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Editing the original topic to properly introduce myself now that I've "settled in". Figured why not?

I'm Nico, a Finnish dude who enjoys proper software development, bad jokes and good beer,

I've been playing RS since 2003, but I don't have access to any of my old accounts anymore, so my current "main" is from 2007.

I've been programming pretty much ever since I got my first computer, so after I started playing RS properly, I founded the fansite Draynor.net (now defunct and closed down) that specialized in tools like dynamic signatures, custom calculators and planners, dynamic world map viewers and other fun stuff that we built when Jagex started the trusted fansite program. We were getting tens of millions of views on our dynamic signatures from all the other sites' forums and I think we had around 50k members on our own forums. Shit was nice.

Shortly after that I created the clan tracking site RuneHead.com (also defunct and closed down now), which was basically what RuneClan is nowadays. Had a monopoly but ran out of time due to working in the real world so I had to let both sites go.

I haven't done much RS related programming in a while, but I'm currently working on some tools for us to use here on Velheim, with stuff like experience tracking, banked xp calculators, skill references with easy to access for players of all game modes to quickly get up to speed on their accounts the right way.

So, a proper hello to everyone. Sorry for nulling the server. (Allegedly) Sorry for the jokes. No hard feelings.

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The older I get, the more everyone can kiss my ass.


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