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Locked Quakey - Who... Am I?


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Greetings, Velheimers!

I wanted to make a post here and introduce myself. I've been a forum lurker for a while now and have been playing the game for a while longer than that.


About me:

As a gamer, I'm pretty much a casual. I play some competitive stuff, but for the most part I just enjoy turning on the game and relaxing.

In my real life, I am a Low Voltage Technician [In training]. I install and service commercial buildings' fire alarm systems, cameras, security systems, etc. Basically, anything to do with technology and wiring.

I have a cat named Sushi (photo at the end) and live in Minnesota, USA with my lovely Fiancée (No we have not set a wedding date yet, despite being engaged for 3 years now. Weddings are obnoxiously expensive!).


RuneScape and RSPS Specific Stuff:

I started playing RuneScape probably around 2005-2006. It was all the rage amongst kids at my school and I just had to have a slice. All those kids at school have now moved on to other things in life, but I am still here loving RS.

I first discovered private servers about 4-5 years after I started playing RuneScape. I was thrilled at the idea of a less-annoying grind and QoL adjustments that made me resent certain things in RuneScape itself.

I was hooked.

Reasons why I've stuck with Velheim:

  • Awesome community
  • Excellent laid-back playstyle
  • Super-duper dev work


Goals and ambitions:

I want to be the kind of player who is selfless and always willing to help.

Eventually if I can prove myself worthy, I'd like to join the Velheim team and contribute to the community in a more substantial way.


Closing notes:

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction, I hope to get to know you all, and don't hesitate to reach out and say hello once in a while!


Much love,





P.S. As promised, I present to you, Sushi!


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46 minutes ago, Ahoy said:

Vilkommer til Valheim!

Nice to see a pre 2007 scaper join our server and forum, hope you will stay for a while here fellow engaged person (I am engaged too but will marry in November).
Cats always a +1.

Congratulations to you! I definitely plan on sticking around for the long-haul. I'm hoping this is the end of a long road of trying things and that I've found my home in the RSPS ecosystem.

Thanks :)

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On 3/24/2024 at 2:30 AM, Almost Done said:

Hello sir! Glad you finally introduced, hope you enjoy your stay with all of us!

Anything you need, feel free to ask as well!




On 3/26/2024 at 8:22 PM, Sandstorm said:

Sushi's cute 🥰

Welcome to the forum side of Velheim friend!

Thank you, and she knows this fact. She uses it to her advantage constantly!

On 3/27/2024 at 9:04 AM, Hydronix said:

I'ma catnap your kitty. 

You can babysit next time we go on vacation :P

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