses/monsters by Right-Clicking and Examine them.


  • Question: How do I automatically heal?
  • Answer:

To automatically heal when near a bank you need to enable Accept Aid
Which is located in Options tab - Accept Aid


Ironman game mode cannot use this option, they have to either use the Nurse at home or eat food.


  • Question: What is skilling fragments and how do I use them?
  • Answer:

Skilling fragments are used to make elite skilling outfits.

You will obtain skilling fragments once you have reached level 70 on that specific skill.

You can find the amount of fragments you have at Quest Journal- Currency Pouch



3,600 fragments are required to create each outfit piece; so 18,000 are needed to make one full outfit and 54,000 are required to make all three outfits, once you have made all three outfits you can combine them to get the best version of that skilling outfit.

The drop rate on the fragments increases with level.

  • At level 99, 2x the fragments drop.
  • At level 120, 3x the fragments drop.
  • At 200 million experience, 4x the fragments drop

You can make the skilling outfit at any Invention bench. Requires level 20 in Invention to make the outfit/s.


  • Question: How do I make Overloads?
  • Answer:

Overloads requires level 96 in Herblore to make, it can be boosted but not assisted.


Overloads are created by combining 3-dose extreme attack, extreme strength, extreme defence, extreme ranging, and extreme magic potions with a clean torstol.

Use the torstol on any of the 5 potions to make an overload.

Important has to be 3-dose and NOT 4-dose)




  •  Extreme Attack: 3-dose super attack potion and a clean avantoe
  • Extreme Strength: It is made from a 3-dose super strength potion and a clean dwarf weed.
  •  Extreme Defence: It is made from a 3-dose super defence potion and a clean lantadyme.
  • Extreme Ranging: It is made from a 3-dose super ranging potion and 5 grenwall spikes.
  • Extreme Magic: It is made from a 3-dose super magic potion and a ground mud rune.

The most common mistake is that people are trying to make an overload out of 4-dose. It has to be 3-dose.
You can decant from 4-dose to 3-dose at market by talking to Zahur at the Home area.



  • Question: How do I access Auras and how do I obtain Loyalty points?
  • Answer:

You can access Auras in Worn Equipment tab - Auras in bottom right corner.


Auras are bought with Loyalty points


You'll recieve loyalty points by just playing the game.

But it's recommended to vote for an increased amount of loyalty points over time
Type ;;vote in chat for it to open the voting page.

Once you have voted you can claim your voting books by typing ;;voted in-chat.
Now you will automatically more receive loyalty points.

Being too much afk will decrease the amount of loyalty points you'll obtain.

  • Question: How to I change spell book/prayer?
  • Answer:

You can change prayer and spell book at the Chaos altar.
There is one located at Home and one at Donator Zone(;;dz) and Diamond Donator Zone(;;ddz).



  • Question: How do I increase my bank storage?
  • Answer:

You can buy bank booster from Solomon or wise old man at Home.

A bank booster will increase your maximum bank size by +50 slots, up to a maximum of +250 (5 bank boosters);


Bank boosters can be bought with Velheim Coins or Loyalty Points



Diango will also store items for you.

He will take all kind of rare items from your bank to save up on space and place certain items in your house.



To increase the space even further you can build a cape rack, dress box, wardrobe,
armour case and treasure chest in your house.
When you have build these items in your house then Diango will automatically put the respective items in to the correct location.


Tip: You can access Diango storage from your bank by clicking on the house icon.


  • Question: How do I make a crystal hatchet/pickaxe?
  • Answer:

Lady Ithell will make a crystal hatchet or pickaxe for you.



She's located in the Ithell clan. West side of prifddinas


To make a crystal hatchet/pickaxes you need 4,000 harmonic dust and a dragon hatchet/dragon pickaxe in your inventory.

You can obtain harmonic dust from the harmonic harps in Ithell, from thieving Ithell clan members or Mystery boxes.

  • Question: How do I obtain a Demonic Skull?
  • Answer:

You can buy a Demonic skull from the Mage of Zamorak for 550,000 gp

Beware: "Having the skull equipped removes the usual Wilderness level rules. The wearer can be attacked by any other player, regardless of combat level, making the skull extremely dangerous for some players"


A demonic skull increases your XP gain in wilderness drastically.
To find out more follow the link below.

