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Locked Ninja Log 06/02/2023


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Well of Good Will

  • The base system remains: 100m GP total pool for it to activate for 2 hours;
  • If a player throws in 50,000,001 GP then that player will get announced (previously needed at least 85m for announcement);
  • You can now throw in additional coins to extend the Well of Good Will timer once it's active;
  • The Well timer itself will be paused during weekends, players will be able to throw in more money to extend its paused timer or to be eligible for its drop-rate bonus;
  • When a player extends the time by at least another 2 hours (100m GP) they will trigger a world announcement;
  • Players will now have to donate at least 150k GP to the well to get the Well's bonuses. This requirement will have to be done daily, and will reset along with other personal daily activities (added a small text message to the Information game tab if they're eligible or not);


  • Added a search bar to the Cosmetic Overrides interface;
  • All quest-related Music tracks on RuneScape will now get automatically unlocked on your next login;
  • Items that add options such as 'Pelt' or 'Whack' onto other player right-click menus will now add the option to the bottom of the list rather than on-top which made left-clicking tedious in busier areas;
  • Added 2 new right-click entries to the Teleportation Menu button near your mini-map: Open the Lodestone Network, use previous Lodestone teleport;
  • The Kalphite King now has a ~15 second cool-down between his Aura usage;
  • These Boss groups now share their Pet drop threshold (threshold summed up from all Boss kill-counts in that group): Dagannoth Kings, Rex Matriarchs, Legiones;


  • Added the correct Water Balloon animations and graphics when throwing them at other players. Also added the Water Balloon Launcher mechanics;
  • The Summer Loot Pinata can now be placed and beat down by multiple players for various goodies;
  • Legiones (Bosses) will no longer be able to be attacked with a Slayer level of below 95;
  • Gathering produce from Player-owned farm animals that contain negative traits will no longer yield 0 EXP;
  • Fixed Camel Warriors not spawning their clones;
  • The Lletya Elf citizens can now be Pick-pocketed with level 85 Thieving;
  • Harvesting energy from Divine Simulacrums will now give 3-10 energy per harvest cycle rather than just 1;
  • Fixed an issue with the Defence cape's revive ability not checking for correct cape versions;
  • Slowed down Nex's attacks, her speedy attacks were an unintentional change;
  • Cinder/Pulse core explosion boosts will no longer apply on players who have the 'Accept Aid' feature turned off, this means ironmen can no longer benefit from other player boosts;
  • Fixed an issue that would delete stackable 'potions' with the 'Destroy empty vials' option turned off;
  • Fixed the 'Old Mc' title from not being usable after completing the whole Breeding Collection Log section;
  • The Globetrotter set will once again function for Clue steps that require the player to unequip everything.
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