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Locked First day Zuk feedback - Difficulty.

Iron Tyrone

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This feedback is solely based on what I'm seeing in the community, and what has been told to me.
This thread will not mention the bugs, as those do not directly affect the difficulty of the content itself.

  • Hard Mode monsters should hit just a bit harder, they are a non-threat at most, if not all times - some prayer penetration would work (50% would likely be a sweet spot).
  • Challenge 2 (Wave 10): the Unbreakable TzekHaar-Ket just dies too quickly, it needs to have at least 3 times the HP it currently has, possibly 6 times for Hard Mode - paired with this, Normal Mode should ignore all damage under 650, and Hard Mode should ignore all damage under 900 (it's being one-shot in both Normal and Hard Modes).
  • Alchemist Keys are fairly abundant even in normal mode, lowering the GP given down to 300k (+-10%) would be a fair number.

If anybody has any more feedback in regards to the Zuk waves (do not include bugs, please and ty) - then feel free to comment below.

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UIM Dung Storage 1 day pls



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• Prayer pen on Hardmode, could be good and it’s doable; a lot of sustain from vamp and blood barrage on waves (Maybe a testing first, to see if what community thinks). Normal mode is just fine with no prayer pen, meant to be “normal” not hard.

• Challenge 2 (Wave 10) - Not so sure about this one, of course, could use a little buff and a X damage that need to be dealt, normal mode 650 it’s doable (for people that have at least ascensions and blights). Now about the 900s on Hardmode not so sure about this one, 900s or 900+ are most likely critical hits and idk if you’re going to be able to crit that much on that timer (Even with decimation spec or sbg spec), but as said above could be a change to see what community thinks about it and try it out (If not being “enjoyable” or “doable” a decrease from that number would be just fine).

• From my Zuk runs, tentacles have still high hp and they are machine guns. If you can’t 1 cycle Aken (Not possible 90% of the time), you’ll most likely die to tentacles and waste a run with 0 mechanics failed.






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Good morning,

yet again, im here on giving my truthful opinion! 

1rst point
You are right, hardmode should be a little bit harder. Do keep in mind that in rs3, hard mode basic drop is also increased to get more "value" of doing it. Hitting 50% more through prayer seems "fair" but still, I do not know how this will effect with zuk and tancles and jads. so I'd say overall through the whole fight, should be around the corner of 25-35% hitting through prayer. So players are not required best in-slot of everthing to succeed.

2nd point

2n Challenge, you're right, it's a little bit too easy.  Doubling the amount for hm should be just fine as per sometimes i'm even splashing with p6. x6 the hp should be way to much hard to beat.

3rd point

I agree with that, i'd say even 200k/keys and we'll still be balling.

2dWssCm - Imgur.gif

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