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Locked Took a break from gaming yesterday to honor my special kitty


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You probably didn't seen Maxamillion online much lately. I took about 24 hours off of most gaming activities while mourning the loss of our special cat, Chester. Or as we sometimes called him, our Orange Boy.

He was adopted along with another cat when he was very small. The other cat, Chloe, took him under her wing like a mother, and the two had been practically like mother and son ever since. Even though he was our youngest cat in the household, he was the largest cat, and he was a very special part of our family.


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Sorry to hear about this man, I can understand dealing with the loss of a pet can be the same as losing a family member. While I don't personally own any pets there's two strays I often feed that I've named "today" and "tomorrow" (yeah...laugh at it) and I'd be truly devastated if I learned that anything bad happened to them. 

While we're not friends I would like to offer out my hand in support if you would like a friend to reminice about Chester I'd be happy to listen to your stories - my name in the Discord is the same as here. 

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