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Telos Guide


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Indept Telos guide on Velheim




Introduction to Telos


Telos Mechanics


Setup suggestions


Perks & Auras








Introduction to Telos

Telos is a high level end game boss that is worth learning due to the amount of money that can be made from killing him. It's for that reason I thought about making this guide - to help the players out learning the ropes of Telos. 

The first time facing Telos is always something special. You're nervous and you have to try to figure the mechanics out while also surviving the whole thing. But this is why we are here, to help you prepare you for the fight.



Telos Mechanics



1. Siphoning Tendrils (grip)

The first special attack we're going to look at is when Telos says the following line:

"Your anima will return to the source!"


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

The attack is all about Telos locking you down with his tendrils and then starts healing himself for 15 seconds.


How do we deal with this special attack?

There is only one option and that is to deal the required amount of damage or he will finish healing, which makes your kills that much longer.

Nothing in this attack is dangerous and I like to soulspilt to heal damage back.


Note worthy things about the special attack

At 0 enrage you need to deal 300 damage to break free. The damage needed to break free scales with your enrage.



2. Energy Sword (uppercut)

The second special attack we're going to look at is when Telos says the following line:

"Darude, give me strength!"



What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

Telos will charge up a big uppercut that will do typeless damage to the player. Depending on the enrage the damage will be greater. 


How do we deal with this special attack?

When Telos starts charging his uppercut you have time for a auto-attack (bow) or two-three (duel-wield) before moving away. You will quickly learn the timing of this attack, making it a easy attack to avoid.



3. Double Tap (stun)

The third special attack happens when Telos says the following line: "Hold still, invader."


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

This attack is one of the those attacks that many people get wrong and in return take alot of damage. 

When Telos says "Hold still, invader." he will slam his hand to the ground stunning the player, then stomp where the player is standing doing typeless damage. 


How do we deal with this special attack?

Thanks to Sandstorm we have a way to avoid getting stunned and jumped upon.
When Telos says "Hold still, invader." you equip a shield before he does the slam attack and you won't be stunned, then you are free to run away from his stomp attack.
Note that Telos will stomp where the player was standing when he did the slam attack.

4. Strong Anima Bomb (SO. MUCH. POWER!)


The fourth special attack is Strong Anima Bomb, it's also the hardest hitting special attack Telos has in terms of raw damage.

When Telos says "SO. MUCH. POWER!" he is about to fire his anima bomb at you. 


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack


When Telos has charged his Anima bar fully (100%), his next special attack will always be SO. MUCH. POWER. 
The attack will deal around 500 damage to the player.

How do we deal with this special attack?

There is no way to deal with this attack other than making sure to be high health.


Note worthy things about the special attack

Having one of the following spirit shield will make Strong Anima Bomb deal lower damage (takes prayer points, so make sure you have enough or it won't lower the damage): 

Acrane Spirit Shield

Elysian Spirit Shield

Divine Spirit Shield


5. Shockwave (Phase 3)

One of the most punishing special attacks Telos has access to. It can simply turn your kill into a living nightmare if not dealt with properly. 

Telos will only use shockwave while doing other special attack, the shockwave either comes as a single shockwave or 3 in a row.


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

When you're in phase 3 Telos will start with 50% anima bar, when Telos attacks this bar will go down. But if he stands in the red beam it will go up. Note that Anima-Golems will spawn in and send green attacks to Telos that also builds up his anima bar. 

Once Telos has above 55% on his anima bar he unlocks his shockwave ability. This ability is used everytime he does his other special attacks, which means that you can quickly come under heavy damage. 


How do we deal with this special attack?

The easiest way to work around this attack is simply making sure that Telos never touches the red beam and when the golems spawn you kill them. However you can also just focus on doing alot of damage to Telos and forget about the golems all together. This is only suggested if you can do the damage, because if you fail to burst Telos down you're in a lot of trouble. 


The quickest way to burst Telos down is by using Zaros Godsword's special attack and have it do continues damage to Telos while spamming Steel Titan's special attack on him aswell. This should make you able to kill phase 3 fast and hopefully without Telos getting to his shockwave.


The safer way is to clear the Anima-Golems whenever they spawn and to make sure you're standing in the red beam and avoid that Telos is in it. 



6. Virus (Phase 2, 3, 4 & 5)

The sixth special attack from Telos is his virus attack that he will use while doing the phase, note that this will only happen if your current Telos kill is 50 enrage or over.


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

After 3 auto-attack from Telos he will shoot out a virus to the player. The virus will do small damage over time and after some time it will explode dealing greater damage to the player. 


