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  1. @Winter Revel What's a forum?
  2. Or just ask them if they can let you do your slayer task?
  3. Don't shave the beard man. Beards are awesome
  4. Bux


    Goodluck and have fun You can pm me if you're looking to do some clan events in the future
  5. Bux

    The Misfits!

    This is fire @Dranbo thanks for making this
  6. Bux


    Nicely done. Looking foward doing some future events together if you agreed with it
  7. Bux I would most likely go for the velheim coins as i still need to get that onyx rank
  8. i'm joining in on this as i keep getting nice comments on my outfit lately
  9. In-game name: starbux Reason: with that money i can start a starbux shop.
  10. Stay away from rank 1 kbd Goodluck with the rest tho
  11. Great update this one i'm pretty sure that's how it is on rs3
  12. when you read them they get stored in your journal but since we can't read it you can't check if they are in there but you should be able to complete the mystery tho. Right click Vanescula Drakan and click on mystery, Fall and rise and that should complete it.
  13. Nicely done bro, looking foward to the finished version
  14. Now doing tetracompass will be more enjoyable to do instead of going to the same spot over and over
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