Demonic Skull

  • Question: Where can I get Hunter supplies?
  • Answer:

The Grand Exchange sells most hunter supplies.

If you're an ironman or still can't find what you're looking for then you can use any of Runescape hunter shops.

A good one is the one in Yanille
Use the Lodestone network and run east.


  • Question: Where can I get Farming supplies?
  • Answer:

Most common farming supplies equipment are in your Toolbelt.
Equipment tab - Toolbelt


If you're still missing an item check Grand Exchange
or use a farming shop located around the world.
A good one is the one in Catherby, use the lodestone network and run north-west.
Talk to Vanessa


You can buy a Magic secateurs and Magic watering can from the Wise old man at Home



You can buy the seedicide at the minigame shop for 360 Thaler



Most seeds can be bought from Grand Exchange.

Some higher-end seeds like Magic seeds are obtain from the world such as bossing/slayer creatures etc.
The master farmer in Draynor gives seeds when pick-pocket.

Check the Farming Guide for more info. Click HERE


To plant a tree you first need to make a sapling.
You can make a sapling by putting the tree seed into a plant pot with a watering can in your inventory


  • Question: Where is Player Owned-Ports and how do I start it?
  • Answer:

You can access the Player Owned-Ports through the teleportation menu.
Miscellaneous - Player Owned-Ports.

Go through the port portal.

To start Ports:
The Player is required to have level 90 in at least one of the following skills (boosts do not work)

To start:

Talk to The Partner just by the portal.

Here you can maintain your ships and claim their rewards.
Ships will be away for certain time depending on your choice.

If successful you will receive chime(ports currency) and ports resources which is used to make the ports gear.

To see the progress on your ship/s and how much supplies you have gather - Read the Noticeboard


You can speak to the Trader to get

  • Loyalty titles.
  • Exchange chime for resources.
  •  Exchange resources for Equipment.


More info here

  • Question: How do I make flasks/crystal flasks?
  • Answer:

First teleport to the Red sandstone.
Teleport menu: Under mining - Red Sandstone

Mine the Red sandstone(requires level 81 in mining) until you have a full inventory.


Then use the rock-passage shortcut to get to Oo'glog village.
(requires 29 in agility)


Once inside run South-West until you come across the Robust glass-machine.


Fill it with your sandstone to make Robust glass.

With the Robust glass you can finally craft flasks. Flasks can hold 6 doses.

Crystal flask has a similar method but it's in prifddinas.
Once in priff, run west until you get to the Ithell clan

(Check the teleport section on how to to teleport to priff.


  • Question: How do I make Dragonbane bolts?
  • Answer:

BaLFqub.pngDragonbane bolts are bolts made to kill dragons, requiring 60 Ranged to wield.

When used against dragons, these bolts deal 40% more damage

Dragonbane bolts do not work on skeletal wyverns, as they are not classified as dragons.

Making the bolts:
First you need to obtain kSV5ErU.pngBanite ore which requires level 80 in mining.
You can find
kSV5ErU.pngBanite ore in the Glacor Cave mines.


Once you recived some Banite ore you need to make
eVd5TxO.pngdragonbanite ore.
To make
eVd5TxO.pngdragonbanite ore you're required to have 87 in Magic (boostable).

Use the Tune Bane Ore Lunar spell on an item from a dragon, such as dragon bones or dragonhide in your inventory.

This will turn kSV5ErU.pngBanite ore in your inventory into eVd5TxO.pngdragonbanite ore. The dragon item used will not be lost.

(can change spell book at chaos altar)




Now go to a furnace.

Click on Dragonbane bar.

Make Dragonbane bars out of the dragonbanite ore.


Next step is to Deposit the Dragonbane bar into either the furnace or the forge.


Now got to an Anvil and chose Kethsian Smithing and make Dragonbane Bolts(unf)


Now attach feathers to the bolts to make dragonbane bolts.



  • Question: How do I obtain a Godbook and how do I upgrade it?
  • Answer:

First head to the Lighthouse:

Use the Barbarian Outpost Teleport in the TP Menu.

Agility - Barbarian Outpost.


Run North West and cross the Basalt rocks


Once In the Lighthouse go up the stairs once and talk to Jossik and he will give you a damaged holy book.