How do we deal with this special attack?

Once the player has been infected with a virus you run to the beam and stand in it and the virus will clear. As simple as that. 



7. Instant Kill (Phase 4 & 5)

Once you're bored of doing 0-99% enrage Telos and want to try doing higher enrages you have to fight Telos in phase 5. 


What is this it and how can we deal with it?


Breaking down the attack

When you get the message "Telos is charging a pure bomb. Use the to interrupt it!" he is about to hit you with insta-kill.



How do we deal with this special attack?

When you start phase 5 you will be attacked by a group of colored minions that spawned in phase 4. This time the minons that spawn are the same colour and the fonts from phase 4 is the key to surviving this attack. When the minions have spawned you run to the correct font and kill the minions. It's adviced to bring a Dragon Lance or Scythe to deal with this as they can hit mutiple targets at the same time. Once the font is charged you can continue killing Telos until he starts charging his insta-kill. Once he does you simple just run to the font and click it and repeat. 




Setup suggestions



There are many ways to kill Telos, but in this guide I will focus on doing it with Ranged combat style.

For the new Telos killers i will suggest setups under the three categories low/mid/high tier setup. There will also be a few examples on how to setup your inventory.



General things for you setup

  1. Always use Ruby(e) bolts for a chance to hit the sweet 1000 hits
  2. Always bring a Steel Titan and scroll
  3. Always bring a way to deal with minions on phase 4 and 5. (Dragon Lance/ Scythe or Blood Barrage)


Mid Tier Setups

With this tier setup you should be able to push your enrage up and over 100 without that much sweat. That said, you will want to learn the mechanics.


Setup example:



You can switch out the chaotic duals for a Royal crossbow (with royal bolts)

You can use partly Armadyl with other pieces of other gear if you have that. 

For the cape you can also go with a max cape or tok-haal-xil.


High Tier Setups

With this tier setup you can go far into the high enrage Telos kills were the real fun with Telos begins.


Setup examples:


Again it's possible to switch out dual ascension crossbows for bows like Noxious/Seren bow, I do recommend getting ascension crossbows as I have found them to be better.

You can go with ascension grips if you don't have cinderbane gloves.





The same goes for these setup, switch out what you feel is better. You will get a feel for it once you start getting more into Telos.


Inventory Setup

The inventory is funny since there isn't one right option for it. You can play around with the setup and make your own but I will provide some examples that is being used by player.




Notice in the inventory there is:

Shield switch (Divine in this case)

Dragon Lance (Nox Scythe is the better choice, while Crystal Halberd is the worse but is better than nothing!) 

Zaros Godsword to help with phase 3

Brews - (switching into flasks the higher enrage Telos gets)

Sailfish - (on lower enrage you can switch to sharks/rocktails/green or blue blubber jellyfish)

A summoning potion - This will help to restore the Steel Titans special attack so we can keep spamming it on phase 3


A holy overload potion - Overload and prayer renewal in on potion

A super prayer potion - If you get low on prayer during the fight, this will be a life saver




In this inventory we have a few more switches going on, so allow me to explain.

First of we have the same concept of in our switches with that being a weapon to do AOE damage on phase 4 and 5. A Zaros Godsword for phase 3, but in this inventory there is also a Seren Godbow and i will explain the reasoning for this now.

The Seren Godbow as a unique special attack as it shoots 5 arrows into the air and hits your target depending on how big it is. Phase 5 Telos is considered a 5x5 boss, meaning all arrows you fired from the Seren Godbow will hit Telos, making Seren Godbow a valid Special weapon to take with you to Telos. 


Other than that there isn't much going on in the inventory, a surpreme overload, a prayer renewal and a summoning potion.



Note to this inventory is that i use this for the very high enrages and is a overkill if you're just starting out doing Telos. 

There is a lot of switches in this inventory, but you do need a lot more damage to the minions on the last phases and you need the damage boost. 



Other than that, there is a adrenaline potion (at least a (2) dose), this is if you need special attack for phase 3. 

On really high enrages you need the prayer points, so bring enough super prayer potions to make sure you won't run out during the fight.

For runes you use the Large rune pouch that can be bought in the vote shop for 50 vote points, then put rune for blood barrage in the pouch and you can now cast blood barrage without using 3 inventory spaces. 


With this inventory I highly suggest using Vamp aura, as your food supply is highly limited over the other inventory options. 





Perks & Auras



Then we're talking about bossing there is always perks and auras that will help ease the kills. So I have put together some perks and aura suggestions that I would use at Telos.


