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Locked Fluffy's Introduction


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Hi Velheim!

This is a long overdue post, seeming as my first (however, abandoned) account was created at the end of April, 2021.


I'm not sure what to post, I'm primarily a skiller trying to grind hiscores and prestige levels. Currently my main 3 projects are to; Get my account "Fluffy" to prestige level 10 and then eventually to 50, To regain my hiscores rank of top 25 on 25 skills or more on "Iron Fluffy", and thirdly is a project I'd like to share with the community. This project will probably be a WIP for a good bit as there is a lot of complicated formulas and information to gather and self-test. What is it? A calculator. It will be on google docs and available for download, so no need to worry about buying an excel subcription.

All you need to do is set a target level goal in a skill to get the "remaining xp" hover option, input that and your current xp. After Inputting this, find your item's base XP with the built-in XP/skill lists AND a built in BaseXP:Gamemode converter! There's a little bit more to explain, and there's still work that needs to be put in to make it more user-friendly and more clean looking. Attached below is a small sneak peak of the current progress as of today! All base XP values in sneak peek in item sheets are up to date to my knowledge at this time.

Hoping to see you all out there!




Sneak Peaks are contained in the spoilers below.



Main Screen! Example numbers are filled in according to instructions, rest of the numbers are generated for you!




Smithing Sneek Peak!




Fletching Sneek Peak!





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