To Fix the book you're required to put 4 god pages HsxWaMc.png. Example

  • Saradomin page 1
  • Saradomin page 2
  • Saradomin page 3
  • Saradomin page 4

tBPJztv.png Once all pages are added you equip and use it.

You can add more pages to increase the charges for the special attack.


To upgrade it to the FQuxve5.png Illuminated God Book you need to head over to the Citharede Abbey.

Use the Jungle Strykewyrms teleport and run East.



Use the Book on the Book-making table and follow the 4 steps.

(caution: each step will take away some of your prayer points, so you may have to recharge your prayer, there is an altar in a room not far from the table. So if one step is not working it may be due to your prayer level/points being too low.) 

Do the following 4 steps.

  1. Copy text
  2. Embellish capitals
  3. Add colour
  4. Add gold leaf





  • Question: How do I make bakriminel bolts?
  • Answer:

The Bakriminel bolts have a Ranged requirement of 80. They can be fired with any crossbow, but due to its Ranged requirement, only the chaotic crossbow, royal crossbow, and other higher-level crossbows can use them at full strength.

Requirements to start:
Woodcutting level: 85
Fletching level: 93
Range level: Minimum 80.

If you meet these requirements then we first need to gather some U1H9bmN.png bakriminel bolts tips. From Mami Rimba.

You need the tips as you need to make the bolts nearby the bloodwood tree.

Otherwise it crumble to dust and you will lose all your progress/inventory.

Really important to NOT run away/teleport away from the tree until the bolts are fully made.

You can get the bolt tips by talking to Mami Rimba, located North of Edgeville lodestone




There are 3 locations in wilderness where you can chop bloodwood tree.

1. South of the Pirates' Hideout.


2. North-east of the Demonic Ruins.


3. Next to the Chaos Temple


Use the Teleportation menu - agility - wilderness course to get to pirates hide-out/demonic ruins bloodwood tree.

or Teleportation menu - wilderness - Chaos Altar



Time to get some logs!
Important note: if you step too far from the tree with the logs/bakriminel bolt shafts they will turn to dust.

That's why we got bakriminel tips, so can make the actual Bakriminel bolts on spot.



Once you have made all your Bakriminel bolts you can teleport or run away from the wilderness.

You can also enchanted the bolts to get even better version.
(For high End-pvm, most people make Ruby barkiminel bolts(e).

Find more HERE


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  • Question: How do I make and upgrade my Ore Box.
  • Answer:

Ore boxes are items that store metal ores. Initially, they can store up to 100 of each ore, increased by 20 for certain ores at certain Mining levels (see table below)

The first step is to make a bronze ore box then upgrade it to iron and so on all the way to Elder rune ore box.



  • Question: What's the Mining and Smithing Rework?
  • Answer:

Basic info

With the rework of the Mining and Smithing, means that it has some changes compared what you may be used to.

First of there are more ores, bars, pickaxes/Equipment and they are changed to fit more their respective tier. Example Runite ore which is a tier 50 armour used to require 85+ in mining and smithing. Now Runite ore is a tier 50, requiring 50 in mining and smithing.

Also Equipment/armour can be upgraded to a "+" version, example Elder rune pickaxe +3. By using the equipment on an Anvil(make sure the equipment is repaired if it has been used in combat)

Advance info

Smithing maintained its two distinct processes of smelting and smithing. A new metal bank was added to store ores and bars for use in smithing. The metal bank can be filled with regular or noted ores and bars, and can store up to two billion of each core ore and bar. When smithing, ores and bars are taken directly from the metal bank. However, items smithed are not deposited into the metal bank, so players must still bank these normally.

With the rework and the creation of new Bars/ores a lot of different secondary ores were created such as Luminite, Dragkolith, Phasmatite and more. The amount of coal needed was also reduced.

Both bane and iron bars now require two of their respective ores to create.

Furnace - The Ore bank

The furnace is used to smelt raw metal ores into bars.

It also has the Ore Bank were all your ores is stored.
Left click to Smelt and Right click to see more options, such as withdraw ores.


Forge - Metal Bank

It has the Metal Bank were all your Bars are stored.