Vampyrism (23.000 loyalty points)

The first one being Vampyrism, this aura is generally one of the best if not the best for all around bossing in the game. Vampyrism is my go to aura for doing high enrage Telos kills because I save a decent amount of food during the fight, ensuring I have enough for the later phases even if I mess up with mechanics.

Vampyrism heals you for 5% of the damage you deal to Telos and minions during the fight.


I suggest Vampyrism aura for when you're trying to push into higher enrages as it allows for a few more mistakes.


Sharpshooter (4.250, 16.750, 29.000, 57.000 loyalty points)

The next on is the Sharpshooter aura. The Sharpshooter aura comes in 4 different versions depending on how many loyalty points you have spent on upgrading it. 

The first unlock, Sharpshooter aura, gives 3% increased accuracy.

The second unlock, Greater Sharpshooter aura, gives a 5% increased accuracy.

The thrid unlock, Master Sharpshooter aura, gives a 7% increased accuracy.

The fourth and last unlock, Surpreme Sharpshooter aura, gives a 10% increased accuracy.


Keep in mind that if you want to unlock Surpreme Sharpshooter you have to unlock all the other variants before Surpreme first.



This aura is my go to aura for when im building up my killstreak at Telos, if im starting at lower enrages I don't want to waste my Vampyrism since the hits from Telos isn't that much damage.

So i suggest this aura for killstreak building but it does also work welll for high enrage kills, you just have to remember that you use more food per kill.


Dark Magic (42.500 loyalty points)

A great aura to pick up also as it does corruption damage to Telos. Whenever you attack Telos you have a chance to inflict corruption damage, this damage will do multiple hits before fading away. 


This aura can help in high enrage Telos kills as you get extra "free" damage done on Telos. 



There is a few perks that is nice to have when doing Telos, even more if you plan on camping Telos for a whole day.


Overclocking (800 VC)

This perk is simply amazing if you want to have most amount of uptime on auras. Active time on auras is 50% and cooldown is also 50% lower. With this you can do a lot of Telos kills and then have a quick break whenever your aura runs out.

The price may look high at first, but you get one of the greatest pvm perks in the game. 


Ash Petchum (300 VC)

If you plan on getting Telos' pet, do yourself a favor and get this perk. You will have a 25% chance on getting a pet drop.

For the price of 300 VC this is one of those perks you should get really fast if you want to collect pets.


Charm Collector (400 VC)

This perk is more of a nice to have over need to have. Killing the minions that Telos spawn they will drop charms, those charms will get sent right to the bank with this perk.


Coin Collector (400 VC)

Just like charm collector perk, whenever Telos spawn minions and you kill them, they drop cash. With this perk you simply pick that cash up without needing to do anything.

I highly recommend having this perk in general.


Herbivore (500 VC)

A great perk to own as it doubles the potion timer, making a single overload last longer. This lowers the cost of making potions in half.


Prayer Party (800 VC)

Halfs the prayer points consumtion, this added with a prayer renewal will make your prayer points stay on top for the most part.


Pyromancy (500 VC)

You get a increased 50% health boost from bonfires, a simple yet super effective perk to have. 


Galileo (1000 VC)

A great all around perk, all your degreatable items will now degrate 25% slower than normal.







Low enrage 0-99

Lets split the Telos fight into the different phases. This will make it easier to follow and understand.


Phase 1

Before even starting on phase 1, make sure you have a Steel titan that can last the whole kill and make sure you're bonfired up.


Now that you're ready you jump down and start the Telos kill. Make sure you pot up and turn on Desolation and Deflect Melee before Telos wakes up.


Telos will start auto attacking you and this is the time where you can start counting auto attacks becuase of the special attack rotation Telos will do.


  1. 3 auto-attacks
  2. Grib
  3. 3 auto-attacks
  4. Darude (uppercut)
  5. 1 auto-attack
  6. Stun (Equip shield!)
  7. Repeat

Telos will spawn a green beam that you should make sure Telos doesn't stand it, because it will make his anima bar go up. Once his anima bar reaches his next special attack WILL be a SO. MUCH. POWER.



The green anima beam restores your special attack, so if you have a ZGS it can be worth to use a special attack on higher enrages and stand in the green beam to restore your special attackbar. But be sure to have enough special attack for phase 3.


Phase 2

You made it past phase 1, so let's look at how to deal with phase 2!


Magic Barrage is a special attack that only comes on phase 2, and you can void a lot of the damage done from it prayer magic. The Magic Barrage attack uses 10% from Telos' anima bar, you can stand in the black beam or make sure Telos isn't standing it to avoid Telos adding more to his anima bar.


