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Locked ;;commands screen update


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Just coming back to the server after a little break and first thing I did was do the ;;commands command to see what teleports, qol and other commands in general there were. I noticed after a bit of playing that several of these commands have either migrated to something else or no longer exist. Additionally there are several awesome shortcut commands that I think would draw to new players wanting to stay around long term.


Commands not working: 

  1. ;;players
  2. ;;perks
  3. ;;staff

Commands missing seem to line up with the global bosses or activities.


Thanks for your time. 

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On 9/8/2023 at 12:58 AM, Phippzy said:

Players online and game perks cam be found in tabs in-game like quest journal and not sure about a staff list but sid be able to work out who is what in fc or forums

Yeah, I know you can find it elsewhere. Or at least the perks, just saying the commands screen has some that are outdated and not working and its missing things like great chin, guth cache, etc. that would be nice to see there for new player. Obviously not a blocker that needs updated immediately.

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;;commands is a pretty universal option across RSPS and it is super helpful to upkeep especially for new players. The help chat is always an option, but in general it just helps with immersion and creating a seamless experience. Doesn't seem like a huge uplift, but then again what do I know. Certainly would be beneficial to update the listing and modernize the interface.

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