The 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil is used to make Equipment from all the different Bars, it is also used to upgrade Equipment to a higher tier.
(Further info Below regarding upgrading)


The rework also added the ability to upgrade base items by adding more metal bars to them. Core metal items from iron to elder rune can all be upgraded, up to a maximum of five times for elder rune equipment. Each upgrade requires the previous item version (i.e. platebody +2 requires platebody +1 and one bar) and upgrades the item tier by +1 (i.e. mithril platebody is tier 30, but mithril platebody + 2 is tier 32). Upgraded items are distinct, usable items that have slightly better stats than their base counterparts.

To upgrade an item it has to be fully repaired, then use the 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil and click each respective tier to upgrade it.

Ore box
You can also make ore boxes which can store ores for you.
Follow the link below for the FAQ on ore boxes


  • Question: How do I smith new items?
  • Answer:

Best thing to do is to check the Mining and Smithing Guides.

Mining Guide

Smithing Guide


  • Question: How do I unlock masterwork armour?
  • Answer:

It requires 99 Smithing and completion of the It Should Have Been Called Aetherium achievement to create.

To unlock the ability to create a Masterwork armour, you have to make a full set of elder rune equipment + 5.

  • Requires 384 Elder rune bars


  • Question: How do I make masterwork armour?
  • Answer:


Masterwork equipment is a full set of degradable Power armour that requires 99 Smithing to create and 90 Defence to be worn. Masterwork armour is one of the best melee gear in game and a recommendation to obtain. Only the Trim Version is better.

First you need to unlock the ability to create a Masterwork armour, this is done by making a full set of elder rune equipment + 5.

  • Requires 384 Elder rune bars



To upgrade Use the 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil and upgrade it from each tier until you reach +5. (Remember that the item has to be fully repaired, otherwise it wont work. Bob at ;;home will repair it for a fee)

Masterwork Grind

Helpful Perks:

Coal Keeper(lets you save bars/ores)

Fe Forge(Reduces the iron ore requirement, Highly recommended)

Now to start the massive Masterwork Grind.

You need to obtain 600 of each bar. That will say Bars from fa6B4FQ.png Bronze up to FPsZxYU.png Elder rune.
Plus an extra q5xaReW.png12 Steel bars for O6btJ3n.png Rivets and v6APYkD.png 12 Leathers.



  • PVZugan.png Helm = 100 of Each Bar + 2 Extra Steel Bars + 2 Leather
  • Ft17kKB.png Platebody = 250 of Each Bar + 5 Extra Steel Bars + 5 Leather
  • AlFF2NQ.png Platelegs = 150 of Each Bar + 3 Extra Steel Bars + 3 Leather
  • qVLalI7.png Gloves = 50 of Each Bar + 1 Extra Steel Bars + 1 Leather
  • EgleIKC.png Boots = 50 of Each Bar + 1 Extra Steel Bars + 1 Leather

Ore Requirement

Lets start with the Required ores to make all the 600 bars.

  • 41knnQS.png Copper Ore: 600
  • XD9Wamj.png Tin Ore: 600
  • kGGgNom.png Iron Ore: 1800(1200 if you have the Fe Forge Perk)
  • 9tBbh2k.pngCoal Ore: 1200
  • BJPfNoi.png Mithril Ore: 600
  • 6fzw6m4.pngAdamantite Ore: 600
  • 4rN1Pf4.png Luminite: 1800 ( or 2184 if you don't have Elder Rune +5 Equipment)
  • G8pCgK3.png Runite Ore: 1200 (or 1584 if you don't have Elder Rune +5 Equipment)
  • iLHL1rb.png Orichalcite Ore: 600
  • 2BlekAT.png Drakolith: 600
  • kzLKCvv.png Necrite: 600
  • sABzYHs.png Phasmatite: 600
  • VpiVM31.png Banite: 1200 (2 ores per bar)
  • Jy0YaAB.png Light Animica: 600 (or 984 if you don't have Elder Rune +5 Equipment)
  • fYlwGIB.png Dark Animica: 600 (or 984 if you don't have Elder Rune +5 Equipment)

Now it's time to smelt all those ores into bars and store them in the Furnace/Forge.

You can now make the 12 Required eTb98ag.png Glorious bars. Each eTb98ag.pngGlorious bar requires 50 of each bar from Bronze to Elder rune.
Thus the 600 bars total Requirement.

