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Locked Ninja Log 12/22/2023 - Lobby & future Multi-World support


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Lobby and Multi-World support

  • Upon logging in you will now be directed towards a lobby screen from which you'll be able to choose the world to log in;
  • Players will be logging into a separate 'login server', which then will direct them to the game server based on the world chosen;
  • Rewrote the Private Message and Friends Chat systems to now be handled on the login server. This change now supports cross-world chatting;
  • Players are now instead handled as 'Accounts' upon logging in. This change will make it possible for me to implement display name changing, as well as different data storing (temporary event worlds, etc.) and much more;
  • There's still a lot of work for me to do to make it function 100%, but we'll get there. Please do report any issues you encounter with the new lobby/login system!


  • You may now create Prayer Urns via Soft Clay Pottery. These Urns will auto-collect Ash drops from NPC's to fill up your urns and auto-send them away for Prayer EXP;
  • Added World Broadcasts for unlocking 'the Warden' and 'the Iceborn' titles from set amounts of enrage;
  • The Inactive version of an Archaeology Auto-Screener v1.080 can now be stored with Diango;
  • Halved the burn time of Araxxor's initial web (from 60s to 30s);
  • Increased Archaeology Monolith max power from 500 to 650 for Guildmasster Qualified players;
  • Added 2 new Trimmed Completionist cape requirements: Owning the full Globetrotter outfit from completing Treasure Trails, and defeating the Arch-Glacor on at least 1,000% enrage;
  • Added warning messages for when trying to purchase spellbook/prayer codexes when having them unlocked already;
  • Added a progress overlay for the Bonfire action.


  • Fixed a few inconsistencies with the new Player-owned Farm Totem Animal Perks;
  • Fixed an issue with a few item special re-charge, they will now properly reset their charge data when charging with items;
  • Menaphos Overall EXP will no longer display more than it is required for level 10 (330k EXP);
  • Equipment Separators will now work on augmented defenders;
  • Tz-Kek in Fight Caves will no longer be ignored for the start of the next wave;
  • Shadow Spells will now also count as Earth Spells, and having at least 3 Cryptbloom equipment pieces equipped will now double the damage reduction you receive on incoming damage;
  • The Attuned Ectoplasmator will now turn into a regular ectoplasmator on death, and get stored with Diango;
  • Fixed the ignore list not functioning in chats, as well as not displaying player names in the actual ignore list.
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