This rotation depends on how phase 1 ended so make sure you remember which one you ended with.


If you ended with grip, you get a magic barrage first.


If you ended with uppercut, you get will be the stun.


If you ended with stun, your first will be grip.


So now that we're going through the rotation, after 3 auto-attack you prepare for the special attack that you get from above. Under here is a stardard rotation you can follow once you know which special attack you got to.

  1. 3 auto-attacks
  2. Magic barrage (pray mage)
  3. 3 auto-attack
  4. Stun (Equip shield)
  5. 3 auto-attacks
  6. Black Virus (50+ enrage)
  7. 3 auto-attacks
  8. Uppercut
  9. 1 auto-attacks
  10. Grip
  11. Repeat

The black beam that spawn during phase 2 should you stand it in, makes you deal lower damage. Just make sure Telos isn't stading in the black beam, and you should really only run to the black beam to make sure he isn't there or to clear virus.


Phase 3

Phase 2 is over, time to do some phase 3!


First thing to do is switch prayer over to Deflect Magic on phase 3, as Telos is using magic based attack on this phase.



Let's talk about special attack rotation yet again, just like phase 2 Telos will use a different special attack depending on what the last one he used was. 

If Telos last used special attack was Magic barrage, the first you will get is red virus (under 50 enrage) if you're under 50 enrage he will do the animation, but nothing happens.


If Telos last used special attack was stun, virus or uppercut, the next special attack will be uppercut after 10 auto-attacks.


If Telos last used special attack was grip, the first one will be stun.


  1. 3 auto-attacks
  2. Uppercut
  3. 3 auto-attacks
  4. Stun
  5. 3 auto-attacks
  6. Virus (if over 50 enrage)
  7. Repeat

While fighting Telos on phase 3 a red beam will spawn, you should always stand in this while doing continues damage. You will take more damage but in return you also deal more.

Telos will spawn Anima-Golems on this phase, you can either ignore them or kill them depending on Telos'  anima bar. If he goes over 55% anima bar you get to face his shockwaves which hurts a lot. So keep that anima below 50% if you can.


Phase 4

The last phase is phase 4, if you're doing 0-99 enrage that is.


Switch back to Deflect Melee, as Telos will try to melee you this phase. He will do magic attack if you are out of melee reach, but keep walking towards you for melee.


Once you spawn in and start attacking Telos head towards the first font, it should be right next to you and should be green (pure font). Stand on this font until Telos hits 75% life he will stop attacking and start charing his insta-kill attack. When he starts charging he will spawn 3 minions you should kill these and wait for Telos be done charging. Once Telos is done he will shoot out a insta-kill attack that you can avoid dying to if you keep standing on the font, Keep staying in the font until you get a message that you survived the insta-kill attack. 

Once you have done this with the first font you run clockwise to the next font, and repeat it.

The next font will activate once Telos reaches 50% health. Once again kill minions and stand in the font until you get a message that you survived the insta-kill.

Rotate clockwise again to the last font, when Telos reaches 25% you do it all again. 


then last font is 25%. After that you just deal the last 25% life and you're done with the kill.


While you're concentrating on the fonts, Telos will rotate special attacks between the fonts in the following patteren:

  1. 3 auto-attacks
  2. Uppercut
  3. 1 auto-attack
  4. Weak anima bomb (pray mage on hit) 
  5. 3 auto-attacks
  6. Stun
  7. Repeat


Congratulations, you successfully did a Telos kill! Enjoy the loot! 



Mid enrage 100-999

Killing Telos on 100 or higher enrages means you have to a phase 5 also. Phase 5 can finish you off really fast if you don't know what you're doing.


The first 4 phases is just like before, so this section will only focus on the last phase which we haven't covered yet.




You spawn in and so after a group of minions will spawn, just like they did in phase 4. The only difference this time is that the all minions will be the same colour. Once the minions have spawned in you run to the right coloured font and kill them.

When the font is charged (flying in the air and spinning) you can start attacking Telos again until the following message turn up in your chat:


When you get the message you run to the font click it, and the insta-kill will do nothing. So this is your priority. 


Next this is rocks falling from the sky - it's a simple mechanic to avoid, but can also be ignored but you will use more food. While fighting you will notice some rocks falling on you, this is a warning that there will fall damaging rocks in a second or two - so move two squares to be safe from the rocks.

That's all there is to avoid the rocks, first time they fall it's a warning and second time they will do some damage.