You can click on any ore in the Forge to get up the eTb98ag.pngGlorious bar Option.

The 12 Extra Steel bars is used to make the O6btJ3n.png Masterwork Rivets. 10 Rivets per steel bar.



With the following items in your inventory you can now Make the Masterwork armour

  • 120 O6btJ3n.png Masterwork rivets
  • 12 v6APYkD.pngLeather
  • 12 eTb98ag.pngGlorious Bars
  • FPsZxYU.png Elder rune +5 Equipment

Use the Elder rune +5 Equipment on an 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil to create each corresponding Masterwork Equipment.

Congratulations on your Masterwork Armour. How about getting the Trim version(T92)?

Trim Masterwork Armour
To make a Trim Masterwork armour you're first required to obtain the Normal Masterwork armour.


  • NIzBjxC.png Trim Helm = PVZugan.png 1x Masterwork Helm + 2x Masterwork trims.
  • cwGj0kF.png Trim Platebody = Ft17kKB.png1x Masterwork Platebody + 5x Masterwork trims.
  • kwTvsm4.png Trim Platelegs = AlFF2NQ.png1x Masterwork Platelegs + 3x Masterwork trims.
  • pam3XUx.png Trim Gloves = qVLalI7.png1x Masterwork Gloves + 1x Masterwork trims.
  • xpqzFO5.png Trim Boots = EgleIKC.png1x Masterwork Boots + 1x Masterwork trims.


TMm72Vo.png Masterwork Trim TMm72Vo.png

TMm72Vo.png Masterwork trim is made by combining an FPsZxYU.pngelder rune bar, one RBX2G6b.pngmalevolent essence, and one Q4yHckW.png praesulic essence at any anvil.

You're required to obtain 12 Masterwork trim. Which is:

  • 12 RBX2G6b.png Malevolent Essence
  • 12 Q4yHckW.png Praesulic Essence
  • 12 FPsZxYU.png Elder rune bars

Breaking down Equipment refers to using the item on an 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil to create the respective essence.

Example Torva boots on an anvil to create 1x Q4yHckW.png Praesulic Essence.


RBX2G6b.pngMalevolent Essence It is made from breaking down a piece of malevolent armour

Essence per Piece. (Ticks is Irrelevant for us)

Q4yHckW.pngPraesulic Essence It is made from breaking down a piece of torva equipment

Essence per Piece. (Ticks is Irrelevant for us)

Once all items are obtained use the Masterwork armour on an 9lmJLCJ.png Anvil to upgrade it to Trim version, remember it has to be fully repaired for it to work and to have TMm72Vo.png 12 Masterwork trim in your inventory.

Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Armour

You're required to have a full Trimmed masterwork armour first.

  • Custom-fit Trimmed masterwork armour will now degrade 50% slower, and not degrade at all when incoming damage's source is your current Slayer task's NPC or Reaper task's NPC;

Teleport to the Artisan's Workshop and talk to Elof by the entrance.



Custom-fit Trimmed Spiked Masterwork Armour

You're required to have a full Custom-fit Trimmed masterwork armour and 1 eTb98ag.png Glorious bar.

  • You can now Spike your full custom-fit trimmed masterwork armour (which is only a cosmetic change) in exchange for 1 Glorious bar, this change also retains any augmented parts and perks on existing equipment pieces;
  • Both new versions of the armour may now be repaired with Bob, and platebodies/platelegs augmented and repaired;

Teleport to the Artisan's Workshop and talk to Elof by the entrance.




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  • Question: Where do I start Invention/where is Invention guild?
  • Answer:

Players can start by going to the Invention Guild, north-east of the Falador lodestone.


At the lodestone run North-East to the Invention Guild


Once you have enter the Invention Guild you can now access the Inventor's Workbench.
Remember that Invention is an Elite skill and requires, to start.

  • 80 Smithing
  • 80 Crafting
  • 80 Divination

More info:

Invention Guide

Perk Creation Guide

Recommended starting Perks


  • Question: How do I disassemble items?
  • Answer:

Best way is to use the Disassemble spell in your spell book. Then use it on an item to dissemble it.

