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  1. Your a goat @ everything keep it up Kim =) Fantastic guide
  2. Fazo


    Bumpidy bump, Check our 1st page for clan details. Pm ingame to join <3
  3. Lmao It was wet from me drinkin all last night
  4. Literally just got off the pooper scooper, now i see this thread lmao
  5. Goodluck Alchy, Glad to be allied with a fellow friends clan <3
  6. Best of luck to you my guy
  7. This seems lit but i interact with the real world to much lol. Best of luck to everyone who participates : )
  8. Thank ya very much Kimmy
  9. #ClassicGang , GL With the grind my dude. im right along with ya
  10. Thanks my guy
  11. Astra Clan Kalphite King Runs Went well. We Received 3 Nice Drygore Drops and Decent Loot.
  12. I definitely agree with the suggestions in blue 60% But Suggestion #9 Forsure, Clan citadels Ive seen it mentioned alot and i really would like to see it happen. Great job @Slay Kid
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