Beams  - All three beams are active while doing Telos' phase 5, they don't build up any anima on Telos this time, so don't worry about that. All they do is giving you the positive effects that they had on their original phase:

Green = Special attack restore

Red = Deal more damage, take more damage

Black = Deal less damage, receive less damage


I suggest standing in the red beam if it's one of the beams next to the charged font - that way it you won't be risking getting to the charged font for the insta-kill mechanic. Otherwise standing in the green beam for a few second will charge your special attack up again if you brought a Zaro's gs or Seren bow.



The Virus is also a mechanic you will face during the kill, this one can be tricky as it isn't always easy to manage to kill minions and clearing the virus before the insta-kill. So i suggest that you only clear the virus if you have time after charing the font and the right beam is next to the font. Running to the far side can mean death really quick.

The virus will always explode just after the message with Telos is charging his insta-kill. So if you have a spirit shield and you didn't clear the virus you can equip it and it does less damage. 



High enrage 1000+

The last thing to add to Telos is when you break the 1000 enrage is the falling rocks from phase 5 now also comes to phase 4, this should not be any problem for the kill, but it does do a bit damage and can be annoying while Telos is charging a Font.




That should be all mechanics there is to Telos, good luck and happy hunting :)




Killsteaks and Enrage



Killing Telos is rewarding to do, even more so if you have nerves of steel and dare to risk your reward chest. 

The way killstreaks works at Telos is you start from nothing in your reward chest, and each time you kill Telos and choose to continue your will risk what is in your reward chest. There is a catch to it though, each time you continue Telos will gain some enrage making the next Telos more difficult but a small amount. Now you're thinking "Why would I risk what I just got?", it's simple - everytime you go up in your killstreak amount the higher chance for a Orb or Dormant weapon. 


That means killstreaking at Telos is super good if you're calm and trust yourself to kill the next Telos also, so you can continue your killstreak. Once you're at a higher killstreak you will notice that you can get Orbs or Dormant weapons with very few kills inbetween them.

However it is worth nothing that if you die while risking Orbs or Dormants they will be lost, while other items will just be partially lost. 

Orb risking on high killstreaks makes Telos even more fun and rewarding, but you will also die inside if you die a stupid death and lose it. So before starting a Telos with Orb in chest, think to yourself - How hard was the last Telos, and how focused am I right now. If you're not focus enough or you only just survived it's not worth risking it. 

Dying while on a streak will reset your current streak, but keep your enrage going. So it's better to stop while the loot chest is good and fun, over trying to keep pushing the and losing almost everything. 


Telos' enrage also counts for something when talking droprate, the higher the better chance for a drop. But streaking and high enrage is better than just high enrage Telos. 







There are drops that make Telos worth learning such as the pet, which is by far one of the best looking and one of the rarest pet in the game.


Other drops like the 3 different orbs, which is required to make a Dormant weapon into a real weapon. These orbs are untrable and you need one of each. But fear not, because you always get them in order, so you can't get unlucky and only getting Corrupted orb. 

The Dormant weapons is some of the best in the game as they are T92, once made in to actual weapons. 


The complete list of unique drops from Telos:

Telos' tendril (pet)

Orb of corrupted anima

Orb of pure anima

Orb of volcanic anima

Dormant Seren godbow

Dormant Staff of Sliske

Dormant Zaros godsword


the Dormant - title (Once you have gotten all the drops above)

the warden - title (3 versions for when you have done Telos on a certain enrage -

Green = 500 enrage,

Silver = 2000 enrage,

Golden = 4000 enrage)


Closing words to drops from Telos is that you can't say that a Weapon or Orb has a 1 in x chance for dropping, as this is depending on what killstreak and enrage you're doing Telos on. 



This is what you can look forward to after doing a lot of kills. Note that mainly my kills have been 1000 enrage and up. Which highly increase the chance for a better drop. 






Closing words on this guide

I would like you guys for reading the guide, and I hope you guys find Telos as much fun as I do! :) 


I would also like to thanks Bux and Arcadiez for helping me with pictures, things I forgot to mention and generally helping out while doing this guide. The guide wouldn't be the same without these two amazing guys! :D 


If you still have questions about Telos, you are very welcome to write to me whenever im online or over Discord. :) 



I think that is all and there is only one thing left to say and that's happy hunting!

Other than that there isn't much going on in the inventory, a surpreme overload, a prayer renewal and a summoning potion

Edited by Sandstorm
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LOVE the guide! The only suggestion/change I have is that HSR is essentially useless at Telos if you have the LOTD Relic from Arch. That should be included, so players know to bring Ring of Death for better DPS instead, since the HSR x2 effect cannot trigger on Telos Loot, and have the same luck bonuses from the LOTD Relic. :) Wonderfully made my friend.

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