(it can be noted items).
You can also use the item on a Inventor's workbench.

  • Question: How do I train Invention?
  • Answer:

Check out the invention guide for in-depth information on how to train the skill

Invention Guide


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  • Question: How do I teleport to Daemonheim(Dungeoneering)
  • Answer:

You can find the teleport in the Misc - Daemonheim or use the HOXxYXk.pngRing of Kinship


  • Question: I have lost my ring of kinship, how do I get a new one?
  • Answer:

Make sure you check your bank first as it's the most common mistake.

You can find the teleport in the Misc - Daemonheim


Run north to the entrance and speak to the Dungeoneering tutor to receive a new HOXxYXk.pngRing of Kinship.


  • Question: How do I get an off-hand chaotic Weapons and more Dungeoneering items?
  • Answer:

To get an off-hand chaotic weapons+more talk to Sonje, she's next to the normal Dung store




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  • Question: I'm lagging/stuttering, how do I fix?
  • Answer

Let start with opening the console and see if it is anything that stick out from the norm.


You can open the console by press on the ~ sign.
It may be different depending on your keyboard layout.
But it's the key above Tab, below Escape and next to the 1.


Type in displayfps and press enter.




Further information will be displayed by the minimap.



  • FPS: Frames per second(has to be at least 30+ for stable game-play) If it is too low try changing the Graphic settings to a lower setting.
  • PING: Your connection to the server. If the ping is very high or fluctuates a lot, then that means you're having a bad connection. Try disabling things that may use a lot of internet. A stable connection would be around 60ms or lower. Depends a bit where you're located and what your internet connection is.
  • Cache: Shows how many percentage of the cache you have downloaded. If it's below ~ 90%, then you may experience lag spikes. You have to wait until more of the cache is downloaded.
  • MEM: Refers to how much RAM memory you're using, it's recommended to have at least 4gb.

To remove it just type Displayfps once more in the console.


If nothing stick out from the norm than the most common issue is that you're running 32bit java instead of 64bit java.

How to check if I'm running 32bit or 64bit java.


In the search bar type "cmd"

Once cmd has been opened type the following.

Java -version




You should get a 64bit respond as shown on the picture.

If this is not shown, type in the following to make sure.


java -d32 -version


java -d64 -version



When typing java -d32 -version you should receive an error message as shown above. If you're using 64bit

This is how it's supposed to be if you're running 64bit java.

If you get the opposite

as shown on the picture below, then you're running 32bit.




Follow the information below on how to install the 64bit Java.

64bit can use more power from your system, in other words that it can use more RAM


(32bit system can access only 4 GB of RAM)

So it's highly recommend to use 64bit java.

If you have 32bit java uninstall it from the control panel and install the 64bit.


Disclaimer depending which Internet software you're using you may actually download the incorrect version. Make sure it states 64-bits somewhere on the webpage.


And that the file you're downloading has x64 in it's name as shown below. Otherwise contact a Staff member and they will give you the correct one


  • Question: How do I find the User-Folder Location?
  • Answer:

tart by finding your File Explorer folder.

You may have this Icon on your taskbar or search for "file explorer" in your search bar.



Once it's opened click this small arrow to bring down a menu, in there you'll find your User-Folder



  • Question: My items/Inventory is invisible, how do I fix?
  • Answer:

Having issue seeing items in your Inventory and bank? Try the Guide below.

Invisible Items/Inventory Fix

  • Question: Screen Displacement/Mouse Displacement fix
  • Answer:

Having issues with screen not covering the client correctly and mouse not clicking where you're pointing?

Screen Displacement/Mouse Displacement Fix

  • Question: Client crashed, how do I fix?
  • Answer:

Having problem with Stutter and crashes? Make sure you're running 64bit java and not 32bit.

Check the guide below for more info:

Client Crash Fix

  • Question: Mac-Computer issues, how do I fix?
  • Answer:

Having problems playing Velheim on your Mac computer? Check this video out for a potential fix.

Mac Issues - Possible Fix

  • Question: I can't see any players.
  • Answer



Options contains a lot of different configurations for you.

Click the bottom right Icon called account options:



Account Options: Brings up a menu with a lot of different account options such as hiding other players etc.


Make sure the Display players in ticked on.

Return to the TOP

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