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Update Log #144 - Solomon's General Store, Cosmetic Override overhaul & New Interface stuff

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This might not be as exciting for most but the changes had to be taken care of, and things took quite some time to complete!

So I decided to push this as it's own separate update and move onto the next thing so you guys wouldn't have to wait for too long😃.

I've also started working on RuneLite integration, it's currently at the state of 'it hooks into and loads properly'. This'll be a long-term project of mine since I'll have to move all the client settings to support the RuneLite's 'plugin format', and will be a separate client download until everything is mostly functional!

Cosmetic Overrides

  • Added a brand new custom interface for our Cosmetic Override system;
  • All cosmetics and their data is now stored inside the Cache itself, and pulled via Jagex's script system. This means it'll be super responsive, unlike our old interface;
  • You can now re-color your cosmetic outfit with 4 different pallettes instead of just 1. This does not mean every cosmetic is re-colorable though;
  • Each equipment slot on the right side of the interface can be right-clicked for quick options;
  • All cosmetics can now be cleared instantly with the eraser button, and all gear can be 'hidden' with the button below that;
  • There's now also a button to display 'All Unlocked overrides', which essentially compiles every single cosmetic piece you own in a list;
  • When not filtering for owned items the buttons will actually 'dim out' visually to represent that;
  • Filtering by equipment slots will now actually display the selected filter, as well as visually represent that an override is currently active in a slot;
  • Most filters and options will now save when re-opening the interface;

Solomon's General Store & MTX related

  • I haven't really done anything with MTX for years now, so let's spice it up a little!
  • Overhauled the in-game store interface with a new look, new categories and new content;
  • Items that are one-time buys/unlocks will now be hidden in the GUI;
  • Legendary Pet buying has been moved to Solomon's Store;
  • Cosmetic outfit override buying has been moved to Solomon's Store;
  • All Purchase-able Loyalty titles have had their prices reduced from: 150 to 50 for orange basic ones, and, from 250 to 75 for purple/pink ones;
  • Solomon himself (the NPC) has returned to the world of Gielinor once more;
  • With all of the above changes, our Website Store now only has Velheim Coin packages available for purchase;

Premier Artefact

  • The Premier Artefact is available for everyone to unlock with Velheim Coins from the Solomon's Store;
  • Added a brand new custom interface for the 4 main features it offers;
  • Porter effect: 50% chance to act as a Sign of the Porter for an hour;
  • XP Boost effect: +10% XP gain for an hour;
  • Combat & Slayer effect: 20% increased hitchance against NPC's below 15% HP, and 10% chance to stop Slayer count decreasing;
  • Aura reset: Any Aura on cool-down may be reset once per day;


  • Added a brand new custom interface for the ;;vote system;
  • You'll be able to open each Voting page directly from in-game, as well as see if you can or cannot vote on them yet;
  • The interface displays your vote statistics, server statistics, progress towards the next vote party, as well as list top 10 voters for last month, this month, and all time together;
  • The Vote Shop can now also be accessed directly from the management interface, and, can access the management interface from the vote shop (back and forth buttons);
  • The 'Another X books have been claimed' world feed will now accumulate for players that have been saving up votes, and will not spam the chat-box message;
  • Same for the Parties themselves, each party will now 'animate' and distribute rewards every 5 seconds each, so, for players that have been saving up hundreds of votes, this will now 'queue up their parties';
  • All buttons and data are dynamic and grabbed from our site, in theory I shouldn't have to touch any in-game code/data ever again, unless there's an issue with something (which you guys probably will find.. :c);


  • Added Max to the home area. He'll be skilling away near a Bank Chest outside the main building;


  • Updated all teleport interfaces that were using the old interface style (Camouflage head, Dungeoneering cape, etc.);
  • All Overlay timers will now once again visually update themselves;
  • Fixed objects around the Wilderness Energy Rift counting as the Energy Rift itself;
  • Added drops to the Mummies in Chaos Tunnels. You'll now be able to collect Ancient Staves from them, as well as Slay them for 'Zombies', or, 'Undead' Slayer tasks;
  • A few fixes for the newest Raksha boss addition.


 - Media -






There is more media, but sadly the Forums don't want to embed .mp4 files, and converting those to GIF's make them lose all quality :( 


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