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Hi everyone!


My names is James, 26 years old, live in the United States. I'm looking forward to seeing the community, interacting with all of you, and working my character up there!

I'm a horror fanatic, love polar bears, and love anything artsy (if you ever want to share something)!

I have been apart of RSPS communities for at least 12 years, with RuneScape for at least 13 years if not a little more. I've never actually fully invested in a RSPS that is this type, so I'm looking forward to the change and everything else that it would bring.

Thank you!

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10 hours ago, Pvmlife said:

Welcome! I love horrors also, hopefully you can recommend me some in-game, I'm running out of stuff to watch.

Thank you! Just got done watching the newest Jeepers Creepers, so I need some recommendations 'cause that was a horrible movie. I don't even know why they thought that was a good idea (at least in the way that they went with it - aside from the back of the horrible effects).

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